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WY Premiere: White Bleaches Listen to their killer new track “Suffocation”

what youth recommends white bleaches

Remember White Bleaches? The Melbourne-based shredders slipped into my musical consciousness back in March, and today we’re premiering their latest lick, “Suffocation,” streaming exclusively on WY. Mixed by King Gizzard wizard Stu Mackenzie, the track stays true to their garage spirit, with a little bit less psych flowing through this time around. So press play, read our interview with the band below, and keep your eyes peeled for their debut album. I heard a rumor it drops in February of next year, and we can hardly wait. —Maya Eslami

WHAT YOUTH: Last time we spoke, you had just put out a 7″. What have you been up to since then?

WHITE BLEACHES: How are ya What Youth. Weve been keeping pretty busy. We bought ourselves a little recording machine and we/ve been smashing out a few demos and a few we have finished, like the one we are releasing today ” Suffocation”.

It’s our first shot at recording everything ourselves so this song was kind of a test for us I guess. We still got it mixed and mastered by the same crew who usually help us out. So it sounds pretty sweet.

Tell me about your debut album. What can we expect from the new tracks?

We are still deep in writing it, probably about halfway through.. We have dropped a bit of the psych element we had on our first ep and its sounding a lot more garage-y.

No one in the band has worked on an album before so we are all pretty pumped to get it going and release it asap.

Recording everything ourselves means we can experiment a bit more because we are not restricted by studio time or anything. It gives us a lot more freedom. Hopefully now we can start releasing a lot more tunes.

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