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what youth recommends chippa wilson cold

Watch Chippa Wilson in “Cold” Spontaneity is bliss

Chippa Wilson has always been one of our favorite’s, that’s no secret, and this new piece he’s calling “Cold” (probably...
what youth recommends conner coffin

Conner Coffin Good waves, questionable tunes

Noa Deane and Josh Kerr in Brazil Wait until you see this right wedge

Noa and Josh Kerr went down to Brazil to film and it looks like it turned out very productive. There...
what youth recommends volcom psychic migrations surfing

Frame Grabs from Psychic Migrations World Premiere of Volcom’s new film is tonight at the Edwards Big 6 in Newport Beach

Volcom hasn’t made a full-length, all-in surf film since The Bruce Movie. They released a few awesome cult classics of...

Craig & Ryan Anderson and Callinan for the layman. Surfing rad all over Oz and Indo

Craig Anderson & Ryan Callinan surfing around the East Coast of Australia and Indonesia.
what youth recommends julian wilson surfing

Julian Wilson Surfing in Bali Holy shit he’s good at this

Jimmy Lees is the filmer for Julian Wilson and he must just dance to himself on the beach knowing that...
what youth recomends octopus

The Octopus Video Dion Agius, Nate Tyler and Chippa Wilson unveil new traction brand with sick video

You may have seen it in the shop.  Seen the evasive Instagrams. Wondered out loud, “What the hell is Octopus?”...
what youth recommends maui dusty payne surfing

Dusty Payne Surfing in Maui How about that left…

Always good to see Dusty lay into a few.
what youth recommends vissla wetsuits

WY Recommends: Vissla 7 Seas Wetsuits Watch the vid, but more importantly, order one

I’ve never really been able “to jump up a tax bracket” due to insufficient salary. But what I have been...
what youth recommends surfing

WY Recommends: Industry! 12 Good Reasons to Believe In It

I love the surf industry. Even, and more specifically, the “industry” part. Our love is complicated, yes. And I often...
what youth volcom stoney baloney movie

The Top 10 Volcom Films Of All Time In preparation for their new surf film, we countdown our favorites from over two decades of filmmaking

We’ve got great news: Volcom is releasing a new film into their incredible and growing pantheon of iconic vids. It comes...
what youth recommends andrew doheny yadin nicol

Tracking South Andrew Doheny and Yadin Nicol Surfing in Cabo

The boys headed south for Hurricane Delores. Andrew’s tuck knee tail whips will never tire. Check out Andrew and Yadin...
what youth recommends summer bay surfing

Summer Bay Surfing with Ellis Ericson & Beau Foster

Summer in Byron Bay. Surfing with Ellis Ericson & Beau Foster.
what youth recommends kelly slater surfing j bay

Kelly Slater At Jeffreys Bay July 31, 2015

It’s always a pleasure to watch the champ surf without the need for points. Kelly Slater and Sean Holmes surfing...
what youth recommends dane reynolds surfing in morocco

Boiler Boys Dane, Dillon and Yadin in Morroco

““BOILER BOYS” ~ Boilers is the most consistent wave in the popular surf region of taghazout, morocco. a boiler deposited...
noa deane tuff premiere what youth

TUFF Premiere Tonight Rusty and What Youth present a new short film starring Noa Deane with Josh Kerr and Dylan Goodale

Noz is here. Kerrzy is here. Goodale as well. And pretty much everyone else who shreds at something is in town....

Dane and Dolores Raw edit from Dane’s hurricane weekend

Hurricane Dolores was a lazy, sweaty, lightning bolt-filled swell. She didn’t really come in as hot as she looked on...
what youth recomends, jack freestone, fizz, surfing

Fizz Jack Freestone Surfing on the Gold Coast

Jack Freestone surfing to one of our favorites, Diiv. Check out Jack’s Fairly Normal filmed on the Gold Coast below.

YAY!BAY Ricardo Christie and Jay Davies surfing Jeffrey’s Bay

Ricardo Christie & Jay Davies pre-contest shredding at J Bay. Click below to watch Jay Davies’ Off Beat episode.
what youth ozzie wright contest

Ozzy Wrong is Too Fast For Satan And wants to give you some new gear from Gorilla

Ozzy Wright spells his name Wrong. And that reason alone makes us fans. And you can imagine the thrill we...
curt what youth recommends

Watch: Curt: Surfing’s Oldest Grom Feel rad hit of the summer

We’ve known Curt Harper since we were groms ourself. He’s been on the Hurley team for years and he’s a surf...
surfing, indonesia, bali, what youth, mostofa jeksen

Good to Extremely Over Hyped The Internet explodes after the recent swell in Indo, but locals know best

Yes it was fucking pumping. Yes, it really was. I promise, compared to what you surfed it was incredible, and...
Mute Trailer Nate tyler what youth surfing

New surf film: Mute Watch the trailer and read about Nate Tyler’s new film by Victor Pakpour

There’s one story about Nate Tyler that’s been written time and time again: He lives in a yurt, grows his...
what youth recommends ozzie wright surfing

Ozzie Wright ripping Right until the last drop

I think there’s a fin being sold underneath all this shredding, but that’s fine. The surfing is good, and hell,...
what youth recommends curt the movie surfing

Watch the Trailer for “CURT” A Documentary Film about Surfing’s Oldest Grom

We’ve known Curt Harper since we were groms ourself. He’s been on the Hurley team for years and he’s a...

American made Brixton Trunks Dyer Brand Surfboards and Brixton collab on some good-looking trunks

Brixton recently team up with Dyer Brand, a surfboard company based in San Diego on a limited edition trunk. The idea was...
what youth recommends yago dora surfing brazil

This is why we love Yago Dora Straight forward ripping in Brazil

There is no shortage of edits to choose from these days. But some stand out. And this is one of...

What Noa Deane Rips In Rusty Releases Metal Aloha Trunks

We’ve been waiting for this. Noa Deane-backed trunks for summer. A bit of vibe from the Rusty boys to coincide...
mason ho what youth recommends surfing

Magic Isle Mason Ho Does Some Surfing

psychic migrations volcom and what youth

Volcom Announce Psychic Migrations A new surf film coming this September

The last “official” Volcom surf film we have on record is The Bruce Movie. And while there have been a...
dane reynolds what youth sampler

Dane Reynolds in Sampler A new Film from Marine Layer Productions

Dane Just dropped a new 11 Minute short of his b-sides from filming for Cluster, plus some sick vintage skate...

Cyclone Pam: New Zealand Down under with Damaged Goods Zine

Our friends at Damaged Goods Zine cracked it during Cyclone Pam. With the biggest swell to hit New Zealand in...

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