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what youth recommends RVCAloha 2017 skate

Watch “RVCAloha Skate 2017” Featuring Kevin ‘Spanky’ Long, Curren Caples, Greyson Fletcher, Malakai Montes, Shane Borland & Christian Hosoi

Surfing isn’t the only thing that goes on during the Winter in Hawaii. RVCA’s team hit Hawaii Kai Skatepark, Proper Rideshop, Banzai Skatepark, and Sheep Side to put together this little edit. Watch our Adolescents with Shane Borland: 

what youth recommends hanging out with nora vaconcellos

“Hanging Out With Nora Vasconcellos” Jenkem Magazine takes Nora to the LA Zoo and to skate Baker Boys park

Adidas Skateboarding’s most recent pro Nora Vasconcellos hangs out with one of favorite publications, Jenkem, and go to the LA Zoo and hit the Baker Boys park. We love Nora and we are happy to see her in the spotlight. Read more here.

What Youth Eats: Open Fire Soup When the thermometer drops, cook outside! Here’s how.

When you get close to Christmas and New Years it’s too easy to sink in to the hole of your living room, stuffed from eating and drinking heavily since Thanksgiving and let the anxieties of 12-hour family days and new year’s expectations to start creeping in. So if that is what actually ended up happening…

what youth recommends b wolf chippa wilson

Watch “The B Wolf” The Sea Wolf has some pretty rad B-Sides starring Chippa Wilson

Since it feels like the whole world (excluding Australia) is frozen over, this cold weather surfing by Chippa should do a nice job of keeping you psyched. The Sea Wolf is a great film and it’s B-Sides are fun too.

what youth paccbet skateboarding movie

The What Youth 2017 Memoirs Another year on the run chasing the free riders, thinkers and doers.

The general consensus is that 2017…well, sucked. And believe us, it wasn’t without it’s challenges, experiences — both good and bad — failure, success, the whole lot of living. And it was no different for us. We choked our fair share of times, but we always got through it. We’re here to get in the way….

what youth recommends top 10 wy vids of 2017

The 10 Best WY Vids of the Year Let’s get sentimental for a minute, then let’s get back out there

It seems to be common sentiment that 2017 was a bit trickier than we might have wanted it to be. But that’s the way it goes. And we all go through it together. And since once again, instead of facing this week with one foot in and one foot out, we’ve all ran to various parts of…

Zeke Lau, Quiksilver

Watch “Gone Tomorrow” Hawaii Things you missed from the North Shore with Jeremy Flores, Mikey Wright, Zeke Lau and lots more

Team Quiksilver’s antics during their North Shore residency. These are always fun to watch. And it’s pretty rad to see a mixture of fresh and familiar faces get together in a part of the world we know very much about and love.  

what youth recommends josh stewart

A short documentary on Josh Stewart Founder of “Theories of Atlantis” presented by Rolling Stone

A short documentary on film maker and founder of “Theories of Atlantis,” Josh Stewart. From Rolling Stone: Watch the painstaking process Josh Stewart goes through to create Traffic Skateboards’ latest skate video, “Look Left” – one trick at a time. Read more at about the short film here.

what youth recommends hip replacement ronnie sandoval

Watch “Hip Replacement” Featuring Ronnie Sandoval and Roman Pabich

A day at the park with Ronnie Sandoval and Roman Pabich. Skating shot by Rye Beres. Watch our Afternoon Interview...
what youth girl we adore photographed by darren ankenman

Girl We Adore: Alexandra Ginnold Dancing, Venice and Sustainability

What is your full name? Alexandra Yvette Ginnold. Did you grow up in Venice? What was your favorite part of...
what youth recommends mason ho xmas 17

Watch Mason Ho’s Hawaiian Holiday Ho ho ho

I told myself I would stop. But the holidays are all about caving to one’s indulgences. See: Setting a food eating...
what youth recommends zion christmas special

Watch Asher Pacey’s Cold Water Christmas Sesh On one of the best-looking sub-zero right handers

I told myself I’d be out. Don’t email me. Don’t DM me. If you see me on the street do not...

What Youth Drinks: Tropical Eggnog Happy Holidays, But First Drink this Punch     

To quote maybe every other person right now, “it’s been quite a year, right?” So much emotion! So much drama!...
Jason Woodside, Michael Tessier

Artist Jason Woodside’s NYC Nixon presents a caffeine-fueled tour of NY and Jason’s Brooklyn art studio

Jason Woodside loves coffee. A lot. So much so that he owns a coffee shop in Soho called Happy Bones....
what youth recommends top 10 albums of 2017

The Top 10 Albums of 2017 Stream the rest: These are the 10 albums from 2017 worth ownership

2017 was a year of shitty reality that yielded some incredible musical catharsis. And while every album we heard this...
what youth recommends top 5 books holiday break

Books we recommend for holiday break Spark up a fire and put some words through your mind for the holidays.

The next two weeks are an opportunity. A break. A moment to find clarity and inspiration. For most of us, in...
what youth recommends nora adidas skateboarding

Watch “Nora” presented by adidas Nora Vasconcellos is the first female Pro skater to join adidas Skateboarding

We’ve always loved Nora’s skating and charisma on and off a board. Thanks to adidas Skateboarding we get to watch...
what youth recommends shaun manners epøkhe

Watch Shaun Manners’ Epøkhe Intro Family manners

Shaun Manners is from the same little zone as Creed McTaggart. So it makes perfect sense he’s joining Creed and everyone...
what youth recommends top music videos of 2017

The Top 10 Music Videos of 2017 Do people still watch music vids? Well, we do, and these are our favorites from the year

This year in music videos, it was all about the flash. The hook. The catch. Whatever you wanna call it....
what youth recommends yago dora yago out17

Watch “Yago Out17” “How does he make it look so easy?” said everyone here after watching this

Yago cleared off his hard drive for 2017 and gave us this lovely Cure-soundtracked bit of shred. Always effortless. But...
what youth recommends beechwood c/f

WY Premiere: Beechwood Listen to new track “C/F”

NYC-based glam punk trio Beechwood are no strangers to the dirty side of the law. Earlier this year, drummer and...
what youth recommends the shrine never more than now

Watch The Shrine’s New Video For “Never More Than Now” featuring Keith Morris

The Shrine know how to thrash. And I mean thrash in the sense of blowing fire out of their mouths...
what youth recommends chippas gone soft

Watch “Chippa’s Gone Soft” In a world full of soft top gimmicks: This is not that

Chippa Wilson is the reigning What Youth World Champ. And his performance on a Duo, in the new Epokhe movie,...
what youth recommends bruce irons weed maps

Watch The Road to Spannabis Hop in with Bruce Irons, Asher Pacey and Balaram Stack as they road trip through Portugal, Spain and France en route to Spannabis. Presented by Weed Maps

Jump in the Weed Maps van for a tour of the Old World with Bruce Irons (always a good time),...
what youth recommends holiday gift guide 2017

The What Youth Wish List Here are all the things we want this holiday season, which is probably stuff you or the youth on the run in your life will want

Being a youth on the run requires a significant amount of equipment. And I don’t mean useless consumer goods (well,...

Jump on the ROAD TO SPANNABIS Bruce Irons, Balaram Stack and Asher Pacey join pro skaters on a European Road Trip

Editor’s Note: Weed Maps is a relatively new thing. But the way they’re supporting surfing and skating is pretty refreshing....

Friend Aid is Saturday in Newport Beach Live music and live auction benefitting those affected by the California wild fires

The past few weeks California has been overcome by wild fires. Thousands of homes, buildings, animals, people, families even our...

Listen to Milk Music It’ll do your body good

You know when a band slips into your musical consciousness so easily that you’re left wondering, how was I ever...
Blake Myers, Noa Deane

Save What Youth Dot Com And the rest of our little digital realm for that matter

I have loads of nasty habits. I drink six cups of coffee every morning, I let my wetsuit ferment in the...
what youth taj burrow surfing

Epøkhe Introduces Taj Burrow Another fine addition to an already stellar group

Epøkhe is proud to announce Taj burrow has joined their family. TB and Epøkhe. Now there’s a sentence that rolls right...
what youth recommends lost & foundy ep.1

Watch “Lost & Foundy Ep.1” Corey Glick’s iPhone tapes from filming with Foundation crew

We were lucky enough to hang with Corey Glick on our recent BroStyle trip. He released some of his iPhone...
what youth recommends frog hjalte

Watch “frog hjalte” The Frog Skateboards team skating around NYC

Hjalte Halberg gets a guest pro board. And we get to see one of our favorite skate brands. Featuring Hjalte Halberg,...

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