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WY Premiere: Adult Books Watch their new video for “Firewalking”

Video: Tom Kanschat

If you’ve ever been into Twin Peaks, or David Lynch, or the unhinged world of red velvet drapes and disorienting black and white floors, then the new video from Adult Books for their single “Firewalking” will blow your mind. “Basically we had this idea to do a Twin Peaks inspired video for a long time and our friend Tom Kanschat really ran with it.” And although the song isn’t about Twin Peaks, singer/guitarist Nick Winfrey says he “lifted” the title from the show. Remember that line in episode three of season one? “Through the darkness of future’s past, the magician longs to see. One chants out between two worlds… ‘Fire… walk with me.'” (Yes I’m a complete Twin Peaks nerd). The song itself kicks in at about 3:53 in the video, so watch the whole thing. Filled with an eery Black Lodge replication of the Red Room, backwards talking, and a Laura Palmer-esque girl wrapped in plastic, the video definitely nails the concept. And “Firewalking”, maybe my favorite track off their 2016 album Running from the Blows, is the perfect compliment. –Maya Eslami

Adult Books play at the Echo in LA on July 6, with Froth and Moaning. 

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