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Hints of pop, punk, surf and 90s alt stewed up into a huge helping of sweet ear candy. Go listen to songs from the new @menace_beach album at
Kinda dislike "Monday" jokes, but this one seems appropriate today. Just remember: @nathan_florence is OK. Maybe we will be too. Photo: @white.sneaker.attack
Noa and Droid wettie wearing in CA. Photo: @tomcarey
Yesterday we got a noise violation! Today we have free beer and psychedelia provided by @dionagius' film "The Smiling Bag. Come to our lounge @surfexpo now | @super_brand
Kinda doubled up a bit...😳 Parker Cohn in Southern California, where it's been doing this nonstop. Photo: @tomcarey Check the whole gallery at
Almost looks peaceful from here...Mavericks yesterday. Photo: @cliff_photo
California is blue again! πŸ’™Colin Moran in LA. Photo: @tomcarey #goose
OK Florida, we heard you like to get weird. Let's start early: 5:00pm today come watch the new @captainfinco movie Suck My Wake @surfexpo and loud noises 🍻🎢
Morning Florida β˜€οΈWe're here @surfexpo showing vids and playing tunes. Come hang.
Oh! One more reason today wasn't complete shit (because in a lot of ways it was)but not this way: @la_witch released a new song! Go listen ❀☠️
Dane just lit the pilot for 2017. Finally, new 20 minute vid called "Rejects" featuring Dane and lots of friends, now playing at Here's a frame grab.
Goldie and @ozzywrong paint date on the Gold Coast. Photographed by @michaelcukr, see the whole roll from the trip at
Without you there is no us. Thank you @surfing for always inspiring us, pushing us, fighting back like madmen and creating 53 years of inspiration. We see you over there on the shelf. Always will. ❀
Saturday was the prettiest day in American history. @darren_ankenman was there to photograph the beauty. See more at
We got a lot of photos sent to us during this run of waves and weather, but this one shot by 14-year-old @georgeejupi of Will Reid in LA is a beast.
SF 😘
Trip wasn't a total nightmare. Chippa, Kai and Craig on the bow.
Craig Anderson with a blur tail on our nearly capsized boat trip. Vid and spreads in Issue 17, coming soon. Photo: @lawrence_photo
Yeah, it comes in black too. What Youth online shop.
"This is the worst forecast for Indo I've ever seen. It's going to get weird." @lawrence_photo to us as we boarded the boat in Padang amid the 50-year storm. As you'll see in Issue 17: we pulled it.
WY Eye Stab long sleeve.
"Some of us got drinks, some of us got food, some of us got weed..." New Back Den of Kareem Campbell and Colin McKay photographed by @markoblow
Happy Friday, your new follow here: Dane, Craig and Austyn's new brand Former is alive ❀: @luxury29.99
Slowdive released their first song in 22 years today. It goes well with rain. Listen now at πŸ™ŒπŸΌβ˜”οΈ
Oh shit, beanies too.
New WY hats are in. Available in the WY online store.
Finally a signing that makes sense: Noa Deane is now on @volcom. Full story (and vid) on site.
Craig on a fucking bomb in Fiji.
Original artwork by Porous Walker for What Youth Issue 16, dedicated entirely to Dylan Rieder. Check out more of the original art from the issue now on site.
After being covered by shipping supplies for two months, we finally cleared the ramp for takeoff πŸ™ŒπŸΌ