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Uncharted Skateboarding in the Azores NO LONGER JUST A SURF TRIP

The Azores, located off the coast of Portugal, are known mostly as a surf destination. That didn’t stop a crew from Medium Skate Mag (a very fine Canadian zine) from seeing if the paradisal volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean was holding some skate spots. The crew consisting of Alex Furtado, Japhey Dow, Dylan Fulford, Scott Balkwill, Scott Varney, Kevin Lowry and Nestor Judkins spent 17 days sampling fine European delicacies, avoiding the rain and crusty ground, and brought home a fine edit that makes it feel like you were there. It may not become the next Barcelona, but that’s not the point of picking a new spot and searching for adventure. So toss a skate in your coffin bag the next time you’re hitting the Atlantic islands.

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