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what youth mason ho surfing

Watch Mason Ho Standard Rip Clip

Mason Ho surfing in Hawaii and Bali.
what youth recommends bordeaux exposure

Watch “Bordeaux Exposure Remix” With Leo Valls and friends

Leo Valls and company skating around Bordeaux in black & white. A sweet edit, with some lines only Leo could...
what youth recommends brixton el salvador

Rights of Brixton Moody El Salvador with Troy Elmore, Skip Mccullough, Jesse Guglielmana, Tanner Rozunko & Matty Glenn

One thing you can be sure of: no one riding for Brixton will ever even remotely come close to attempting...
what youth vans

Celebrate what you’re probably wearing Vans celebrates being Off the Wall for 50 Years

Look at your feet. There’s a good chance there are either Vans down there right now or there have been,...
what youth recommends jack freestone indo

Watch “Something is Calling” Jack Freestone in Indo

Jack Freestone walks the line as one of the most innovative and stylish guys who are also crazy consistent. The WSL...
what youth recommends SOTY trip


Evan Mock documented the behind the scenes of the SOTY trip with Ave and Terp, all on his iPhone, in...
ryan callinan what youth surfing what youth recommends

Watch Ryan Callinan’s Pre-Season This looks like more fun than you can have in a jersey

Number 21 on our What Youth Top 34, and Cluster’s most underrated star Ryan Callinan just released his first pre-WSL...
what youth recommends pussy gangster

Watch Supreme’s “Pussy Gangster” A video by William Strobeck

Supreme’s team is full of misfit toys. And with William Strobeck behind the lens, skating the most claustrophobic of Parisian neighborhoods....
what youth recommends skateboarding

Watch “Elephino” RVCA crew hits South Africa

Starring Greyson Fletcher, Josh Harmony, Aiden Campbell, Julian Davidson, Kevin Long and Yann Horowitz.
what youth recommends tim curran

Watch Tim Curran Surf at Home Still shredding

It seems like it has been quite a while since Tim Curran put out an edit. We are glad he...
what youth recommends 24 hours

Watch 24 Hours Starring Luke Davis

You might be surprised to see Luke Davis does not have a sponsor. Having been a part of that talented San...
what youth recommends sobras de yago

Watch Yago Dora in Sobras de Yago He’s everywhere, which is somewhere we wish we were

Yago loves Nirvana. Driving home from San Francisco after a few grueling nights in the city and surfing, Yago insisted we...
what youth recommends down under

Watch Down Under With Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Sebastian Zietz, and More

To the sick sounds of Metallica, Cyclone Winston conquered Australia. Edit after edit has been coming out in remembrance of...
what youth recommends jordy smith gauge

Watch Jordy Smith’s warning shot He’s back and moving more water than ever at a Snapper replica

It’s been a long time coming for Jordy. Held back a bit last year by both a back injury and...
what youth recommends the sound of change experience

Watch The Sound of Change Experience With Neal Purchase Jr, Asher Pacey, Ryan Lovelace and More

Sort of a modern Shelter vibe. Psychedelic and trippy, with tons of single, twin, and finless action throughout Australia, Indo, Africa,...
what youth recommends koa rothman

Watch Koa Rothman’s Massive Winter Highlights Pretty hectic and heavy

The Rothman gene pool runs deep. And Koa is only the latest to step in and prove himself to be one of the...
what youth recommends welcome to water

Watch Welcome to Water Volcom is still ground zero on the North Shore

Volcom has put their stamp on the North Shore. Plain and simple, there’s no denying that. Each winter numerous amounts of...
what youth recommends mitch crews barrel

Watch Play With Glass: LA Starring Mitch Crews and some really good waves

Mitch Crews was once a World Tour standout. Now he just stands out in LA. And by the looks of...
what youth recommends ryan burch layback

Ryan Burch in The Rush of the Countinuous Rhythm More creative lines than we can handle

We are hook line and sinker obsessed with Ryan Burch. He is so fluid and spectacular with his wave riding...
what youth recommends cold and lovable

Watch Cold & Lovable With Albee Layer, Cam Richards, Kalin Daly, and Tyler Larronde

Cinematographically this video is mesmerizing. The waves definitely look frigid but fun and it’s shot like a Nat Geo feature and...
what youth recommends mauro diaz

Watch Mauro Diaz in Puerto Rico D’Blanc’s got a new addition

Straight from Puerto Rico, D’Blanc introduces their latest team member. He sure has some talent and likes to mount the occasional dinosaur.  
what youth recommends shane dorian

Watch vintage Shane Dorian Way longer boards and a lot of flow in France and Hawaii

This will get anyone over 25 feeling nostalgic, and anyone under 25 really hyped on seeing Dorian rip in little...

All those Eddie Highlights Too good to be true at Waimea Bay

Quiksilver definitely needed this, but we all fucking needed this. After much anticipation of whether the Eddie would run or not, the...
what youth recommends yago cutback

Watch Yago Dora in “O Cabra” Kid is really, really good

Throughout the past few months you’ve seen a ton of Yago, mostly because we had him featured in our This is...
what youth recommends superbank

Watch Mick Fanning Give thanks to Tropical Cyclone Winston

Mick already has the Quik Pro in the bag, based on the sheer fact that he has been owning Superbank the...
what youth recommends lucas puig

Watch Adidas Matchcourt With Lucas Puig, Mark Gonzales, Na-kel Smith, and more

Team Adidas explored Shanghai, Gran Canaria and NYC in this new clip. With an A-list team, it’s hard to disappoint. Lucas...
what youth recommends superbank

Watch Superbank Humpday With Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, and More

Apparently Superbank has been going off these past few days, and everyone seems to be aware of that. Nothing spectacular...
what youth recommends wash

Watch “Wash” featuring Beau Foster, Creed McTaggart, Ellis Ericson

It’s the boys’ first gig, and Creed’s got some vocals. The surfing ain’t so bad either. Beau’s got some sick...
what youth recommends we watch

Watch: We Watch a throwback feel with a fuck you attached

Here in Socal we are dealing with the sweltering heat and waiting for the waves to arrive, so we were...
what youth recommends balaram stack surfing

Watch Balaram Stack in Panama New York’s greatest export samples the Caribbean

Balaram Stack is our East Coast informant. New York Hip Hop a season early. NorthEast storm tracker, Yankee ticket supplier,...
what youth recommends clay west oz

Watch Clay Marzo in West Oz So happy he’s still putting these out

Clay Marzo continues to call West Oz (second) home, and you can see why here. Clay continues to live the...
what youth recommends TGIF air

Watch TGIF with Dane Reynolds, Yadin Nicol, Dillon Perillo

We don’t normally encourage this type of release to recommend, and the quality is a little suss, but we do love...

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