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John John’s Alley Oop on Saturday A few dozen on the head and then this…

I’ve long been kind of critical of how clips like this get published in a manner that is underwhelming. We’ve seen it happen with Felipe, Gabriel, Jordy…just weird Internet clips of things that would end a film and be talked about for years…instead, they go somewhat viral and somehow they end up in an angry debate and all radness around the clips is lost.

Well, this one John John did on Saturday I’m backing and here’s why: in this short clip, there may not be amp up music, but at least there’s some insight, some legit cameos (Danny Fuller) and John John talking about the paddle out and session in the moment. If you want behind the scenes access to a move we should have seen in a movie, well this works. I used to be really curious about paddle outs on the North Shore, this one shows, there ain’t no channel and John John can duck dive like an actual duck.

Watch this, it’s a really fucking big oop. —Travis 

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