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what youth recommends kicks pama davies

Watch “Kicks” With Pama Davies

Pama Davies along the South East Coast of Australia and the South Island of New Zealand. Plenty of slabs to go...
what youth recommends clay marzo baja california

Watch Clay Marzo in Baja California Big offshore tubes in freezing conditions

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Clay surf on this side of the world. The conditions look all too...
what youth recommends valhalla taj burrow

Watch Taj Burrow in “Valhalla” Post WSL

We were never worried about Taj. He always does what he wants, where he wants. With a beer in his...
what youth recommends say's who

Watch “Says Who” Sean “Sea Mullet” Mawson is a name to get familiar with

Well, look at this. A tube pig with a love for the punt. This is one of the first edits...
what youth recommends dorta

Watch “Dorta” Portugal with Ian Crane, Timmy Reyes and Torrey Meister

Portugal is a wave garden. Forget the fact that ever actual wave pool garden thing is closing down, planet earth...
what youth recommends to the core

Watch “Rotten to the Core” Surfing is not a sport and this video is a throwback reminder

This is the type of surf film you find buried in the VHS collection deeper than the others because you kind of...
Andy Irons, Nate Lawrence

Remembering Andy 6 years ago today we lost Andy Irons

There has been no shortage of emotions around lately. 2016 has been a rough one on our heroes. And today is...
what youth recommends colin moran by jack coleman

Watch Colin Moran by Jack Coleman Sending it around town and looking

Is it me or is there some serious Gavin Beschen-esque jiving in the tube done by Colin here. And since we...
what youth recommends ryan burch influent

Watch Ryan Burch in “Influent +” Slow motion magic

Typically when an entire video is in slow motion we aren’t big fans. When Ryan Burch is surfing it could be one...
what youth recommends chasing nicky with balaram stack and pat schmidt

Watch “Chasing Nicky” Featuring Balaram Stack and Pat Schmidt chasing hurricane swell

Set to the sounds of some upbeat jazz, there’s not much more we’d like to hear in the morning. Balaram...
what youth recommends quiksilver radical times in france

Watch “Radical Times in France” Quiksilver always does France pretty damn well

By now the French experience is full of cliche. Baguettes, red wine, nude babes, beachbreaks for miles…you know the story....
what youth

Watch “Island South” A cold new short, and some warm Vissla wetsuits starring Brendan Gibbens, Bryce Young and Eric Geiselman

Vissla recently took their new wetsuits to New Zealand and had Bryce Young, Brendon Gibbens and Eric Geiselman ramp out...
what youth recommends Nathan Foster in emu

Harry Bryant in “Emu” Big chunky lefts

Harry Bryant laying it down on all fronts. Big barrels. Big turns. Really digging the song in this one.
what youth recommends yago dora 10 days in portugal

Watch Yago Dora in Portugal Style, flair and flow

He’s still our Brazilian prince. And it looks like he took his Portuguese to the origin and tore through all...
what youth recommends agua mala with nate zoller

Watch “Agua Mala” Featuring Nate Zoller

“Mexico is a great place to be a surfer. If you want to search out a new wave the adventure...
what youth andy irons

Andy: The Untold Story of Andy Irons Watch the very powerful trailer and see how you can contribute to make the film happen

No shortage of emotion running through the halls this week. And we hope if nothing else we’re all reminded at just...
what youth recommends volcom surfing

Watch “Welcome to Water” Episode 4: Maldives with Nate Tyler, Yago Dora, and Mitch Coleborn

Like to go left? Well so do these three. Mitch Coleborn, Nate Tyler and Yago Dora: Three different approaches drilling a...
what youth recommends vissla wetsuits

Vissla’s New North Seas Wetsuit It’s the most wonderful time of the year: new wetsuit season

For a lot of us, more waves means a bit more rubber. The winter months are here, and each breath...
what youth john john florence surfing

Watch John John Florence in “Twelve” Episode 4: Sailing around Hawaii

John John Florence has it all figured out it seems. Gold jersey in comps. A sailboat docked in Hawaii. And...
what youth recommends pipeline

The First Pipe Swell of the year Starring Mason, Michael and Derek Ho, Gavin Beschen and Kalani Chapman

Early season Pipe is usually a tricky affair. Sand and rock aren’t where they should be, it’s pretty irregular and...
what youth recommends surfing brixton

Skip McCullough is having a great start to fall Salem’s Pot is always a nice touch

What you’re hearing is Salem’s Pot. We were lucky enough to see these dudes a few months back at the...
What Youth recommends Dane Reynolds, Conner Coffin, and Kilian Garland grab a few up in their hometown.

Dane Reynolds, Conner Coffin & Kilian Garland Grabbing a few in Ventura

We’ve been blessed with swell the past few weeks in Southern California. This video doesn’t highlight the standout spots, but...
what youth recommends surfing

Watch “The Arrival” Starring Leo Fioravanti in Tavarua, France and El Salvador

Leo has already shown his prowess on the WSL this year. At this year’s Margaret River Pro, he placed 5th...
what youth recommends noa deane surfing

Watch Noa Deane in “Hoot” Noa mixing it up on a variety of vintage Rusty’s at a fun pointbreak

Noa mixes up the quiver with a variety of throwback Rusty’s on a really fun pointbreak. Watch our Off Beat...
The DC Surf Team headed to Tahiti.

Watch DC Surf In Tahiti Featuring Kanoa Igarashi and Ezekiel Lau

The first DC Surf edit you’ve probably seen in a while. It looks as fun as Tahiti gets. The boys scored....
what youth recommends nate tyler creed mctaggart in untitled

Watch Nate Tyler and Creed McTaggart in “Untitled” The boys getting after it

Creed and Nate…do we need say more?  Watch our Off Beat episode with Nate and Creed here:
what youth jay davies surfing

Jay Davies and Lee Wilson in “Nevada” Chilli Surfboards’ latest creation

Drawn out lines set to mellow acoustics. Easy going and dreamy. Two guys worth watching making it look effortless. Watch...
what youth recommends rvca east coast

East Coast With Beau Foster, Ellis Ericson, and Sam Wrench

The boys getting after it. Ellis Ericson, Beau Foster, and Sam Wrench trading off tubes during a fine winter on...
what youth recommends jack robinson surfing

Watch Jack Robinson in “Hollow Ground” How Jack became the madman in the tube that he is

A documentary in 4-minutes time on Western Australia’s hardest charging mini from turned man Jack Robinson.  Jack Robinson has been...
what youth recommends surfing

The Escape Starring Luke Hynd, Dillon Perillo and Noah Wegrich

Dusty roads, driving on the beach, empty points and cold Tecate. Sign us up. We’ll skip the getting stuck in...
what youth recommends cam richards

Cam Richards in “Pardon Me” A little bit of it all

Cam goes all in with this edit. Airs. Big waves. Barrels. Kanye? He’s pretty much just on a sick one.
what youth recommends 25 to savage with balaram stack

Watch Balaram Stack in “25 Savage” A rollercoaster of an edit

Up and down and all around. At first you feel like you’re on the dance floor of a techno club. Than...

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