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Taylor Steele, Joe Curren, Tim Curran

I’ll never surf the wave pool Even if Kelly Slater invites me, no strings attached, I will very politely decline. Here’s why:

I have the worst taste in music because of surfing. And yeah, I suppose music is entirely subjective, but I spent my formative years listening to a melodic and generic emo version of punk rock that is now married to my obsession with surfing. And I don’t blame Taylor Steele. I thank him. It has been…

what youth recommends omni

Listen to Omni Their new album Multi-task drops tomorrow

Atlanta trio Omni make experimental post-punk licks that will either make you dance frenetically or give you a mild spout of anxiety. Either way, their new album Multi-task, dropping tomorrow on Trouble in Mind, reveals a suave ability to balance frenzied instrumentation with an expanding musical palette befitting a band settling into their own skin….

what youth offline collection clothing apparel grace piehl

Offline With: Grace Piehl Part 1 of a new series: Girls, boys and lovers


what youth richer poorer some kind of vacation evan mock

Some Kind of Vacation Part 2 of our road trip presented by Richer Poorer with Evan Mock, Ian Crane, Dylan Goodale and friends along the California coast

This teaser for Some Kind of Vacation features Evan Mock. A Hawaiian. A skateboarder…who surfs too. Evan is one of those annoying kids who is good at everything and charming as all hell. He would jump out of the van when we’d see a skate spot and make us all watch him rip it. Then…

what youth recommends joy again

Listen to Joy Again The Philly 5-piece drop two new singles

Philadelphia five-piece Joy Again formed in 2015 on Facebook, but that’s not important. They spent their formative years thrashing through basement shows with sticky floors and shitty sound, and somehow landed themselves in the arms of Never Grow Up Records, which seems pretty appropriate. They released their first effort EP earlier this year, and today, they’re unleashing…

what youth recommends everyone is dirty lady liberty

WY Premiere: Everyone Is Dirty Listen to new track “Lady Liberty”

Everyone Is Dirty, the self-proclaimed art-rockers from Oakland, have been blowing audiences’ minds since their debut in 2013. Their raw stamina mixed with lead singer Sivan Lioncub’s sexy vocals, make their stadium rock a haze of mesmerizing sounds, thick with attitude and grit. Check out new single “Lady Liberty,” off forthcoming album My Neon’s Dead,…

what youth recommends globe in seattle mark appleyard sammy montano

Mark Appleyard and Sammy Montano Cinematic skating in Seattle

Joe G is at it again. This time he channeled Martin Scorsese to set the mood for this new Globe vid featuring Mark Appleyard and Sammy Montano. Poetry in damn motion.

what youth off beat noa schwizer surfing

Off Beat: Noah Schweizer Episode 042: “Nine dogs, four chickens, three bunnies and a snake.”

Noah Schweizer is from Florida, but he’s lived in LA for a year and is already followed by Miley Cyrus. He’s got a smooth style and a ton of animals. We went to his LA house and made him answer our Off Beat questions. PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Hunter Martinez

what youth recommends music pink mexico

WY Premiere: Pink Mexico Watch the new video for “Dumbfuck”

New York-based thrashers Pink Mexico, the reverb-coated annihilation of a band fronted by Robert Preston, know how to cause a...
what youth kelly slater wave pool caddyshack

Country Club Surf Culture Why I want nothing to do with the WSL and Kelly Slater Wave Co.

All day today there’s been a lot of hype, speculation and excitement around the WSL’s specialty event at Kelly Slater’s wave pool....
what youth recommends dion agius surfing

Watch Dion Agius in “New Blood” Dion gets a new board sponsor, we get a new vid

Dion has peeled the Super Surfboards sticker off and is now riding Hayden Shapes foam and he’s already out making...
what youth dear youth discontent travis ferre

Fan the flames of Discontent The Dream Tour is changing and it’s starting at a wave pool

I’ve made it more than apparent that I hate the word content. I hate all of it’s definitions. Content. Content....
what youth afternoon interview matt salacuse the negative project new york photography

Afternoon Interview: Matt Salacuse The Negative Collection: Saving photos from the world’s dust bin

While I was on my recent trip to New York I was hanging out with photographer friend Cole Barash and...
what youth recommends kid bloom she only stays on the weekend

WY Premiere: Kid Bloom Listen to “She Only Stays On The Weekend”

Kid Bloom, a five-piece from Los Angeles, somehow mix elements of disco, psych, and pop into their own swirl of...
what youth recommends leo romero inversion control 001

“Leo Romero Inversion Control 001” There’s a new Toy Machine video in the works

Leo Romero for Toy Machine. And just an FYI: we’ll probably post Leo Romero for anything because he’s fucking sick....
what youth recommends yago dora mentawais 2017

Watch Yago Dora in Indo A family vacation to the Mentawais becomes very productive

It was the first time he’d surf Greenbush, Indo’s fickle left fold over. A wave we’ve seen maxed and perfect,...
what youth recommends call me 917

Call Me 917 Releases Full Length Video A really good skate vid starring Hugo Boserup, Nik Stain, Aidan Mackey, Cyrus Bennet, Alex Olson, Vincent Touzery, Max Palmer and more.

Alex Olson and friends at Call Me 917 just dropped this new vid out of the blue and it’s basically made...
what youth back den nathan fletcher photographed by mark oblow

Nathan Fletcher in France Back Den 124: September 10, 2001: The day before everything changed

“we were filming for his movie these colors taste like music. this was a few days before 9/11 in france. we...
what youth recommends the entire universe

WY Premiere: The Entire Universe Watch their video for “Revolving Sun”

There’s something magical about a band that forms under auspicious circumstances. And The Entire Universe, a relatively new three-piece from...
what youth conversation with QTY music

Conversation With: QTY And listen to a first taste of the NYC-based duo’s single, “Michael”

New York has always had it’s own sound in music. The Velvet Underground, the Ramones, New York Dolls, and countless...
Radical Class, Berlin, Adam Warren

Radical Class: Hope from the Road Just when you thought it was all over: there is Berlin  

Turns out there is still hope out there. Out there, beyond your day-to-day, somewhere out on the road its not all...
what youth shane borland adolescents surfing

Adolescents: Shane Borland Episode 010: The scrappy return of our 18 and under parts

Shane Borland is always around. He’s either outside our office waiting to pick someone up to film him (Hunter). Or...
what youth adidas magenta paris

Watch “Boulevard Magenta” A beautiful skate through the streets of Paris to kick of the collab between Magenta Skateboards and Adidas

Paris is not all corner cafes and cigarettes and sexy dark eyed stares. It’s also a skate playground. There are...
what youth recommends jordan klassen

WY Premiere: Jordan Klassen Listen to “The Same Thing Over and Over”

Jordan Klassen has the kind of voice that makes you feel. Layered with range, hope, whimsy and what’s been described...

Listen to the Peacers And watch their new video for “Jurgen’s Layout”

Acid rock is maybe my favorite genre. And The Peacers, a four-piece from San Francisco, are seeping in that kaleidoscope...
what youth recommends dime challenge 2017

Watch the “Dime Glory Challenge 2017” Dime brings your childhood dreams to life

Well we aren’t sure if this is bringing it back to the basics or a complete gimmick, but whatever it...
what youth afternoon interview kolohe andino

Afternoon Interview: Kolohe Andino Episode 058: We went bass fishing with Kolohe a few days ago and realized he might be the most “punk” surfer there is

Editor’s Note: Kolohe had a bit of a behind the scenes meltdown after his heat at the Hurley Pro caught...
what youth inside magenta adidas skateboarding collab paris blake myers

Watch “Inside Magenta” Skateboard through Paris with Vivien Feil of Magenta Skateboards and learn about their new collab with Adidas

Vivien Feil started Magenta Skateboards in 2010 with his brother Jean and friend Soy Panday. And it started as a...
what youth recommends mauro diaz hell yah

Watch “Mauro Diaz, Hell Yah!” Metal Neck crew gets a new character from Puerto Rico

We just recently discovered Mauro Diaz’s surfing. In fact, we were contemplating plane tickets to Puerto Rico to go see...
what youth recommends kera and the lesbians

Listen to Kera and the Lesbians Buy this song, support “United We Dream” a great cause aiding immigrant communities

Kera and the Lesbians have always stood up for what’s good and true, and on their new single, “Bright Future...
what youth recommends teen angel

Watch Dirty Fences’ New Video For their new super catchy single “Teen Angel”

Dirty Fences are releasing their third studio album, Goodbye Love, due out October 27th on Greenway Records. And they’ve released...
what youth recommends dblanc guide to getting girls

Watch “Guide to Getting Girls” A new surf film from the sunny makers at D’Blanc starring Noa Deane, Colin Moran, Cam Richards, Eric Geiselman and more

Videos like this used to be the shit. And thank God D’Blanc has decided to put one together. A fun...

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