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Listen to Dope Lemon Your new summer cocktail

Dope Lemon, the new project of Australian musician Angus Stone, is my new summer cocktail. Two parts soulful, coastal rhythms mixed with a dash of reverb coated vocals and a subtle surf twist, Dope Lemon reminds me of the bands I’ve always listened to – especially early Kurt Vile – while remaining current and fresh at the same time. Like a perfectly blended margarita.

My buddy Andrew Knives turned me on to their debut album, Honey Bones, which dropped last year on Universal. Ten tracks deep with a seedy, sultry grit, the album drips out effortlessly. And their follow-up EP Hounds Tooth, released in February of this year, pulsates with a darker, brooding desire. Maybe it’s the summer heat, or the salt in the air, but Dope Lemon is definitely quenching my thirst. Almost all of their songs are available on the Internets, so listen up. –Maya Eslami 

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