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WY Premiere: Kid Bloom Listen to “She Only Stays On The Weekend”

what youth recommends kid bloom she only stays on the weekend

Kid Bloom, a five-piece from Los Angeles, somehow mix elements of disco, psych, and pop into their own swirl of dreamy, mood elevating music in such a palatable way that you’ll be playing them on repeat in no time. Listen to their new single, “She Only Stays On The Weekend,” off their forthcoming EP A Long Kiss Goodbye, out September 29th. The track immediately reminds me of our favorite Montreal babes TOPS, but also has an ageless quality, almost like it was unearthed from a scrapped David Lynch scene. “We love Hall and Oates,” the band told me, “so it’s only natural that we decided to write a groovy love song with a psychedelic twist.” So press play, and get lost in their disco world. –Maya Eslami

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