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what youth recommends austyn gillete skateboarding

Watch Austyn Gillette’s New Huf Part A friendly reminder as to how good he is

Today Austyn Gillette released this out of nowhere Huf part that is a wild reminder of how damn good he...
what youth recommends huf collaboration

Watch Hippie Speedball Huf x Bronze 56k Limited Edition Collab Video

If you’re gonna do a collab, make a fucking sick vid like this with it and we’re in. Huf and...
what youth recommends the copenhagen pro skateboarding shane oneil

Skating the streets of Copenhagen Prepare for the CPH Pro with Shane O’Neill

This got us feeling bit nostalgic about our time in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark. Two years ago we...
what youth recommends x games dolan stearns skateboarding real street

Watch Dolan Stearns X-Games Part And vote for him (we did)

Dolan Stearns released a rad part yesterday for the X-Games “real” street skateboarding part. And it’s just a reminder about how...

Making of Polar’s “Manhattan Days” A short Documentary by Jenkem

  Our Friends at Jenkem Magazine in New York City just released a documentary on Pontus Alvs short film Manhattan...

Interview with Larry Clark “Kids” 20th Anniversary

When we think of Larry Clark the first thing that comes to mind is a genuine portrait of teen years. His work...

Scott Oster for Bianca Chandon An all new Bianca promo

All new Bianca Chandon Video Featuring Scott Oster. “He embodies the iconic surfer/ skateboarder Venice Beach style. With one of...

Eight & Sand (60) A 60 second highlight reel from Riley Blakeway’s short film “Eight & Sand”

A 60 second highlight reel from Riley Blakeway’s short film “Eight & Sand”  The film was documented in a ten-day journey through...

Chima Ferguson, KillSelf (2005) by Su Young Choi and Jamie Fazackerley

Our Friend Choi just uploaded a video he made and it’s got us really hyped for tomorrow night’s world premiere of...

HOCKEY Fucking Awesome’s Side Project

Fucking Awesome was founded 13 years ago by skateboarding legend Jason Dill and photographer Mike Piscitelli. They just dropped their side project “HOCKEY”...

Propeller A Vans Skateboarding Video Coming in May

youth curated ourcaste what youth recommends

The Perfect Day with Josh Edwards Youth Curated by Ourcaste

Your feel good moment of the week. The perfect day with San Clemente surfer Josh Edwards. Log session, skate jam...
shane oneil what youth recommends

Shane Goes Shane O’Neill drops his new part on Thrasher

Shane O'Neill drops his new part on Thrasher Magazine

Lurk NYC: Aaron Herrington Static Exposure 4

Aaron Herrington’s Static 4 part gets remixed with the never forgotten Eastern Exposure 3 New York section nearly 19 years...
pontus alv what youth recommends skateboarding

In Search of the Miraculous A film by Pontus Alv

Polar Skate Co. releases some of their iconic films on Vimeo.

Mark Gonzales for Adidas When Advertising Becomes Entertainment

When Advertising Becomes Entertainment
mark oblow wallride project what youth

The Wallride Project Mark Oblow paints a mural in Brazil with Stance

Mark Oblow paints a mural in Brazil

Dolan Stearns is a Sorry Entertainer Creative skating to Daniel Johnston

Pretty music and skateboarding
what youth

Lurkville Gritty, creative skating.

The kind of part that makes falling worth it.

All This Mayhem A new film we’re pretty into

Vice doesn't fuck around.
Supreme video William Strobeck

Joyride A Short Film By William Strobeck

A Short Film By William Strobeck we can't stop watching.

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