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Then Yadin’s Ankle broke Right before the swell of the decade

Partway through our second consecutive Japan trip — which was partway through Yadin Nicol’s best year ever — his ankle came apart while trying the frontside air at 1:15. Then the waves got really, really good. We reminisce.

What Youth: So you were on such a roll. The first Japan trip was fun, the comps were going well, you qualified, you made the final at the US Open. You were just having a good little run…

Yadin: Fuck, then Debbie Downer. You couldn’t have been going fucking any faster into a stop sign. Everything seemed to be going right, my trip had been really fun, I had about a hundred boards on order for the next couple months — and then that fucking happened on such a hunk of shit wave. I wish I’d snapped it on the big day at least — that big day that I missed, that was almost worse than sitting out the rest of the year — ‘cause I was right there.

What Youth: So not only did you miss the swell of the century, you qualify for the first time and then have to sit out the second half of the season…

Yadin: That didn’t bother me as much as missing out on that one day…that was just fucked up. And those other guys weren’t even gonna stay! I was like, “Fuck, you guys have to stay ‘til Wednesday.”

What Youth: You’re always the driving force of the good decisions.

Yadin: Yeah, from the fucking wheelchair!


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