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what youth amy hood playlist music mixtape stay tuned

Stay Tuned: Amy Hood Playlist 035: two point five hours of windblown creativity

We love Amy Hood. And it should be painfully obvious why…Anyway, the New York based artist was recently out in L.A. working on her new publication Cult Classic and we were lucky enough to spend some time with her amidst the windblown hysteria of a schedule she considers normal. Aside from catching up on all her…

We Kinda Saw This Coming Soli Bailey Wins the Volcom Pipe Pro (This is why we’re not surprised)

Soli Bailey was born during the biggest storm in the history of Byron Bay. And he just won one of our favorite contests, the Volcom Pipe Pro. It’s our favorite for a few reason, mostly because the commentators don’t handle us with kid gloves, and even better, Red Bull implemented an “Other Guys” secondary commentary booth…

Cilantro Margarita, What Youth Drinks, Paul Brewer, Herbs

WY Drinks: Herbs in our cocktails Herbs plus booze to raise your cocktail game

When you think of herbs, you generally think of food. And when you think of cocktails, you generally think of booze. That is, the spirit: gin, vodka, tequila, and so on. But combining the two, we don’t see that a lot. I heard of herbs in drinks long ago, but wrote off the idea. (Except…

Sage Elsesser B-Sides Remix Thanks to Quartersnacks

Remix of Sage Elsesser by Quartersnacks. Filmed by Richard Quintero, Ben Chadourne, Logan Lara, Duane Marshall and Johnny Wilson.

the what youth guide to cuba

The WY GUIDE: Cuba Now that the red tape is mostly gone, should you go? Well, we did, here’s what we found.

It’s hard to have a conversation about traveling without someone bringing up Cuba. It’s long been the Holy Grail of American travel because, well, we couldn’t go there. But before heading out on his global kite surfing mission with Richard Branson, President Obama restored diplomatic relations with the Cuban government for the first time in over 50 years. A very…

what youth ian crane surfing

Miley Cyrus Selena Gomez SEX TAPE!!! That — or Ian Crane ripping in California and Panama

Ian Crane is fucking hilarious. And here he is trying to break the Internet. Playing right into our hands with sex and rumor and teasing. It may just be surfing, but there might be a few surprises, including Ian surfing really legit in California and Panama. Check out our Off Beat with Ian here:

what youth recommends crazy bones

WY Premiere: Crazy Bones Trip out on their new video for “Melting”

Toronto-based garage psych slayers Crazy Bones are exactly what you’d want in a heavy band. And their new video for “Melting”, off forthcoming debut EP Cosmic Drips, is drenched in fuzz, soaked in skull crushing guitar solos, and just enough kaleidoscope colors that you may think you’re on an acid trip. Check it out.  …

what youth girl we adore nicole zimmerman

Girl We Adore: Nicole Zimmerman Road Trippin’, Ghosts and No Regrets

What is your full name? Nicole Elisabeth Zimmermann Do you have any nicknames? Niki, Cole, Nikizimz, Zimmy, etc, etc. Where were you born and where are you currently living? I know this is so random, but I was actually born in Virginia (right next to the DC area). Currently, I reside in Silverlake, Los Angeles….

what youth recommends skateboarding

WATCH “AT YAFA” Skating through the Holy Land with Mike Anderson, Louie Lopez, Brian Delatorre, Dolan Stearns and more

A really rad short film about skateboarding through Israel with the Converse team.
what youth back den chris sen photography by mark oblow

Chris Sen, Europe Back Den 114

“chris sen shows us how. when you have no papers, when you have no fruit, when you have no foil…...
what youth daydream surf shop

WY Reports: Daydream Surf Shop Our favorite neighborhood coffee and surf shop hangout

Down the street from the What Youth office is a new spot that fuels our coffee and surf daydreams. It’s...
what youth copenhagen skateboarding

Watch the Copenhagen Open Movie You will get contact lit watching this

This film does an amazing job of capturing just how unique and rad the CPH Pro is. It is a...

WY Track Premiere: “Shots in the Dark” Dive into some Americana twang with Balto

Portland “roots rockers” Balto sound like the kind of band you’d want playing in the background as you cruise down...
what youth recommends the coathangers

WY Premiere: The Coathangers’ New Video For single “Parasite” – “It’s an expression of frustration”

The Coathangers, Atlanta’s answer to incredibly catchy, raging, brain-melting punk, are a testament to the power of creative integrity. Since...
what youth one roll volcom pipe house

One Roll 022: From Gerry’s Place Nate Leal shoots the faces who pass through the Volcom House on the North Shore

I was recently walking along the houses on the North Shore, each with it’s own hum of humans drinking and...
what youth

Are We OK? Some scary clarity on what’s happening in the real world

Editor’s Note: We’re quite certain we’re not your number one political news source. But we’re also pretty certain you know we...
what youth recommends john john florence twelve

John John in “Twelve” The final episode I’m going to be straight: Skip to 6:55 and let your jaw drop

I’m all for storytelling, but the self-produced variety is getting a little old. It’s great, we get it, he sails...

Listen to Menace Beach Grimy noisemakers from Leeds

Menace Beach, the Leeds-based band founded by members Liza Violet and Ryan Needham, released their sophomore album, Lemon Memory, just...
what youth recommends RVCA trunks

RVCA and the first signs of summer It may be cold now, but this is a positive sign

Unless you were on a trip or in Australia, the last time you surfed trunks were probably the last thing...
what youth recommends william alexander music

Listen to Loose Plans The new album from William Alexander

Two weeks ago we shared William Alexander’s new mixtape Hotbox with God as a lead up to his new full...
what youth collected thouthgs Kolohe Andino photographed by Nate Lawrence

Kolohe Andino, Bali 2013 Collected Thoughts 121

“Nobody’s perfect, and we love that.” —Nate Lawrence
what youth recommends e. geiselman

E. Geiselman: There are two The last video project Surfing Mag will ever do

We’ve been fans of the Geiselman brothers for a long time. Evan’s been tearing since Dear Suburbia days, and Eric...
what youth paris mark oblow

Paris, 2012 Back Den 113: A break from Antwerp

“in 2012 i was doing a photoshoot for analog and gravis in antwerp, and my right hand man “taylor dunfee”...
Kelly Slater, Volcom Pipe Pro

Some Good news: The Volcom Pipe Pro Still one of the only contests we can watch in its entirety

The Volcom Pipe Pro is a 3-star $75,000 WQS at Pipeline. And the reason it’s so watchable is the variety of...
what youth surfing california swell

When California gets good It’s not always like this, but it sure is nice when it is. Tom Carey documents.

If you’re not in Florida like some of us are, then you’ve probably been scoring sick waves. California’s been getting blasted...
what youth recommends cass mccombs im a shoe

Watch Cass McCombs’ New Video For his haunting single, “I’m A Shoe”

Cass McCombs can do no wrong. His new video for the single “I’m A Shoe”, off 2016’s Mangy Love, reveals...
what youth recommends rejects

Dane Reynolds and friends in “Rejects” The pilot light for 2017 just lit

Not going to lie: Not a whole lot of good videos have come out in 2017. SURFING Mag went under...
what youth recommends la witch new single brian

New Single from L.A. Witch Our fave badass babes release reverb-soaked single “Brian”

Long desert highways. A lingering, smoldering sunset. The faint hint of whiskey and dust in the breeze, and all signs...
Zeke Lau, Surfing, Goin to da league

Zeke Lau is “Goin’ to Da League” Meet the tour’s new Hawaiian power source

I met Zeke Lau when he was 12 years old. It was my first trip to Indo and it was...
what youth surfing magazine

SURFING Magazine is gone An institution is extinct. Now what?

Yesterday, after 53 years of publishing SURFING Magazine closed down. This is strange and sad for a few reasons. My...
what youth john john florence surfing with ian walsh

John John and Ian Walsh Trading Rights Tricky pits with two of the best at it

John John Florence and Ian Walsh make this tricky right look too easy. Enjoy this section from Ian’s new film...
what youth recommends kera and the lesbians i'm late

Listen to Kera & the Lesbians’ New Single And read our interview with the band

“I wrote this song for you, for me, for us.” Kera Armendariz, lead singer and guitarist of the LA-based band...