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WY Premiere: Crazy Bones Trip out on their new video for “Melting”

Toronto-based garage psych slayers Crazy Bones are exactly what you’d want in a heavy band. And their new video for “Melting”, off forthcoming debut EP Cosmic Drips, is drenched in fuzz, soaked in skull crushing guitar solos, and just enough kaleidoscope colors that you may think you’re on an acid trip. Check it out.  

“I wrote the song when I was living in Tofino sitting by the ocean one day. The sun was huge and everything seemed beyond bright. Anemone and sun stars of all different colours getting bashed by waves, everything looked like it was melting. I thought it would be alright if I just melted into the ocean with everything else around me.”

Crazy Bones are gaining some serious traction, having already played shows with CFM (Charles Mootheart’s band), among other like-minded slayers. If you’re lucky enough to live in Canada, make sure to see these guys live. And stay tuned below and read our interview with the band. –Maya Eslami

WHAT YOUTH: How did you guys meet and come to form Crazy Bones? And any story behind the band name? 

CRAZY BONES: We met in college and formed strictly so we could play house parties. Then Peter moved our west but eventually we all ended up in Toronto, started up again, and became what we are today. We used to act kind of crazy (Peter used to fall over from head banging) and skulls are cool so we thought Crazy Bones stuck.

Who plays in the band? 

Simon who’s the drummer, Pete plays guitar and sings lead vocals, and Cam plays bass and sings every so often.

Who are you guys inspired by? 

Lots of old stuff, lots of new stuff. We can only all agree on Black Sabbath. Just rock n’ roll man.

Tell me about the recording of Cosmic Drips. 

Our friend Dylan Frankland has got the magic touch when it comes to studio work, so we stuffed ourselves in a super hot studio (Candle Recording) and hammered out everything in three days. Doing everything live off the floor seemed natural, we took our time but it flew by.

And when does it come out? 

Very soon… We have our EP release show March 2 at The Bovine Sexclub in Toronto. The EP may or may not be released online beforehand…

Do you guys have a label backing you yet? 

No, waiting for the right bites.

How did you link up with CFM? 

We basically harassed the promoter even though we had no music out. We got wasted. It was really cool because we’ve seen Charles Moothart play a number of times and he’s pretty legendary in our eyes.

What was the concept behind the video for “Melted”? 

I (Peter) asked my girlfriend Taylor Wynne, who’s a great artist all around, to film a live performance of us.  Then, the two of us filmed the melting effect and layered it overtop, changing the effects until we got the look I wanted.

You guys sound amazing, considering this is your debut EP. What’s next on your plate? 

We’re going to play a few shows in our area, then in April we’ve got Canadian Music Week and we’re back in the studio. We have another handful of tunes ready to go. In the summer we plan on touring across Canada in a camper. Do some fishing on the way for sure.

Crazy Bones Tour Dates: 

March 2 Toronto @Bovine Sex Club W/Brenda, Jean Daddy, Milhouse

March 4 Brantford @TBA

March 23 Toronto @Painted Lady W/Onionface & Wine Lips

March 24 Ottawa @ Bar Robo W/Onionface & Ornaments

March 25 Montreal @TBA W/Onionface

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