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What Youth Mixtapes Brendon Gibbens, AKA Bad Beeg’s Disco Mix

It’s becoming very well-known that Brendon Gibbens is a terrific dancer. And that he’s been known to vanish into the night alone, if necessary, for very focused, very intense dance floor takeovers. From Cape Town to Los Angeles. Brendon is a good time. He’s currently in Reunion Island with Dillon Perillo filming for their new…


Conversations With: Kevin Terpening On moving from Ohio, working on his Huf part and celebrating his dog’s birthday at Petco

Kevin Terpening is a pro skater for Huf. He’s said that he gets psyched to skate by watching Marine Layer. We went to his house to work on an upcoming Fairly Normal part. And we lucked out, it was his dog’s birthday. So we partied at Petco and talked about how a small town boy…

lizards of summer what youth

Lizards of Summer: Season Two Premieres May 1

The return of video dregs


The WY Guide: New Zealand Coffee, wine, waves and music

New Zealand sits next to Australia on a map, but often below it on bucket lists. A long flight to go for somewhere not Australia. But that’s what makes it such a jewel. It’s the underground choice. The sleepier cousin of the mate above them, New Zealand is a place that offers a lot of discovery, peaceful…


Jenkem Magazine: The Tim O’Connor Show Ep. 02 Austyn Gillete & Danny Garcia

Jenkem magazine might very well tell the best stories in skateboarding. Interviews, write ups, behind the scenes. There’s nobody doing it better. In The Tim O’Connor Show, Tim O’Connor does very candid, very revealing, very funny conversations with skaters. In episode two he catches up with our friend Austyn Gillette and former Quik team manager and Habitat team…


HOCKEY Fucking Awesome’s Side Project

Fucking Awesome was founded 13 years ago by skateboarding legend Jason Dill and photographer Mike Piscitelli. They just dropped their side project “HOCKEY” with riders Donovan Piscopo and Johnny Fitzgerald. Watch it, it’s fucking good. Interview with Mike Piscitelli coming to the site soon.      

Brother Kolohe Andino new film from what youth

Brother The Official Trailer for the new film from What Youth

He grew up in front of us. With us. Around us. Under the ever-watchful eyes of commenters, commentators, likers, haters, sponsors, writers, filmers, photographers, parents and friends. Right on the birth of the online anxiety generation. And all of this is for them. And you too. But it’s also for Brother. A chance to show…

Tanner Rozunko Kolohe Andino what youth

On Brother Tanner Rozunko on Kolohe Andino

Tanner Rozunko once referred to his friend group, which happens to be more or less led by Brother as, “The X-Men of Surfing.” And he might be right. We asked him a bit more about Brother, because, best friends know shit. WHAT YOUTH: What role does Brother fill in the friend group?  Tanner Rozunko: There is no…

Mark Oblow Back Den what youth

Back Den 036 Brandon Holstein, San Pedro, CA

Brawnybuilt, San Pedro, CA

Girl We Adore: Kayla Varley Both sides of the glass

Kayla Varley left the small town of Bakersfield, California and headed to L.A. at age 17, armed with her self-taught...
one roll what youth

One Roll 005 Nate Lawrence in West Oz for Cluster

Nate Lawrence shot this roll of film in Western Australia while the boys were filming for Cluster. Creed, Craig, Noa,...
cluster what youth

Cluster: Behind the Scenes Short Film Part 3: Australia

As you know, filming Cluster took us around the world a few different times. Europe, Canary Islands, South Africa, Indo,...
what youth recommends

Yeux A film by Jamie Heinrich starring Madsteez

Jamie Heinrich and Madsteez have teamed up again and made something original and amazing. We would explain what your’e about to see,...
what youth recommends revok

Artist: Revok Preparing for his show with Library Street Collective in LA

“I’ll forever be an outcast and an outsider. I come from an uneducated place. And I enjoy that. I like...
back den mark oblow what youth johnee kop

Back Den 035 Johnee Kop, Hawaii circa 1980’s

“johnee kop, blasting a method air over the air bowl at wallows with da boys, circa ’80s. johnee was one...
what youth recommends mitch coleborn

Mitch Coleborn: True to This Irregular lefts and huge airs, just quietly

Mitch likes a little irregularity in his perfect waves. And we agree. We like some character. What he does to...
BG top2

Dear Youth: It’s a weird feeling Brendon Gibbens on being in Cluster

I was en-route back to South Africa from WA when Kai invited me to Europe for the Cluster tour. Without...

Milton Glaser for The New York Times The man behind the I ♥️ NY logo

A short film for the New York Times talking with the wonderful graphic designer Milton Glaser. Milton is the creator of...

Rights Refused: French Sayer Master of the dark arts

“Where I grew up there are no bitches, there are no guns, there is no money, but where I grew up...
WG ST wudup

Stay Tuned: Wade Goodall Presented by D’Blanc

Wade Goodall is an underground indie-surf Lord. He’s always unexpected. Witty as fuck. And his timing is flawless. His surfing...

Watch Froth’s “Postcard Radio” video Directed by Riley Blakeway

Here’s a really good video and song shot by one of our really good friends Riley Blakeway. Riley once filmed...
rvca post

A few days on The Farm Good RVCA boys and perfect Byron Bay

A few very good days at The Farm — the amazing spot that Beau Foster and Ellis Ericson call home...

Big names and bad kids at Burgerama 4 The Black Lips, Ty Segall, Weezer and Bone Thugs N Harmony

Everyone looked great this past weekend in Southern California: young, dirty and loose kids ran wild in the business parks...
what youth recommends drive dump

Eric Geiselman’s Hard Drive This is like getting a new …Lost video

You get a new sponsor, and all that work with different stickers is kind of old hat. But luckily Eric...
cluster what youth europe

Cluster (in gothic) Peruse Barcelona with Kai Neville and Brendon Gibbens

Kai and Brendon just got back from a trip to Barcelona and all over Europe to premiere Cluster. From the...
back den mark oblow george clinton what youth

Back Den 034 George Clinton, Circa 2000

“i spent an evening with george clinton, and watched him paint, drink wine, and talk about music. stories about his...
Tom Carrol Mitch Coleborn What Youth

PPP: Tom Carroll and Mitch Coleborn Part 4: Progression presented by Rusty

It’s always nice when Ozzie Wright gets a cameo with Tom Carroll and Mitch Coleborn. That’s full circle. In the...

The Brixton Broadcast at SXSW Featuring Iceage, The Spits, Sheer Mag and more

The amount of good music being played outdoors across the globe right now is down right overwhelming. But sometimes, with...
cluster what youth

Cluster: Behind the Scenes Short Film Part 2: Atlantic

Cluster is out. And by now you’re probably beginning to settle in on who has your favorite part. And hopefully...

Thomas Campbell art/photo show Friday At Mollusk San Francisco

Thomas Campbell has put together a photo show for the gallery within Mollusk, SF. And when he does that, you go....
Tom Carrol Mitch Coleborn Gerry Lopez What Youth

PPP: Tom Carroll and Mitch Coleborn Part 3: Gerry presented by Rusty

Tom Carroll and Mitch Coleborn on Pipeline's royal one: Gerry Lopez
Photo Credit Larsen Sotelo what youth girls

Photo Credit: Larsen Sotelo Portfolio 015

Being resourceful. And making the most of what you have. That’s been the ticket for a lot of successful photographers. And...