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The Shrine x Dogtown Skateboards An epic collaboration between two epic things

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The Shrine recently teemed up with Dogtown Skateboards to produce one hell of a deck. And I couldn’t help but ask Josh Landau some questions about this epic collaboration. Read our interview below, and check out these photos from the video shoot for “I Can’t Control It” and the release party, featuring Olivia Jaffe and Jayme Darling in custom collab swag. —Maya Eslami

WHAT YOUTH: How did the Dogtown collab go down? 

JOSH LANDAU: I went to John Adams middle school with Jim Muir’s son Teague and we would skate together and I’d sleep over at their house when I was 13 and we’d all go surfing.

Growing up in Venice, were you always aware of Dogtown and its legacy? 

Yea I remember going to see the documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys the day in came out at a theatre on 2nd street in Santa Monica, it was about then I slowed down on surfing and started skating full time. It was hard to believe and it still is that this was the same neighborhood, that ghetto by the sea is now the most expensive place in the country to live.

What’s your first memory of the Dogtown legend? 

These neighbors we had when I was like 5 would skate old school style on a bank in front of our house and drive their old VW Beetle fast as fuck up and down our street and it would scare the shit out of me and my brother cause it was so load, but I think deep down it made us wanna grow up to be like them. When we were like 13 we found a pool in Bel Air, and one day as we were walking into the abandoned house Tony Alva came out by himself after skating it, and he started telling us we shouldn’t be parking in front of the house cause we’ll blow the spot. We were like holy fuck we just met Tony Alva. The next time we came back we didn’t park there, and he was there again and we skated together. That session ended up on the cover of Juice Magazine theres a photo of Aaron Murray doing a slash in this old blue pool and I’m lurking in the shallow end.

And what was it like doing this collaboration with them? 

Jim made the shape of the board, we didn’t have any say, and that was totally fine with us, because he’s the legend and it turned out fucking awesome. I love it and will be riding it for years now!

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