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Listen to Monolord, The Well and Mondo Drag Megalithic Waves Meet Galactic Key Solos



Swedish trio Monolord brings a megalithic wave of pensive, hazy metal to our ears all the way from Sweden. The track “Rust” on their most recent album begins with tranquil organs that welcome you to the church of Monolord. Which, if I’m going to church, this is the one I’m running to. This is the loud, black-sheep-of-the-family side of my summer playlist and I’m not mad at it. Sludgy riffs and a darkness reminiscent of the prince himself, Monolord takes you on a heavy descent into the abyss—in a damn wicked way of their own.



I’ve been on a desperate search for the modern era’s answer to Blue Cheer, the bluesy pioneers of early metal, and by George I think I’ve found it. Austin based The Well is a refined psychedelic ode to the 70’s mystery and adventure that’s hard to come by in our current social media-drenched society. “Drug From the Banks” on their album Pagan Science released by Riding Easy Records features an addicting riff that just doesn’t quit. I’m not doing it justice but it makes me feel I’m under some sort of strange, wonderful kind of sorcery. And I kinda love it. So stop whatever you’re doing and get out of your mind and into The Well.




Galactic, retro prog-rockers Mondo Drag have made keyboard solos cool again, one deep cut at a time. Killer bass lines, winding guitars, and a wild west kind of sexy get me through my 9 to 5 before I know it. Listening to their album Self Titled now in my 500 square foot apartment, I feel like I’m watching them live in Pompeii. You should do the same. We’ll see you there. Ciao. – Karina Chahal

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