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Patti Smith: Live at The Theatre at Ace One night after the World Premiere of Cluster

We like to think it was an ethereal power that lined this up. But it’s really just incredible luck. But life has a way of doing that, don’t it? Following our big night premiering Kai’s new film at the overwhelmingly beautiful Theatre at Ace, we rallied together with Creed McTaggart, Beau Foster, Dion Agius and…

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Mitch Coleborn in “Never Ending Path” Perfect lefts in Fiji

Shot well. Good tunes. Fiji and Mitch Coleborn stylishly slotted on never-ending lefts. This is must see Internet.

cluster premiere what youth

The World Premiere of Cluster presented by Huf Photos and video and captions from a bent world

We all have black fingernails and a new appreciation for Madonna’s body thanks to Craig Anderson’s very well-curated Huf goody bags — that and sore heads and good memories of a big night. As you may know, last night we partnered up with Huf and The Theatre at Ace to world premiere Kai’s new film…


Dear Youth: I still haven’t seen Cluster either

I didn’t think I’d have to write that. But there it is. The morning of the premiere and I still haven’t seen the damn thing. After a week in the desert, followed by an even more dehydrated stint in the lizard den known as the What Youth editing bay, Kai and Blake are still the…

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Countdown to Cluster 2 rolls of post production moments shot by Kai Neville from October 26 to December 14

The imagery below is about as close as you’ll get to seeing through Kai’s eyes. Which he’s shown goes way beyond good aerials. He’s an artisan of film, but also of aesthetic. He has a knack for creating a unique universe that his films live in — albeit a bent one, it’s one we sure…


RAYMOND PETTIBON FOR SUPREME A punk rock artist collab

Supreme collaborated with artist Raymond Pettibon for this rad new collection. Pettibon is the dude responsible for the iconic Black Flag logo, the Sonic Youth Goo cover and tons of albums and amazing artwork and lettering. He’s worth doing a little homework on, and this collab is worth your dollars.


WY Recommends: Foreign Language Lessons i-D Magazine’s Model Mother Tongue

Fashion. It’s a tricky darling (but a darling nonetheless), and making something sexy and entertaining without being silly is tricky. Pan across a young girl, throw her in a few outfits and add a new track everyone’s psyched on for the week. Job done. Results: eh. They usually come out the same. Pretty girl. Strange video. But…

What Youth Issue 10 Special Edition Cluster

What Youth Issue 10 Special Edition Only Available in the What Youth Shop

So, what makes this so special? Well, it comes tucked into a Limited Edition Cluster floral cover slip, and it’s only available in the What Youth shop. Like, thats’ it. You’ll be able to keep your Cluster script and book safe and looking lovely and potentially be the only one on the block with this…

Frank Okenfels what youth issue 9

A Conversation with Frank Ockenfels From What Youth Quarterly

He’s shot everyone. From Jenna Jameson to George Clooney to Lemmy from Motorhead. But what truly interested us about Frank...

Vintage Kolohe Andino Classic grom in California

It’s pretty wild when you’re only 20 years old and you can find vintage footage of yourself tearing in California...
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WY Recommends: C-Heads Magazine Girls and photography

What Youth Recommends a website
what youth magazine stack of books

What Youth Stack O’ Books Now Including Issue 10

We’ve updated the What Youth Stack O’ Books package to include our latest: Issue 10. The Stack O’ Books option is...
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Stay Tuned: Alex Knost Playlist 011 Presented by D’Blanc

There’s nothing better than blowing the steam off your morning coffee and hitting play on a funky and well-curated playlist....
Photo Credit What Youth Stefan Kocev

Photo Credit: Stefan Kocev Porfolio 012

A beautiful array of images from a friend of a friend.
Andrew Doheny Panther Vision What Youth

Panther Vision Droid

Let's dive into the wonderfully curious world of Panther Vision yet again.

Dolan Stearns is a Sorry Entertainer Creative skating to Daniel Johnston

Pretty music and skateboarding
what youth issue 10

What Youth Issue 10 On Sale Now

On Sale Now
P-Pass straight forward what youth surfing

Straight Forward: P-Pass Episode 003 (RIP Ricardo)

No frills, no nonsense just a big spotlight pointed at the swell smashing into the chunky reef at P Pass...
Cluster VHS shirt what youth

All new Cluster VHS T-Shirt On Sale Now

Why not make it a bundle of Limited Edition Cluster and What Youth gear? This all new Cluster tee is...
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Jack Freestone Rotating to Wu

Surfing the Gold Coast and Hawaii
Back Den Mark Oblow Marlyn Manson What Youth

Back Den 026 Marilyn Manson, Los Angeles Art Show, Halloween 2007

Editor’s note: You got to be kidding me. Since we stormed Mark Oblow’s Back Den to load back up on...
Cluster Trailer what youth

Cluster Trailer Now playing

And here it is, your first glimpse at Kai Neville’s new surf vid Cluster™ With: Craig Anderson, Noa Deane, Dane Reynolds,...

Dear Youth: Seven missions, 16 sessions A dispatch from your guide to good waves

Hints from a good-wave magnet

What Youth Drinks: The Bloody Mary 4 simple versions

It's a beautiful day...for a bloody mary.
Creed McTaggart what youth cluster

Dear Youth What Youth HQ during the making of Cluster

This is us on deadline.

Watch John John at Log Cabins Just for fun

John makes a tricky wave look bashful.
lee clow what youth issue 2

A Conversation with Lee Clow The man who taught us to “Think Different”

Lee Clow is maybe today’s most respected advertising creative, sort of the Michael Jordan of making you want things. He’s also...
creed mctaggart surfing what youth cluster

Dear Youth: Caption Contest Photo captions are dead

Photo captions suck because they’re easy to write instead of great to read.

For the Love: The Hager Brothers Episode 011 presented by Vissla

We met Cody and Jared Hager while filming Collin Provost’s Fairly Normal part. Originally from Tehachapi, California they moved to...
mitch coleborn what youth cluster

The World Premiere of Cluster presented by HUF Wednesday, January 28th at The Theatre At Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles

Kai Neville's new film Cluster is here.
san francisco what youth california surfing waves

What Youth Recommends: San Francisco A WY road trip to the bay

The What Youth Guide to San Francisco
dr. woo what youth

Family First with Dr. Woo The New York Times calls him one of the most in-demand tattoo artists in the world

What keeps the most in-demand tattoo artist motivated.