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WY Premiere: The Velveteins Watch their Super 8 video for “Strange Side of Street”

The Velveteins are a rock ‘n’ roll band from Edmonton, Canada, and their infectious dose of slacker, creamy, garage waves will put you in a real good mood. Comprised of Spencer Morphy on vocals/guitar, Addison Hillier on drums, and Dean Kheroufi on bass, these dudes formed back in 2014 after Morphy returned from “quality time spent vagabonding around Australia,” a pretty good way to get geared up for band time. They just released their brand new album Slow Wave back in May, and today we’re stoked to premiere the video for new single, “Strange Side of Street,” shot entirely on Super 8 while touring. So press play, slip into that good mood, and read our interview with the band below. —Maya Eslami

Listen to more here.

WHAT YOUTH: You guys have been playing together since 2014. Three years later, your debut is about to drop. Are you stoked or what?

THE VELVETEINS: It felt pretty great to get those cosmic tunes out into the universe. Really quite liberating. Playing the songs live is one thing – but when the world can finally hear the recorded pieces themselves, in their permanent and frozen-in-time glory, it allowed us to move on and move forward into the next thing.

And why the long wait? Tell me about the build up to the debut album.

We spent a lot of time gigging. We would pack up the van every chance we got and drive godless hours across North America to play anywhere and for anyone we could. It took up a huge portion of our time and money for sure. Barrelling down the highway to play shows and evolve what we were doing. We did the UK, drove across to NYC, down to California multiple times, and SXSW this past year. Eventually we felt compelled to capture and mark it down all into a record.

How was it recording Slow Wave? What was that process like?

The recording process was like washing all the emotion from our lives and collecting it into a tangible sonic washbin, where people could sit and look at it. Some things were constructed to feel a certain way, while others were just raw and left untouched. We recorded the album in a cabin studio on Vancouver Island, right near the ocean. It was pristine.

Tell me about the video for “Strange Side of Street” – Where did you guys shoot it?

The video was shot and produced by us, with our friend Evangeline Belzile’s help. There is a thin plot that strings along through it and the beginning and end feature a street in Edmonton where we all lived briefly. That block is what the song is about, and all the shenanigans that came along with living there. We then brought the camera along on our US tour and shot footage in the cities we passed through.

Do you guys always tour with a super 8 camera?

No not at all. We really should though. We sometimes bring analog cameras and take photographs. Grainy blurry memories.

And what’ next for the band?

We are enjoying the luxury of releasing a record. Touring relentlessly – however we’ve slowed down a bit to focus on bringing it all together for some new material. Taking a bit of personal time to explore the world, and to bring it all back into a new bundle of inspiration for a brand new sonic washbin.

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