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WY Premiere: Everyone Is Dirty Listen to new track “Lady Liberty”

what youth recommends everyone is dirty lady liberty

Everyone Is Dirty, the self-proclaimed art-rockers from Oakland, have been blowing audiences’ minds since their debut in 2013. Their raw stamina mixed with lead singer Sivan Lioncub’s sexy vocals, make their stadium rock a haze of mesmerizing sounds, thick with attitude and grit. Check out new single “Lady Liberty,” off forthcoming album My Neon’s Dead, dropping September 28th on OIM Records. “Lyrically, ‘Lady Liberty’ is a love song about embracing the darkness within yourself,” says Lioncub – yes that’s her real last name. “It’s a freedom song. I was inspired by Arabic poetry and listening to Umm Kulthum. Her lyrics are simple and powerful. She often sings about a great love. I was in a trance listening to her in the middle of the night when I wrote these words.” A trance sounds nice right about now. So listen up. –Maya Eslami 

Pre-order My Neon’s Dead here

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