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Listen to the Peacers And watch their new video for “Jurgen’s Layout”

Acid rock is maybe my favorite genre. And The Peacers, a four-piece from San Francisco, are seeping in that kaleidoscope swirl of reverb and pulsing riffs and honey-drenched vocals reminiscent of early Blue Cheer and The Electric Prunes. Watch their new video for “Jurgen’s Layout,” off recently released sophomore album Introducing The Crimsmen, out now on Drag City. Directed by Rodney Jamille, the hazy, black and white voyage transcends beyond the voyeur into a sequence of nightmares and abrasive imagery, not unlike something you’d see while tripping. But drugs aside, this sludgy, lo-fi loving band knows how to steal from the old and make it their own, something we admire through and through. So press play, and check some tour dates below. –Maya Eslami 


9/24/17 at Kaiju in Louisville, KY*

9/29/17 at Goner Fest in Memphis, TN

9/30/17 at Lincoln Hall in Chicago, IL

11/9/17 at  The Chapel in San Francisco, CA

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