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Making a new album with Mac Demarco “Another One” out August 7, 2015

This morning, Mac Demarco announced the release of his next album, aptly named Another One, a mini-LP with eight tracks, set to be released August 7th on Brooklyn indie label Captured Tracks. The announcement was sent with a little “teaser” video called “Making of Another One.” In the video, Mac, wanders around his apartment like a crazy person with his gap tooth smile, revealing a day in the life of how he makes music, complete with insane mildly indecipherable ramblings, giggles from the camera girl, a cameo of Jerry Garcia’s ghost on guitar, and one or two instances where he plays an actual instrument. But that’s the beauty behind Mac Demarco’s appeal. He’s two parts crazy, three parts genius. Check it out, and watch out for him touring all over the country starting now. —Maya Eslami

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