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WY Premiere: Watch Blind Matty’s Video For “Gettin’ Stoned with My Ol’ Lady”: A very NSFW vid for your Monday!

Editor’s Note: Maya said we might want to put a little disclaimer on this vid when she sent it, but I think you can handle it. We don’t advocate drugs, but we also don’t advocate censorship. You can handle it. Be smart and do what you want. Here’s a wild video and a rad song and all sorts of reckless behavior for a Monday.—Travis 

Blind Matty, the one-eyed, honky tonk, country blues stomping musician from Toronto, has one of the best press bios I’ve ever read. “You can find him strumming an acoustic guitar in the shadows of an old pool hall, smoking a blunt and singin’ songs for the people. Don’t be fooled by his gold tooth smile or wavy mullet, he’s just an old soul taking another lap around this big ol’ planet searching for something, but he still ain’t sure what it is.” Now, if that didn’t intrigue the fuck out of you, press play on his new video for “Gettin’ Stoned with My Ol’ Lady,” off his latest EP, wonderfully titled GRINGO!. There’s a lot to be said of a musician who mixes humor into their craft and somehow does it well, and Blind Matty is right on track with this song. “‘Gettin Stoned with My Ol’ Lady’ is a bonafide cosmic country rock ‘n’ roll classic that sounds like Willie Nelson driving down a county dirt road with Jerry Garcia riding shotgun puffin smoke out the window.” And the video is just the right hit for your Monday. –Maya Eslami

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