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Listen to the Regrettes In case you haven’t heard

The Regrettes will scare the shit out of you (in a good way). They’re already hitting the road at sixteen, signing with Warner Bros, and sharing songs that say exactly what they mean. Don’t let the sweet and cutesy melodies chase you off because it will come back and bite you in the ass, with tunes that will take you back in time to when you weren’t even born. In the eternally changing LA music scene, The Regrettes have victoriously managed to keep the message in their music direct and straightforward. The four members of The Regrettes are all equally admirable for their music skill and style, and know how to keep their retro 60’s sound fresh. They get so into their music that you can’t help but get into it too. 

Their newly released debut album Feel Your Feelings Fool! includes 15 songs, each one equally personal and empathetic topped off with an awe-inspiring sound. This album is for sure punk, garage rock, all opinions, and 60’s driven, and will do more than just satisfy cravings you didn’t know you had. The lyrics in each song distribute an opinionated, raw, and real message about personal freedom, teenage angst, young emotions, and inexplicable youth. The simple topics of how a girl falls in love everyday (“A Living Human Girl”) and how the egotistical folk that we’re all forced to deal with affect us (or lack of affect) is not surpassed either. They’re putting their message out there loud and proud and unafraid. So go take a listen, in case you haven’t heard. They’ll knock your socks off. –Luna Alcorcha 

The Regrettes Tour

Mar 31 Lakewood, OH- Mahall’s 20 Lanes

Apr 01 Columbus, OH- Express Live!

Apr 02 Chicago, IL- Schubas Tavern

Apr 06 Los Angeles, CA- Echoplex

Apr 08 Santa Ana, CA- The Observatory

Apr 19 Santa Ana, CA- Constellation Room

Apr 21 Santa Barbara, CA- Velvet Jones

Apr 22 San Francisco, Ca- Bottom of The Hill

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