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what youth recommends yaje popson and darius king

Brixton’s Yaje Popson & Darius King Welcome to the team

Brixton introduces a few of their new team skate team members in Yaje Popson and Darius King. Music by Nathan...
what youth recommends dimanche

Watch “DIMANCHE” The Bordeaux Episode of the Domingo Series by Josh Roberts

Perth VX expert and major homie JOSH ROBERTS brings you the Bordeaux episode of his Domingo series. Feat. Glen Fox, Leo...
the new skate video by polar skate co

Watch A new Film from Polar Skate Co I Like it here inside my mind. Don’t wake me this time

Pontus Alv’s latest masterpiece: I like it inside my mind, don’t wake me up this time. This is one of the best...

Watch “Core Cph” Skating the City of Copenhagen with Bobby Worrest, Alex Olson, Ishod Wair and More

John Wilson and his crew just dropped a new clip from the beautiful city of Copenhagen. featuring Bobby Worrest, Hjalte...

Watch “Oh Yes” Skating in Italy with the Converse Team

Italy with the Converse Team Featuring Ben Kadow, Kenny Anderson, Sean Pablo, Sage Elsesser and more.
what youth recommends huf nyc brad cromer austyn gillette

The Huf Team in NYC Starring Austyn Gillette, Jake Anderson, Matt Gottwig, Brad Cromer and Dick Rizzo

The Huf team includes some of our very favorite skaters, and they just went to New York (another favorite) and...
what youth recommends Copenhagen Pro 2016

Welcome to Copenhagen with Ishod Wair See why we’re obsessed with this place

If you remember back a few years ago we got to attend the CPH Pro. Partly a skate contest, but...
what youth recommends v nice palace skateboards skateboarding

Watch V Nice A new short vid from Palace Skateboards

Watch Hockey II Skating by Andrew Allen, Donovan Piscopo, John Fitzgerald & Ben Kadow

Skating from Andrew Allen, Donovan Piscopo, John Fitzgerald & Ben Kadow.
what youth recommends

Radical Times in South Africa Quiksilver takes a crew that includes Matt Banting, Zach Miller, Bryan Fox, Le-Ann Curren, Mikey February and Javier Mendizabal to SA

A new look Quiksilver team. A Curren. Some skaters. A very large continent. And one of our favorite people ever...
The teaser for Emerica's MADE Chapter 2.

MADE Chapter 2 Trailer Launching this year

Emerica just released the first official teaser for MADE Chapter 2, brought to you by Jerry Hsu.
Ryan Townley in Welcome Webisode 8.

Watch Man about Townley Ryan Townley just made us want to go skateboarding

This is webisode number 8 from Welcome Skateboards and stars Ryan Townley. And I don’t think I’ve seen something make...
William Strobeck and Supreme release why not. Pussy Gangster outtakes.

why not. (pussy gangster outtakes) William Strobeck and Supreme release a little something extra from Paris

Another rad miss mash of extras from William Strobeck from filming Pussy Gangster in Paris. Starring: jb tyshawn lil leo sean...
Some footage of the RVCA trip abroad with Greyson Fletcher.

Greyson Fletcher in South Africa Raw footage and raw skating.

Greyson Fletcher is something else. RVCA just released this raw footy of him from their trip in South Africa from...
What Youth recommends

The What Youth Guide to Summer Tools for Summer: Some You’ll Want, Some You’ll Need

God I hope you’re going somewhere this summer. Please don’t just sit under the gloom watching SnapChats while getting trampled...

Welcome To Converse: Bobby De Keyzer Filmed over the course of 4 weeks in Barcelona and Toronto

Bobby De Keyzer is officially on Converse. Filmed over the course of four weeks between Barcelona, Spain and Bobby’s home town of...
Theories of Atlantis "Escape to LA" Premiere.

Watch “Escape to LA” A bunch of East Coasters and Europeans come to California to rip

This video rules. It’s a bunch of our favorite skaters from the east coming out west and ripping. You’ll see...
what youth recommends austyn gillette WKND

WKND Welcomes Austyn Gillette To the lot…and the team

Johan Stuckey and the WKND dudes are…welcoming Austyn Gillette to the lot. And the team. Watch the vid…and remember “Butt’s...
Jesse Alba on the streets of NYC for Stussy.

Watch Jesse Alba for Stussy In the Streets of NYC

Jesse Alba for Stussy. This new short was made by Jared Sherbert, who’s work you may recognize from his photo portfolio...
"Nicaragua" staring Remy Taveira, Mike Arnold and Sylvain Tognelli.

Watch “Nicaragua” Starring Remy Taveira, Mike Arnold and Sylvain Tognelli.

A film by Jacob Elliott Harris in association with Converse. Starring: Remy Taveira, Mike Arnold and Sylvain Tognelli.
Holy Stokes Premiere

World Premiere of Volcom’s Holy Stokes! What started peacefully, with hands folded in laps ended in nudity, vomit and a riot.

Stepping onto the Volcom bus bound for LA on Friday afternoon, I was ready. Ready for anything this party bus...
what youth recommends austyn gillette huf 2

A Little Austyn Gillette for your day Three clips is all we need

Austyn Gillette is a modern renaissance man. A bonafide one man band. Skating, acting, hosting, pranking, making music etc. You...
Jerry Hsu, skateboarding, photography

Jerry Hsu on his photography Great insight from interview with Solo Skateboard Magazine in support of photo show: A Love Like Mine is Hard to Find

Jerry Hsu’s solo show A Love Like Mine is Hard to Find is currently in Berlin. He recently chatted to...
what youth, paris street skating

Watch “Doggrel” Paris street skating with The Blobys

Literally. In the streets of Paris. With some of our favorites. Starring Roman Gonzalez, Hadrien Buhannic, Kevin Rodrigues, Gregoire Cuadrado, Valentin...
Brixton Broadcast, Chicago, Music, Natural Child, The Half Rats,

En-Route to Brixton Broadcast Chicago The windy city is about to get blown away by Natural Child and The Half Rats and Us

I have been to Chicago before. And I surfed. Sorta. I tried to do tow-ats on one-foot wind waves in...
skateboarding, palestine

On Middle East Skateboarding Palestine has a Skate Scene

Documentary filmmaker and skater Maen Hammed recently dropped out of law school to pursue the making of a film about...
what youth recommends jb & v

Watch Mark Gonzales’ JB&V A tribute to Van Wastell

It’s been 8 years since Van Wastell passed away. Gonz put together an edit honoring one of the most fearless skaters...
Andrew Allen, Boys of Summer what youth recommends

Watch Andrew Allen’s C Roll “Leftover Leftover’s” from Boys of Summer

Leftover leftover’s of Andrew Allen from Boys of Summer.
what youth recommends stussy skateboarding

Watch Jake Anderson for Stussy As psyched as you can get to rip in 51 fucking seconds

I watched this just now and now want to terrorize streets. Jake Anderson’s skating, this song and edit by Jared...
what youth recommends peter ramondetta

Watch Peter Ramondetta’s new Huf part “Fuck yeah, Pete.”

Peter Ramondetta is one of our favorite skaters and people ever. And today he dropped this new part with Huf...
what youth recommends gear guide 2016

Wy Recommends: South Swell edition Your first summer shopping list

We’re on the eve of the first collision between north and south swells of the year. A great time to...
what youth lizards of summer

Are you a Lizard of Summer? Contribute your clips to be featured in the new episodes

OK, by now you’ve seen our show Lizards of Summer. It’s the hottest mess we’ve got. We call it the dregs...

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