We started surfing and then all this happened.

what youth recommends austyn gillete skateboarding

Watch Austyn Gillette’s New Huf Part A friendly reminder as to how good he is

Today Austyn Gillette released this out of nowhere Huf part that is a wild reminder of how damn good he is at skateboarding.

don nyugen what youth conversations with

Conversation With: Don “Nuge” Nguyen On Volume 4, his band Arctic, and living heavy and traveling light

Nuge shreds both on a board and on an axe. He also owns his own company, Volume 4, with Sammy Baca. “It’s the best thing ever. To get to do your own shit, and not have to ask somebody if it’s cool. Let’s fucking make a teepee. Whatever.” What Youth hung out with Nuge in his…

mark oblow back den what youth dylan rieder skateboard

Back Den 046 Dylan Rieder’s Skateboard, Antwerp, 2012

“as a kid i would always be so hyped on seeing the quiver shots of the surfboards, i liked to see the boards guys were riding. in skateboarding there is no quiver but i love this shot of dylan rieder’s board, antwerp 2012 shot on a leica m9 with summicron-m 50mm.” —Mark Oblow


YAY!BAY Ricardo Christie and Jay Davies surfing Jeffrey’s Bay

Ricardo Christie & Jay Davies pre-contest shredding at J Bay. Click below to watch Jay Davies’ Off Beat episode.

what youth 4th of july nathan fletcher mark oblow

Limited Edition Nathan Fletcher T-Shirt Featuring the Mark Oblow cover photograph from Issue 3

It isn’t that easy to get a photograph of Nathan Fletcher. Let alone one this powerful. In front of an American flag no less. Photographed in Honolulu, HI by Mark Oblow, there’s all sorts of subtext in this image, but we’ll let you figure that out on your own, while you’re rocking it on your back….

what youth ozzie wright contest

Ozzy Wrong is Too Fast For Satan And wants to give you some new gear from Gorilla

Ozzy Wright spells his name Wrong. And that reason alone makes us fans. And you can imagine the thrill we had when he said we could give away a bunch of his new signature Gorilla gear. 5 winners will win a set of Ozzy’s Gorilla fin, a new Ozzy for Gorilla deck grip, one of…

what youth dear youth jack london

Jack London Calling Surfing, Books and Drinking for your long weekend in the sun

Jack London is a writer — rather famous one too. He wrote The Call of the Wild, The Sea-Wolf, Iron Heel, White Fang and tons of other famous novels in the early 1900’s that you may have been told to read and probably didn’t. Turns out London wrote about surfing too. In 1907 he was…

what youth brother kolohe andino surfing

Lost At Sea With Brother Episode 2 Live from the boat

You may get seasick. But this is about as close to being on the boat as you’ll get without actually getting seasick…and really barreled. Watch episode 2 of our internal ode to one of our favorite Lost Videos ever: Lost at Sea (starring Cory, Andy,  Gavin, Shane, Shea and Wardo), only this time we star Kolohe…

Tops, Rebecca Storm, Band, Music, Arbutus Records

Listen to Tops New bedroom pop from Montreal

Indie soft rockers TOPS, the four-piece band out of Montreal that’ll make you think of Julee Cruise, Angelo Badalamenti, and...
What Youth issue 11 charles Peterson interview nirvana

Photography by Charles Peterson Featuring Nirvana, Mudhoney and more from WY Issue 11

Mudhoney. Soundgarden. Pearl Jam. Nirvana. Sub Pop. Seattle. Photographer Charles Peterson found himself a young man in the trenches of...
what youth recommends huf collaboration

Watch Hippie Speedball Huf x Bronze 56k Limited Edition Collab Video

If you’re gonna do a collab, make a fucking sick vid like this with it and we’re in. Huf and...
curt what youth recommends

Watch: Curt: Surfing’s Oldest Grom Feel rad hit of the summer

We’ve known Curt Harper since we were groms ourself. He’s been on the Hurley team for years and he’s a surf...
surfing, indonesia, bali, what youth, mostofa jeksen

Good to Extremely Over Hyped The Internet explodes after the recent swell in Indo, but locals know best

Yes it was fucking pumping. Yes, it really was. I promise, compared to what you surfed it was incredible, and...
music, kim and the created, lolipalooza 2

Lolipalooza 2 Glitter and Cavities For All

“Just woke up and I’m covered in glitter and lollipop wrappers,” said photographer David Evanko post Lolipalooza, the second annual...
Mute Trailer Nate tyler what youth surfing

New surf film: Mute Watch the trailer and read about Nate Tyler’s new film by Victor Pakpour

There’s one story about Nate Tyler that’s been written time and time again: He lives in a yurt, grows his...
back den mark oblow what youth bo ikeda

Back Den 045 Bo Ikeda, Oahu late 80’s

“bo ikeda, palolo ramp oahu circa late 80’s. shot on a canon ae1 with 50mm lens. bo is one of...

Stay Tuned: Ford Archbold Playlist 19 Presented by D’Blanc

Ford Archbold plays in Tomorrows Tulips, a band influenced by Pavement, Galaxie 500, Further, and every other band you could...

Death stock Festival starts Friday We’ll call it summer now

It’s hard to tell when Summer is here when you live in California because we have perfect weather all the...
what youth recommends amuse society

Down by the Sea Fall 2015 from Amuse Society

Since the Roxy girl left her smile in Waikiki in the ’90s, girls and their salty-inspired fashions have been transitioning...
photo credit what youth girls

Photo Credit: Terence Connors Portfolio 019

WHAT YOUTH: “Terrence M. Connors has been recognized by his peers as one of the pre-eminent trial attorneys in the...
what youth recommends jonathan richman the el rey los angeles

So Much Modern Love We saw Jonathan Richman…again.

Okay. So we’re a little obsessed with Jonathan Richman, founder of the Modern Lovers, the Velvet Underground-inspired protopunk band that...
back den mark oblow what youth mark richards

Back Den 044 Mark Richards, Oahu, Circa 2000

“when i was a kid surfing in the late 70’s early 80’s the wounded gull was a dominating force in...
what youth recommends the copenhagen pro skateboarding shane oneil

Skating the streets of Copenhagen Prepare for the CPH Pro with Shane O’Neill

This got us feeling bit nostalgic about our time in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark. Two years ago we...
Brother lost at sea what youth surfing

Lost at Sea with Brother B-Sides From The Boat Trip

You may feel the need to adjust the tracking on your computer, but don’t, it’s just because this footage was...
what youth recommends johnathan richman at don the beachcomber

Jonathan Richman at Don’s Where was the door to Bohemia?

“It’s better to be known as a sincere person in the darkness, than a fake person in the lightness.” —Jonathan...
what youth recommends x games dolan stearns skateboarding real street

Watch Dolan Stearns X-Games Part And vote for him (we did)

Dolan Stearns released a rad part yesterday for the X-Games “real” street skateboarding part. And it’s just a reminder about how...
what youth recommends ozzie wright surfing

Ozzie Wright ripping Right until the last drop

I think there’s a fin being sold underneath all this shredding, but that’s fine. The surfing is good, and hell,...
What Youth Issue 11 David Carson Graphic design interview

Interview with Design Icon David Carson From What Youth Issue 11

David Carson is a graphic design guru. His first book, with Lewis Blackwell, The End of Print, is the top-selling...

On the Periphery Aesthetically perfect photography from Sinziana Velicescu

Sinziana Velicescu is a 25-year old photographer and filmmaker whose work brings to life the doorways, barred windows and signage...
what youth recommends refused music video

Refused Release New Video “Dawkins Christ” off new LP “Freedom”, out June 30th

Refused released a new video from their upcoming album Freedom — out June 30th on Epitaph, and yes, we’ve pre-ordered — and fuck...
what youth recommends curt the movie surfing

Watch the Trailer for “CURT” A Documentary Film about Surfing’s Oldest Grom

We’ve known Curt Harper since we were groms ourself. He’s been on the Hurley team for years and he’s a...
what youth recommends mac demarco music

Mac DeMarco Releases New Video Title Track Off Mini-LP “Another One”, Out August 7th

Mac Daddy released a new video today for the title track off his forth-coming album Another One, due out August 7th...