We started surfing and then all this happened.

what youth off beat austyn gillette

Off Beat: Austyn Gillette On American healthcare, selling out and being a “surfer’s skater”

We have Austyn Gillette on the brain. For a lot of reasons really, some obvious ones being his ridiculous skating and new Huf part (below), his personality, his style, his new shoe, his music, his ability to be the master of ceremonies at a surf film (see below again). And because he’s a fucking good, creative…

tuff world premiere what youth surfing

Tuff World Premiere Ripping, moshing and beautiful faces with Rusty and What Youth

“That bar is my spirit animal!” is what Tanner Rozunko said when we told him we were doing the TUFF premiere at Don the Beachcomber and that we wanted his band The Rooms to play. The place is a tiki labyrinth of rum and pineapple. And last night it proved the perfect backdrop for a midsummer’s…

what youth collected thoughts tom curren

Collected Thoughts 078 Tom Curren in France

Tom Curren in France during a warm September day surfing La Graviere. What else could you ask for? The sandbar this year was so perfect. It was 10 years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. I drove up the coast from Biarritz with Luke Stedman and it was perfect offshore and barreling…

What Youth recommends brixton broadcast music

Watch: Brixton Broadcast Barcelona 7 Bands, 2 Nights, 1 amazing city

You can’t just buy a movement. You have to sweat, rock, drink, swerve, stay out all night and let it ferment and become musical compost that eventually grows into a full blown rock and roll sunflower — that’s how you create a real movement. And that’s what Brixton has been doing all over the world. Berlin….

noa deane tuff premiere what youth

TUFF Premiere Tonight Rusty and What Youth present a new short film starring Noa Deane with Josh Kerr and Dylan Goodale

Noz is here. Kerrzy is here. Goodale as well. And pretty much everyone else who shreds at something is in town. So we’re having a party. And we’ve got a new short film starring Noa with Rusty teammates Josh Kerr and Dylan Goodale. We’ll be hanging out at our spirit animal bar Don the Beachcomber in Huntington…

what youth recommends day wave music

Watch Day Wave’s new video “Drag” New music vids are always fun

Check out Day Wave’s new jam “Drag” above and definitely grab the whole album on iTunes here. Because we want you to love it like we do. For more, visit their soundcloud here.


Back Den 049 Jesse Martinez, 1986, Honolulu

“jesse martinez, frontside wall jam 86′ honolulu, hawaii. the way wall jams shoot look…. style for days. shot on a canon ae1 with 50mm lens.” —Mark Oblow


Kevin Terpening’s “HUF Classic” Part Style and creativity all the time

A few weeks ago we hung with Kevin Terpening in LA as he put the finishing touches on this part. And if you watch above you’ll quickly see how much style and creativity Terp has and why he’s become one of our favorite skaters. Watch Fairly Normal: Kevin Terpening below:  Fairly Normal: Kevin Terpening from…

what youth conversation with jamie brisick

Conversation with: Jamie Brisick Author of Becoming Westerly talks about his new book on transgender surfer Westerly Windina

I’ve always loved Jamie Brisick. For many reasons, but one important reason being that along with Derek Hynd and us, he...

Vundabar tour photos by Caitlin McCann To celebrate the release of their new album Gawk

Vundabar is a rockband from Boston. And Caitlin McCann is an extremely talented photographer based in New York (imagine Mike Brodie...
girl we adore what youth irie jean

Girl We Adore: Irie Jean Calkins Presented by Amuse Society

Meet Irie. A rare and delicate discovery from Huntington Beach of all places. We recently did a shoot with her for our...

Dane and Dolores Raw edit from Dane’s hurricane weekend

Hurricane Dolores was a lazy, sweaty, lightning bolt-filled swell. She didn’t really come in as hot as she looked on...
what youth zines dekka derek dunfee

The Newsstand: Dekka Vol. 1 Derek Dunfee on his first zine and the release of Vol. 2

Derek Dunfee is probably most known for chasing waves that would scare the shit out of you. And us. And with...
ty segall, fuzz, chad ubovich

Fuzz Announces New Album And Leaks Two Teaser Songs

Fuzz, the heavy psyche proto-inspired creation of Ty Segall, Charlie Moothart, and Chad Ubovich, is releasing a new album this...
Newport Lineup

The WY Guide: Newport Beach, CA A coastal circus we somehow love

Newport Beach is an odd place. It’s our backyard. We love it. We hate it. It is a juxtaposition of some...
what youth recommends the drinks music

Listen to: DRINKS’ “Laying Down Rock” A New Song From New Duo Tim Presley and Cate Le Bon

Yes, that Tim Presley, of White Fence fame, and that Cate Le Bon, the Welsh singer/songwriter who played with White...
what youth recommends alex olson skateboarding

“Call Me” featuring Alex Olson Hot town summer in the city

Raw, fun, NY. Alex Olson’s skating makes us really happy. Enjoy this and then go sweat it out on your...
collected thoughts what youth dane reynolds jamie o'brien

Collected Thoughts 077 Dane Reynolds and Jamie O’Brien, Canada, 2006

I can almost guarantee you’ll never see this happen again. Dane getting towed behind a Jet Ski with Jamie O...
dear youth mick fanning shark attack what youth surfing

On the Unthinkable Mick Fanning and Julian Wilson brought us to tears

For whatever reason, I’ve been more emotional than usual the last week or two. I feel like I’ve been on the...
thomas cambell what youth back den mark oblow photography

Back Den 048 Thomas Campbell, 2009, Santa Cruz

“thomas campbell, 2009 at his studio in santa cruz, shot on a canon eos-1ds mark III with a canon ef...
la boqueria

Eating and Drinking in Barcelona A Radical Class note pad from the Med

I was sitting in traffic the other day after a long day at work and got a whiff of someone’s...
music, bazooka, brixton broadcast barcelona

The Brixton Broadcast Barcelona All night rock and roll on the surreal sea

What do you do when a place has no respect for time or light or dark or anything outside of...

WY Guide: An art-filled weekend in LA It’s a bad time to be lazy

Are you in Los Angeles this weekend? Well, if so, it’s supposed to rain. And be hot. All at the same...
what youth girl we adore joanna halpin girls

Girl We Adore: Joanna Halpin Presented by Amuse Society

This is Joanna Halpin. She’s from a coastal town in England but now jet sets between Los Angeles and London....
what youth dear youth outerknown kelly slater fashion surfing

Kelly Slater Announces Outerknown And everyone (except us) freaks out because it’s expensive

I love Kelly Slater. Always have. For all the infinite reasons there are to love him: he’s a great rep for...
What Youth Fairly Normal Kevin Terpening skateboarding

Fairly Normal: Kevin Terpening Episode 018

Come hang out with Kevin Terpening as he puts the finishing touches on his new Huf part
what youth recommends swoosh william strobeck supreme skateboarding

Watch “Swoosh” by William Strobeck Featuring Alex Olson, BA, Kevin Bradley and Sean Pablo for the Supreme/Nike SB GTS collection.

Sweaty in the city. William Strobeck delivers another modern throwback piece for Supreme/Nike SB GTS collection.
what youth cluster the almosts dion agius noa deane craig anderson dane reynolds

The Almosts Watch the attempts and what almost was from Cluster

Every night after filming all day there’s a moment when everyone gathers around the computer and watches the clips. Raw, unedited...
collected thoughts ghost tree nate lawrence what youth surfing

Collected Thoughts 076 Remember Ghost Tree?

Remember Ghost Tree? And Mouse Rock? What happened to the two most photogenic slabs in California? Well, people found out...
what youth recomends, jack freestone, fizz, surfing

Fizz Jack Freestone Surfing on the Gold Coast

Jack Freestone surfing to one of our favorites, Diiv. Check out Jack’s Fairly Normal filmed on the Gold Coast below.
what youth recommends steve powers

Sign Painter Steve Powers Graphic and Colorful and We Want More

Steve Powers is a sign painting legend. And as fans of typography, he’s been a hero of ours since before...
what youth back den mark oblow nautas kapus skateboarding

Back Den 047 Natas Kaupas, France, 1998

“natas kaupas is the real deal. one of the most influential street skaters ever. style for days!! a ripping surfer....