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what youth recommends music ultimate painting

Stream Ultimate Painting’s New Album Dusk, out September 30th on Trouble In Mind

We’ve been raving about Ultimate Painting for a while now, and today the band is streaming their new album Dusk for all your thirsty ears to hear. Filled with alluring, universal pop arrangements juxtaposed against classic folk harmonies, Dusk is the perfect album to guide you through this sweltering week. –Maya Eslami ULTIMATE PAINTING TOUR…

what youth recommends jack robinson surfing

Hollow Ground Jack Robinson and some backside tubes

what youth stay tuned lee wilson

Stay Tuned: Lee Wilson Playlist 031: A Mix of Pet Shop boys & thug heavy hip hop

You’re going to cook up a pretty unique playlist when you’re half Balinese and half Australian. And so that’s exactly what Lee Wilson did here. A nice mix of “Hey I know that song,” and another half good thug-heavy hip hop to get you going. We literally had this playlist on repeat during a recent boat trip…

what youth recommends surfing

The Escape Starring Luke Hynd, Dillon Perillo and Noah Wegrich

Dusty roads, driving on the beach, empty points and cold Tecate. Sign us up. We’ll skip the getting stuck in the sand part though.

what youth recommends brian anderson gay professional skateboarder

BA and coming out as gay Giovanni Reda sits down with Brian Anderson for VICE Sports to discuss his coming out

VICES Sports released this piece on Brian Anderson’s decision to come out today and we really hope you’ll sit down and watch the whole thing. It bums me out, and has for a long time, that in our cultures — surfing, skating, etc. — that we still have peers and friends among us who might be afraid…

what youth recommends sunshine and the blue moon show music

Premiere: Sunshine & The Blue Moon Watch the new video for their single, “Welcome To The Future”

The future can be a scary thing to think about And Ontario psych/folk band Sunshine & The Blue Moon are here to help. Their new LP Welcome To The Future just dropped this month on The Hand Recordings, and apparently the “effects that our collective human selves wreak upon our poor planet” have lead singer Kai…

what youth one roll jordan brown ishod wair copenhagen

One Roll 017: The Copenhagen Open Shot and captioned by Jordan Brown

Every year all of skating’s best descend on Copenhagen. Jordan Brown was there running around with his trusty point and shoot and a roll of film. This is what he got. For more of his photography, check it out here. Click the gallery for full screen and captions by Jordan.

what youth recommends cam richards

Cam Richards in “Pardon Me” A little bit of it all

Cam goes all in with this edit. Airs. Big waves. Barrels. Kanye? He’s pretty much just on a sick one.

what youth recommends music

Listen to The Brazen Youth And read our interview with the band below

The Brazen Youth, the new musical duo from Old Lyme, CT, are recent high school graduates with a ton of...
Conversation with Twin Peaks.

Conversation With: Twin Peaks Gas station phone conversations

Chicago does a lot of cool shit for rock n roll and lately running wild about the town is a...
what youth recommends 25 to savage with balaram stack

Watch Balaram Stack in “25 Savage” A rollercoaster of an edit

Up and down and all around. At first you feel like you’re on the dance floor of a techno club. Than...

“Hey I like you” by Julian Klincewicz Runway show and exhibition in San Diego tomorrow evening

We initially admired Julian on a skateboard and the music he put out in his first bands, LUBE and Christy, which...
what youth recommends happyness

Listen to Happyness And their fresh take on past loves

We’re falling fast for Happyness. Because they’re downright dreamy. These three boys from South London have tapped into something good. They’ve...
what youth off beat eric koston and brad skateboarding

Off Beat: Eric Koston & Brad Staba Episode 037: Olympics, Buffet Restaurants & Favorite Cities

This time we paired up Eric Koston and Brad Staba in Copenhagen. We’ve clearly stated more than one time that...
what youth smiling bag dion agius surfing film movie

Letters from the Smiling Bag Tour Dion Agius’ European jaunt pushes the limits of fun

Copenhagen, Denmark:  “I am so fucking hungover and we haven’t even started yet” —Agius. D. 2016.  I am writing this...

Listen to Axis: Sova Fuzzy psych-punk on Ty Segall’s God? Records

When I first stumbled upon Axis: Sova, the new psych-punk (for lack of a better word) band on Ty Segall’s...
what youth collected thoughts nate lawrence photography surfing

Too Much Perfect in Indonesia Collected Thoughts 108

Living in Bali has it’s perks. It’s cheap, warm and has waves all year round. It also has it’s downsides....
what youth recommends canada and nowness

Watch “Créme Caramel” Nowness and Canada collaborate to make Episode 3 of #definebeauty

We love Nowness, it’s one of the sites that prompted the creation of What Youth. And we also love the...
what youth recommends-haydenshapes-creed-mctaggart

P.A.M. feat. Creed McTaggart A look at Creed’s new toy by Haydenshapes

Pam! Creed! Love Buzz! All together, in one 5 minute video edit, creatively and visually steered by Creed himself. A...
what youth black sabbath music live concert

Black Sabbath played last night at the Hollywood Bowl For those who don’t want “The End” to end

Black Sabbath played last night at the Hollywood Bowl, and I was there, lucky beyond any measure, to have witnessed...
Communist Daughter's new music "Roll a Stone".

Listen to Communist Daughter And watch their new video, “Roll A Stone”

Saint Paul indie band Communist Daughter knows what the last fleeting warmth of a brief Minnesota summer can bring out...
Billy Stairmand in All Seasons.

Watch Billy Stairmand in “All Seasons” Putting that backhand to work in NZ

If you’ve never seen Billy Stairmand surf here’s your chance. The guy has an insane backhand and no better place...
what youth andrew doheny surfing

Droid Beyond The Border Evening Session Andrew Doheny last week down in Mexico

Cobblestones, rights and very twisted knees with Andrew Doheny. Filmed and edited by Metal Neck.
what youth issue 15 cover b sides

What Youth Issue 15 Cover B-Sides The images that didn’t land on page one

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, picking page one is not something we take lightly. And Issue...
what youth recommends brazil yago dora

Watch Yago Dora in MOFO Igniting the beachies of Maresias

It aint big but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. Starring Yago Dora, Alan Fendrich, Marcelo Trekinho, Marcos Sifu, and Mateus...
what youth back den shota kubo mark oblow photography

Shota Kubo, North Shore, Hawaii, June 2016 Back Den 102

“shota kubo does one of the most beautiful backside smith grinds in cholo’s pool, north shore oahu. taking the torch...
what youth recommends mixta

Watch “MIXTA” Featuring Bobby Martinez, The Coffins, Griffin Colapinto, and Eithan Osborne

Derived from the highly regarded web series Whatever Beach, Monster Energy brings you a short surf film showcasing the talents...
what youth music

Conversation With: Darren Rademaker The leadsinger and founder of The Tyde on his new album and his life lived playing music

I’ve known Darren Rademaker, lead singer and founder of The Tyde and seminal indie bands Further and the Summer Hits,...
what youth interview ishod wair skateboarding

Ishod Wair in Copenhagen We threw questions at Ishod while he was getting a tiger tattoo

Catching up with Ishod while he was pinned down in Copenhagen.

Book Review: Kraag New limited edition photo book by Cole Barash starring Craig Anderson

Well this will get your friend’s attention. A new photography book by Cole Barash featuring the floating one himself: Craig...

Watch “Faces” New edit from Ben Chadourne in Paris

what youth recommends chest pains

Listen to Chest Pains And stream their new EP Bath Bandits

Type “Chest Pains” in a search browser, and the usual onslaught of worrisome diagnoses pop up. My favorite, “this heart...