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what youth everything's wrong but in the right place surfing movie indonesia mentawais

Everything’s Wrong but in the Right Place A What Youth Original short: Starring Soli Bailey, Ian Crane, Kai Hing, Luke Hynd, Colin Moran and Zak Condon Presented by O’neill

Don’t get all cool and show up late. It’s summer, day drink. Come hangout, see Clean Spill play and watch our new short vid Everything’s Wrong But in the Right Place and see all your sweaty friends at Don the Beachcomber in Huntington Beach. Bring an Uber and come early if you wanna get in….


The same day in Amsterdam and Paris Europe for the Brixton Broadcast and a bit of radical class tourism

Paris is far too big to seen properly in one day, yet so damn pretty you can feel like you did. And we’re here, right now, but not for long. As is too often the case. We were in Amsterdam last weekend and then Paris. A few nights ago, we watched and documented the Brixton Broadcast…

what youth recommends taylor clark surfing

Watch Taylor Clark For you adrenaline junkies

Taylor Clark had our pulse racing through this one. Powerful and raw. Simple and short. Watch our Adolescents with Taylor:

what youth surfing indo

“Happy’s” 10 tips for the Mentawais The unexpected can often be the most welcome

James “Happy” Anderson showed up to the van in the parking lot of the Padang airport late, sweating and carrying a coffin full of boards over his shoulder like it was a boombox. We had no idea who he was but he said he was coming with us. “Ummm, you are?” Not thinking about it…

what youth collected thoughts chippa wilson surfing bali indonesia

Chippa Wilson, Bali Collected Thoughts 104

The warm water splashes on your toes as you pass the mostly naked women on the beach on Bali’s bukit peninsula. Left, right, left. Your head can’t stop spinning. Then you see the waves. One, two, three, four. Lines stack up to the horizon and then you pick your time and go. Paddle towards the…

what youth luke hynd surfing indonesia

Everything’s Wrong but in the Right Place Gallery 1: 10 days of swell in the Indian Ocean

We recently lined up a pretty solid 10 days of swell in the Indian Ocean and are going to share it with you in every way we know how. The new short film Everything’s Wrong but in the Right Place is premiering tomorrow night, Wednesday the 27th at Don the Beachcomber in Huntington beach at…

what youth recommends tape waves

Listen to Tape Waves And stream their new album, Here to Fade

Feeling overwhelmed by the fast-paced party season that’s upon us? Well, take a break with us and listen to Tape Waves, extremely pleasant, chill summer jams that’ll ease out that afternoon hangover – or ease you into one – while you watch the US Open. The Charleston, South Carolina duo are releasing their second album…


Brad Elterman zine release with Crap Eyewear They threw a party and we wanted to share

Crap Eyewear knows how to throw a party. Last Friday, they spun some nighttime gold at the Mid-City Arthouse for the release of their Summer 16 campaign shot by legendary badass photographer Brad Elterman (if you haven’t seen our Artist Series with him, you’re blowing it). We were there to help rage, along with House…

what youth recommends metal neck 2

Metal Neck 2 “The Bangover” Trailer It’s pretty strange and plenty raw

Some of our favorite guys just made a movie. Noa Deane, Creed McTaggart, Ford Archbold, Alex Knost, Colin Moran, Ozzie Wright,...
what youth back den mark oblow skateboarding stacy gibo

Stacy Gibo, At “Off the Walls” Oahu, 1986 Back Den 095

“stacy gibo gets ready to bomb drop off the fence of “off the walls” oahu. circa 86 if you ever...
what youth recommends dent may

Summer with Dent May Good ass music that makes you feel like partying on a boat

If you haven’t heard of Dent May yet, it’s time you crawled out of your current music cave and let...
what youth dear suburbia us open

Surf movie premiere season The US Open of Surfing isn’t just underage drinking and drawing

The US Open of Surfing doesn’t just mean no parking, terrible traffic, underage drinking and drawing, the Huntington Hop, overcrowded...
what youth stay tuned kai hing boat trip indonesia

Stay Tuned: Kai Hing Playlist 026: Soundtrack from the boat while filming Everything’s Wrong but in the Right Place

Music is a key element in any setting, and 10 days on a boat in the middle of the Indian...
what youth recommends griffin colapinto at jbay

Griffin Colapinto at JBay Rail work and rain

Can’t do it much better than this. The San Clemente local has a style that fits nicely on a JBay wall....
what youth afternoon interview hayden cox

Afternoon Interview: Haydenshapes Episode 042: Hayden Cox walks us through his operation and touches on a new Collab with Vissla

Hayden Cox is probably one of the most modern shapers in the world. His label Haydenshapes is revered by all...
what youth recommends

Watch The Was Soda_Jerk vs. The Avalanches

Watch this before it’s taken down, again. Made as a promotional piece for The Avalanche’s new album Wildflower, this has...
what youth off beat kai hing

Off Beat: Kai Hing Episode 031: Taylor Swift vs. Miley Cyrus, Oprah vs. Martha Stewart and his perfect woman

Australians have always been a little more, umm, ruthless than their American counterparts in regards to many things. They also...
what youth recommends cosmonauts

Watch Cosmonauts’ “Party At Sunday” Video Directed by Dominic Santos and Edgar Obrand

Cosmonauts’ released a new video today, the first in a very long time, for the single “Party At Sunday”, and...
what youth surfing indonesia bali

The Bukit Peninsula Collected Thoughts 104

The warm water splashes on your toes as you pass mostly naked women on the beach on Bali’s Bukit Peninsula....
what youth recommends ultimate painting's single "Bills"

Listen to Ultimate Painting And catch these Brit janglers on tour

Ultimate Painting, the decidedly jangly “indie” rock band from London, have somehow slipped by me, unnoticed, unheard, until now. Jack...

Girl We Adore: Bleu Archbold Painting, Japan and underwear dancing. Photography by Shayna Colvin

WHAT YOUTH: What’s your full name? Bleu Grace Archbold. Do you have any nicknames? My real name is already kind...
Welcome to Water Episode 3 in Sumbawa.

Welcome to Water: Episode 3 Sumbawa with Balaram Stack, Parker Coffin, Imai Devault and Noah Schweizer

A few familiar faces, and a few fresh ones. But really a bunch of waves that you’ve no doubt pictured yourself surfing.
the parrots no me gustas

Watch The Parrots’ “No Me Gustas, Te Quiero” WY Exclusive: New video from Madrid’s funnest band

The Parrots, Madrid’s trio of garage-punk bandits, have been buzzing at the top of our radar for a while now....
what youth recommends nate tyler

Watch Nate Tyler in “To the Land” There he is. Thought we’d lost him to Hooters lunch

You probably already know we’re big Nate Tyler lovers. Not many people can live off the grid where he does, and then...
what youth parties

Wanna Go Out with Us? We’ve got a lot of parties coming up including sneak peeks of a new vid, Miami cocktails, World Premiere’s and Amsterdam shows

Ok, we’re full on into summer now. We’ve made the calls and now it’s time to really get lathered up...
what youth jason dill dylan rieder skateboarding photographed by mark oblow

Jason Dill and Dylan Rieder, Costa Mesa, 2012 Back Den 094

“jason dill & dylan rieder, so similar yet so different. shot at studio 35  2012, on leica m9 with summicron...
what youth artist series brad elterman

Artist Series: Brad Elterman Photographer who’s work spans generations. Bowie and Joan Jett to The Paranoyds and Sunflower Bean and more

His voice, his look, his energy and enthusiasm are infectious. God, just love this dude. Brad Elterman is a Los Angeles based...
what youth off beat colin moran

Off Beat: Colin Moran Episode 030: On turning pro, the lack of women aboard a boat trip and Tinder strategy in an interview series often referred to as “Beat Off”

Saw Colin Moran at the donut shop once. Then at the smoothie shop. Then saw him ripping around town and loved...
what youth recommends

Radical Times in South Africa Quiksilver takes a crew that includes Matt Banting, Zach Miller, Bryan Fox, Le-Ann Curren, Mikey February and Javier Mendizabal to SA

A new look Quiksilver team. A Curren. Some skaters. A very large continent. And one of our favorite people ever...
what youth recommends ty segall music

Watch Ty Segall’s New Music Video And embrace epilepsy inducing stimulus overload

Ty Segall’s cohort of goons The Muggers have a new music video out for “Californian Hills,” the third single off...

Conversation With: Audacity Plus the World Premiere of their new video for “Not Like You”

Orange County’s staple garage-punk band Audacity is pounding on your door with another ruckus album, and you’re bound to fall...

8 Jazz Albums To Make It A Little Better For more inspired and relaxing times

The other day, I heard someone say something about how if you’re white, and you are just saying now, amidst...