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"From that point on, the weekend became a vicious, drunken nightmare..." From Hunter S. Thompson and Ralph Steadman's first collab 47 years ago today. Happy Derby Day.
There is a lot of good new music out today, and we're contributing to the headphones by premiering @billychanger's new jam "She's Good to Go" right now at ? Photo: @jacquie.ray
Long sleeves all day...and night. New colors, out now ?
Balaram Stack came by yesterday, talked sharks and how Christian Fletcher was surfing Lowers with a metal shank "to better his odds if anything went wrong" and then went ahead and grabbed one of these this morning in Newport. Frame grab: @jackcolemanpluto
Going to play some music and do some skateboarding with Leo Romero. In Milan ??Photo: @michaelcukr
Going to play some music and do some skateboarding with Leo Romero. In Milan ??Photo: @michaelcukr
Cull your fear. Not the sharks. New Dear Youth, up now at
Couple new tees. New Lizards. New music. And we restocked sold out sizes. is having a really good time right now. Go see
Those friend of ours on @epokhe had a pretty productive day of filming for their new vid yesterday in Indo. Nate was there to document. Photo: @la_witch
Go get a glimpse at the blitzing pace of Balaram Stack's New York lifestyle in our new "4 Cities" episode, then let him light the fuse to your weekend with a new Stay Tuned Playlist of what we listened to while filming. Up now at
Meanwhile in Bali, Nate Lawrence and friends found a very lonely righthander over the weekend...?
What's Dane been up to? We hung with the Reynolds family for a new Fairly Normal. See what we learned in a new Dear Youth, up now at
At Dane's house.
Saturday with the Reynolds family ? New Fairly Normal with Dane, coming soon.
The boys pre Maccas night surf ?Get more familiar with Issue 17 now at ✌?
Of course this would be shot today...irie sunset float in Mexico by Bruce Irons. Photo: @delonbone
Former released their new "Control" trunks today (see em on Dane there) and it got us thinking about trunks. Or boardshorts. Or whatever you wanna call em. We built this industry on them, but why are so few worthy of wearing? Click the link and see some we do like.
Photographer Nick Green went to Sydney for no particular reason other than drinking and fun with some really good skaters. A very entertaining One Roll of film resulted. Check the whole roll featuring Raven Tershy, Ronnie Sandoval, Grant Taylor and more at
Glimpse at "Untitled" in Issue 17 ?
We saw @theparanoyds play a pre-Coachella show in LA to celebrate the Spotify release of their new EP "After You." Check the photos by @scottchenoweth at ?
Newport Beach showed some early signs of summer today and Teddy Navarro found parking. Photo: @ohdagyo
More hoodies in the WY online shop ??
It sure made for an eclectic crowd...New One Roll shot by @stove__rowe from the When We Were Young festival at The Observatory. Check the gallery at
Sunny person, dark bar. Day beers with Tanner Gudauskas.
Spring break with Noa.
Sick show alert: @theparanoyds are playing Tuesday at the Echo in LA. We goin ???
Spent the day surrounded by Mike Watt's practice space. Mike was there too, founder of Minutemen and probably the inspiration for everyone who's ever played bass in a post-punk band. Stay tuned for a new Afternoon Interview with the man himself.
Thursday's are for adoring. Meet @racheltabb, a girl we adore at What Youth. Photography by @darren_ankenman
All this is out now, What Youth shop. Click the link in bio to get some ?
Quitting time is a lot sicker when you got a well-stocked bar cart. We show you how to stock it right in a new What Youth Drinks, up now at What Youth ?
What's a "Surf Journalist"?? Chas Smith (@reportsfromhell) analyzes the most absurd thing in surfing for What Youth Issue 17.
The Gulf of Mexico doesn't often look like this, but when it does, it sure is cute. Sterling Spencer knows. Photo: @alex.dantin
Evan and Jake and a bunch more of you came to our Issue 17 release party. Go see how sweaty we got at | Photo: @victoriamouraphoto

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