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what youth recommends quiksilver radical times

Radical Times in Spain Quiksilver dudes drive across Spain and surf, skate and snow all the way

Quiksilver used to produce a show called Boarding Pass. I remember seeing it on an airplane’s entertainment channel once. It was narrated...
what youth recommends skateboarding huf japan

The HUF team skating in Japan Shot entirely on iPhone by Brad Cromer

The modern condition: The HUF team skating in Japan, shot entirely on iPhone by Brad Cromer.
what youth recommends skateboarding

Sage Elsesser skating NYC Shot all on super 8 for his latest colorway for Converse

Sage Elsesser cruising around NYC in his latest colorway of the Converse Cons One Star Pro CC.

Sage Elsesser B-Sides Remix Thanks to Quartersnacks

Remix of Sage Elsesser by Quartersnacks. Filmed by Richard Quintero, Ben Chadourne, Logan Lara, Duane Marshall and Johnny Wilson.
what youth recommends skateboarding

WATCH “AT YAFA” Skating through the Holy Land with Mike Anderson, Louie Lopez, Brian Delatorre, Dolan Stearns and more

A really rad short film about skateboarding through Israel with the Converse team.
what youth copenhagen skateboarding

Watch the Copenhagen Open Movie You will get contact lit watching this

This film does an amazing job of capturing just how unique and rad the CPH Pro is. It is a...
what youth recommends skatebarding

Watch Matt Berger go on a terror And learn how you can too

It’s all about the shirt.
what youth recommends a breeze in the city

Watch “A Breeze in the City” Starring Chloe Campbell and Alex Amor in Barcelona

“We made this with tons of love and no budget.” A short film we really dig from filmmaker Guillem Cruells...
what youth

The 2016 What Youth Memoirs Video When you look at it like this, we had a fucking great year

No more griping about it being the worst year ever. Beneath the loss, 2016 was fucking sick. Just watch this....
what youth 2016 photos dylan rieder

The What Youth 2016 Video Slideshow The Velvet Underground take us on the photographic rollercoaster that was 2016

Everyone is talking about how 2016 was a son of a bitch. And yeah, it kinda was. We lost a...
what youth anonymous zone

10 Best WY Vids of the Year And the winner is…

2. Fairly Normal: Remy Taveira Remy Taveira lives in the suburbs on the east side of Paris, and he has...
what youth everything's wrong but in the right place

10 Best WY Vids of the year Number 3 and 4 on our countdown

4. 4 Cities Ozzie Wright Where’s the place you spend the majority of your life? Does it make you you? Or...

10 Best WY Vids of the Year Number 5 and 6 on our countdown

6. Artist Series: Brad Elterman His voice, his look, his energy and enthusiasm are infectious. God, just love this dude. Brad Elterman...
what youth collected thoughts craig anderson surfing in indonesia

10 Best WY Vids of the year Number 7 and 8 on our countdown

8. “Panama is Certain” starring Taj Burrow and Dion Agius: 7. Afternoon Interview: Craig Anderson

10 Best WY Vids of the Year While we make plans for 2017, let’s see what we did in 2016

We’re all scattered across the globe playing with all our toys and making plans for another big year, and while...

Seen/Unseen footage of Dylan Rieder A beautiful compilation by Martin Riegel

A beautiful compilation of seen/unseen footage of Dylan Rieder shot and edited by Dylan’s friend Martin Reigel.
what youth recommends skateobarding

Watch No Other Way New release from Vans and Thrasher starring Kyle Walker and many more

Holy shit. This video is an ever-climbing rollercoaster of mind-blowing stoke. Elijah and Kyle take us to the brink of...

Watch “TSAPOF” New clip from the Blobys in Paris

New clip from one of our favorite skate crews.  Starring Kevin Rodrigues, Vincent Touzery, Remy Taveira & More. Watch our Fairly...

Night out in Honolulu Two rad events, one fun night in Town with Nolan Hall and Mark Oblow

Over the weekend we attended two really rad events in Honolulu. The first a photo exhibition for friend and photographer...
what youth recommends geoff rowley skateboarding

Watch Geoff Rowley’s “Promo” Part MIni Ramp sessions at the Vans’ warehouse

Geoff goes absolutely mad on the Vans’ mini ramp. With some fun guest appearances from the Hager Bros, Ed Templeton,...
what youth recommends antisocial

Watch “The Antisocial Video” Our favorite Canadian skate shop made a movie

Video by Jake Kuzyk Dustin Henry Ben Blundell Keegan Sauder Rick McCrank Colin Nogue Mitch Charron Brett Stobbart Wade Fyfe...
what youth dylan rieder

Watch “An Ode to Dylan Rieder” A compilation from JENKEM

Hard not to smile watching this one. Only Dylan had such a presence. He had it all. Style. Grace. Flair....
what youth recommends mark gonzales skateboarding

Watch BS with TG: Mark Gonzales Tommy Guerrero and Mark Gonzales tour his NYC studio

In an all new episode of BS with TG, Tommy Guerrero and Mark Gonzales rummage through Mark’s NYC studio to...

Watch “Sup World” A New film by John Wilson Supported by Nike SB

A new skate short by John Wilson & Nike SB, Filmed in New York featuring: Genesis Evans, Andrew Wilson, Cyrus Bennett,...
what youth recommends quiksilver radical times in france

Watch “Radical Times in France” Quiksilver always does France pretty damn well

By now the French experience is full of cliche. Baguettes, red wine, nude babes, beachbreaks for miles…you know the story....
what youth recommends austyn gillette skateboarding los angeles

Austyn Gillette in “Angeles Forest” One take of one beautiful line shot by Riley Blakeway

Austyn takes one run down the highway in the Angeles forest. One take shot by Riley Blakeway and my is...
what youth recommends sean & sage

Watch “sean & sage” Part 1 of Logan Lara’s new film

A new video from Logan Lara starring Sean Pablo & Sage Elsesser  In tribute of Dylan Rieder, this is part...
what youth recommends brian anderson gay professional skateboarder

BA and coming out as gay Giovanni Reda sits down with Brian Anderson for VICE Sports to discuss his coming out

VICES Sports released this piece on Brian Anderson’s decision to come out today and we really hope you’ll sit down...
what youth interview ishod wair skateboarding

Ishod Wair in Copenhagen We threw questions at Ishod while he was getting a tiger tattoo

Catching up with Ishod while he was pinned down in Copenhagen.

Watch “Faces” New edit from Ben Chadourne in Paris


Watch “04. Kevin” Mid summer skating in Cincinnati

A minute with Kevin in Cincinnati’s summer heat. Video by Jared Sherbert Watch our Fairly Normal with Terp here:  
what youth recommends king puppy william strobeck skateboarding

Watch “King Puppy” A new film from William Strobeck

KING PUPPY…A video by William Strobeck for the Supreme/Nike SB Blazer GT collection. Featuring: Grant Taylor Kevin Bradley Vincent Touzery...

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