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what youth recommends a tutorial on how not to get in the olympics austyn gillette jake anderson

How to Not Get in the Olympics Austyn Gillette and Jake Anderson rip the park in Santa Barbara

Last Friday we surfed Emma Wood with Dane. While we were out there Curren Caples paddled out…and then on the...
what youth recommends illegal civilization 3 promo

Illegal Civilization 3 Coming Soon! IC Sold Out Webster Hall & Skated Stoner Park

Illegal Civ showed a short film and the IC3 promo, Show Me The Body Leven Kali, Taco, Amine, and G...

When commercials go good Rick McCrank jumps the Shmoo for his new guest pro Krooked board

To celebrate his Guest Pro board with Krooked Skateboards, Rick McCrank came to San Francisco to shred with his buddy...
what youth recommends johan stuckey skateboarding

Watch Johan Stuckey’s WKND part A good time had by all and some live Jane’s Addiction

Once again Johan and the WKND crew made our day. It’s becoming a trend. All the bullshit happening in the...
what youth recommends emerica x harsh toke the figueroa

Figgy’s got a new shoe Emerica and his band Harsh Toke collab for a new shoe

Figgy’s band Harsh Toke is equal parts atmospheric and anarchic, with unprecedented white-knuckle volume abuse. That’s a good description of...
what youth recommends radical times quiksilver gold coast

Watch Radical Times on the Gold Coast The boardriders series makes a stop on the Gold Coast

There is a voice over in this. That might make you cringe. But there is also some surfing that will...

Watch “Trunki” New clip from the Blobys in Paris

Hadrien Buhannic’s latest edit from the streets of Paris. Featuring Kevin Rodrigues, Greg Cuadrado, Hjalte Halberg, Vincent Touzery, Paul Grund,...
what youth recommends HUF 45° NORTH, 122 ° WEST

HUF PRESENTS 45° NORTH, 122 ° WEST Skating in the Pacific Northwest

Really sick vid of the Huf team tearing up the Pacific Northwest set to a lovely Cocteau Twins jam. Featuring...
what youth recommends ave devil on horseback

AVE in “Devil on Horseback” I don’t know what else to say: AVE for FA is fucking sick

Anthony Van Engelen is an in-house favorite. Always has been, always will be. Nice to get a quick clip like...
what youth recommends skateboarding huf japan tour

Huf City Japan Tour Austyn Gillette, Josh Matthews, Brad Cromer, Matt Gottwig, Dick Rizzo and Jake Anderson tear up Tokyo

It was fun watching the Huf team takeover Monster Children’s Instagram account while they were in Japan, (I’m sure a...

Watch Fries Taillieu’s new Globe part Skating all around Europe

Introducing Fries’ new guest colorway of David Gonzalez Eagle SG. Globe’s Shogun cupsole adds greater support and flexibility with an...
what youth recommends jump

Watch “Jump” Featuring Ronnie Sandoval, Raven Tershy, Grant Taylor, Ishod Wair & more

Rye Beres compiled some of his recent footage and put out an edit with Grant Taylor, Rick Fabro, Ronnie Sandoval,...
what youth recommends northbound skateboarding on the beach

Watch Northbound Skateboarding on frozen sand in Norway

This video has been seen a half a million times, so we’re not new to show you this. But we...
what youth recommends andrew reynolds reserve collection

Andrew Reynolds: The Reserve Collection The Boss is back with some new shoes

The Boss and Emerica just released this new Reserve Collection. Minimalistic and based on Andrew’s theory of creating more and...
what youth recommends volcom cancel history noa deane 90s

Volcom Cancels History Surf, skate and snow done very right and very ’90s starring Noa Deane

Volcom has released some nostalgic threads today that take us back to a much more… authentic time. When surfing, skating...

Watch “The Fat Kid” A video compilation from William Strobeck

A compilation of videos that were put together in a promo for a bigger video named “Buddy Boy” Starring: Mark...
what youth jon dixon skateboarding

Watch Jeremy Leabres and Jon Dickson Couple quick clips to push shoes

Jon Dickson blew us all away with his opening part for Emerica’s Made. So whenever we get a few new...
what youth recommends grant brittain skateboarding

In the Streets w/ J. Grant Brittain Fact and Arkitip team up to bring you wearable history notes

FACT. & Arkitip have partnered to bring a six part teeshirt capsule collection of 80’s based, street focused skateboard photography...
what youth recommends quiksilver radical times

Radical Times in Spain Quiksilver dudes drive across Spain and surf, skate and snow all the way

Quiksilver used to produce a show called Boarding Pass. I remember seeing it on an airplane’s entertainment channel once. It was narrated...
what youth recommends skateboarding huf japan

The HUF team skating in Japan Shot entirely on iPhone by Brad Cromer

The modern condition: The HUF team skating in Japan, shot entirely on iPhone by Brad Cromer.
what youth recommends skateboarding

Sage Elsesser skating NYC Shot all on super 8 for his latest colorway for Converse

Sage Elsesser cruising around NYC in his latest colorway of the Converse Cons One Star Pro CC.

Sage Elsesser B-Sides Remix Thanks to Quartersnacks

Remix of Sage Elsesser by Quartersnacks. Filmed by Richard Quintero, Ben Chadourne, Logan Lara, Duane Marshall and Johnny Wilson.
what youth recommends skateboarding

WATCH “AT YAFA” Skating through the Holy Land with Mike Anderson, Louie Lopez, Brian Delatorre, Dolan Stearns and more

A really rad short film about skateboarding through Israel with the Converse team.
what youth copenhagen skateboarding

Watch the Copenhagen Open Movie You will get contact lit watching this

This film does an amazing job of capturing just how unique and rad the CPH Pro is. It is a...
what youth recommends skatebarding

Watch Matt Berger go on a terror And learn how you can too

It’s all about the shirt.
what youth recommends a breeze in the city

Watch “A Breeze in the City” Starring Chloe Campbell and Alex Amor in Barcelona

“We made this with tons of love and no budget.” A short film we really dig from filmmaker Guillem Cruells...
what youth

The 2016 What Youth Memoirs Video When you look at it like this, we had a fucking great year

No more griping about it being the worst year ever. Beneath the loss, 2016 was fucking sick. Just watch this....
what youth 2016 photos dylan rieder

The What Youth 2016 Video Slideshow The Velvet Underground take us on the photographic rollercoaster that was 2016

Everyone is talking about how 2016 was a son of a bitch. And yeah, it kinda was. We lost a...
what youth anonymous zone

10 Best WY Vids of the Year And the winner is…

2. Fairly Normal: Remy Taveira Remy Taveira lives in the suburbs on the east side of Paris, and he has...
what youth everything's wrong but in the right place

10 Best WY Vids of the year Number 3 and 4 on our countdown

4. 4 Cities Ozzie Wright Where’s the place you spend the majority of your life? Does it make you you? Or...

10 Best WY Vids of the Year Number 5 and 6 on our countdown

6. Artist Series: Brad Elterman His voice, his look, his energy and enthusiasm are infectious. God, just love this dude. Brad Elterman...
what youth collected thoughts craig anderson surfing in indonesia

10 Best WY Vids of the year Number 7 and 8 on our countdown

8. “Panama is Certain” starring Taj Burrow and Dion Agius: 7. Afternoon Interview: Craig Anderson

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