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what youth recommends on the tea

Watch “On the Tea” Featuring Ian Crane, Russ Bierke, Eli Olson, and Torrey Meister

We are very familiar with Ian Crane and what he can do. But Russ Bierke is an animal. The guy sends it on any, and every, wave he sees. No fear in this clip from the boys at O’Neill. Watch our Off Beat with Ian:

what youth recommends jake kelley lomo

Watch Jake Kelley in “LOMO” Spring to summer and back again

I swear to God I run into Jake Kelley all over the world. The dude puts in the time. Portugal, he’s there. Party in Huntington, Jake is there. And I love that. Here he put together a bit of his last year from around the world and we dig it.

what youth offline collection akira ament scott chenoweth

Offline With: Akira Galaxy Ament 002: Leucadia Love


Beau Foster, Alkali fins,

Watch Beau Foster slide New Alkali fins designed by Beau and some creative surfing to go with it

Beau Foster has been shaping his own boards and he’s now working on some modern fins to go along with them. I feel like Beau’s surfing feels so much more natural and unique as of late, and this rad little vid is just more celebration of that. Makes you wanna get slide around waves like…

what youth long beach new york surfing

Watch: “Long Beach, NY” When we all flock to the city to surf: Starring Balaram Stack, Oliver Kurtz, Ian Crane, Shane Borland and more

When things come together at the coast in New York it can make for some really good times. As you’ll see here: Hurricane Maria sent waves that had both west coast and east coast dudes flocking into town. Balaram Stack hosted the boys and it sure makes you wanna contemplate a move to the East…

what youth recommends TEST entertainment tonight

WY Premiere: TEST Watch “Entertainment Tonight”

The members of TEST, at least two of the three, met as most band members do: in a bar, underage, and performing in other bands. But after a couple shots of cheap tequila in their local Houston dive, guitarist Blake Stokes and bassist Wayne Meza bonded over their musical ambition and eventually wound up living…

Davis Stenstrom, Blake Myers, Speak, Memory

Watch Speak, Memory A beautifully shot 16mm skate film starring David Stenstrom directed by Blake Myers

With the goal of shooting exclusively on 16mm film and creating an excuse to hang with friend David Stenstrom in Sweden, Blake Myers produced and directed this short. It is shot with as much style as David showcases in his skating. A lovely view.

what youth back den with bruce irons and nathan fletcher shot by mark oblow

Bruce Irons and Nathan Fletcher Back Den 126: France in 2001

“bruce irons & nathan fletcher in france. we were there to film for nathan’s movie but got skunked on waves. with the frustration of getting nothing we almost extend the trip for another week. thank god we did not because 9/11 happened a few days later. photo taken with a yashica t-5.” —Mark Oblow

what youth recommends brixtons lee wilson

Watch Brixton’s Lee Wilson Another ridiculously good part from Lee

It’s like he knows when we need a pick me up. Or a new part. Lee Wilson continues to deliver rad...
what youth recommends sam evian

Listen to Sam Evian Soft, tangible comfort jams for your soul

Sam Evian, the project of songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Sam Owens, is at once new and refreshing and vivid, like...
what youth recommends music new york night train haunted hop mixtape

Haunted Hop Jonathan Toubin’s (aka New York Night Train) 2017 Halloween Mix

For the eighth year in a row, mad scientist / NY Night Train soul proprietor Jonathan Toubin retired to his...
what youth recommends surfing

Watch Conner Coffin at J-Bay Need we say more?

Universally, Conner Coffin at J-Bay is something we all very much appreciate. Although we might suggest altering the soundtrack, we...

time for a new wetsuit needESSENTIALS sent us a couple suits and a jacket to give away

You guys, fall is here. And that is great news. And it is even greater today because we can give...
what youth recommends Harrison Roach surfing

Watch BLACK RAIN Poetic surfin brought to you by the lighter side of storms

The spot where this wave breaks… it’s mostly a longboard spot. The guy surfing there… he’s mostly a longboard dude. Even the band...
what youth recommends the scrags music

Listen to The Scrags Swedish punk rock has never sounded better

Swedish band The Scrags sound like something you’d unearth digging through bins of mixed tapes – and I mean actual...
what youth recommends pageants cacti for clothes

WY Premiere: Pageants Listen to “Cacti For Clothes”

Pageants, the project of former Avi Buffalo keyboardist Rebecca Coleman, sound like a summer breeze glimpsed through a countryside bedroom...
what youth scott chenoweth ny illustration

Let’s be together When all goes numb, the numb need to get together

I spent the end of last week careening through the perfectly lit and temperate streets of early autumn New York....
what youth recommends flat worms pearl

Watch Flat Worms’ New Video For “Pearl” off their self-titled LP

Flat Worms never cease to impress me, or annihilate my eardrums. The Los Angeles-based shredders have been floating under the...
Brett Barley, Surfing, Super Surfboards, Outer Banks

Watch “Super Strike: Outer Banks” The brighter side of the hurricane onslaught on the East Coast with Super Surfboards

Super Surfboards has some friends in high places on the east coast and took advantage of that the last few...

“Landline” coming soon New Vans Snowboard Film shot entirely on Kodak 16mm

Vans proudly presents their first-ever full-length snowboard film, Landline. Shot on Kodak 16mm, the film documents the raw talents and eclectic personalities of...
Radical Class, What Youth Drinks, Paul Brewer

WHAT YOUTH DRINKS: COCCI AMERICANO An Easy, Inexpensive way to Live that Riviera High Life

I snagged a bottle of this Cocci Americano stuff after seeing it on the shelf at a cocktail bar in...
what youth scott chenoweth illustration

What Youth Mixtape: Sweet Lilac Music Is the Answer to help Ease into your weekend

Editor’s note: Hayley Shore is my deejay partner and all around vibe coach when it comes to music. So naturally we...
what youth recommends easy goodnight

Listen to Easy’s debut single “Goodnight” And watch Blake Anderson solve their band name

Ever wonder why the band called Easy calls themselves Easy? Watch Workaholics’ Blake Anderson help solve their name dilemma in...
what youth recommends alex gray smoke bomb

Watch Alex Gray in “Smoke Bomb” Escaping the flat spell in California

Alex Gray seems to have found a way to break free from California’s seemingly never ending flat spell. Mexico is...
what youth recommends music

Premiere: Wanderwild Listen to glistening dreamy single “Control”

Wanderwild, the solo project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Matt Martin, is at once familiar and fresh, dreampoppy and bedroomy and...
what youth recommends guantanamo baywatch

GUANTANAMO BAYWATCH ARE ON TOUR And we’ve got an incredible prize package to give away

Guantanamo Baywatch are hitting the road, and what better way to spread their lizard loving tour than with a super...
what youth recommends music

WY Premiere: Moniker Listen to “Fallouts” and stream their new album

Moniker, the project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jordan Scott, began as most bands do, with home recordings and David Bowie...
what youth recomemnds luke davis glitter

Watch Luke Davis in “Glitter” Tubes everywhere

We are no strangers to Luke getting barreled. He did a ton of that in Brother. But is has been...
what youth recommends by the books vol 1 killing time noah schweizer

Watch “BY THE BOOKS ~ VOL. 1: KILLING TIME” Part 1 of a new 4 part series featuring Noah Schweizer

Summer is over, but Noah seemed to grab a couple good ones towards the end of the season. This is...
what youth recommends slow caves music

WY Premiere: Slow Caves Watch their new video for “2Hrs!”

Colorado-based surf-inspired band Slow Caves wish they were closer to waves. Waves mean sand and surf and the comfort of...
what youth recommends turn to rage bleached

New Bleached Music Video Starring Ronnie Sandoval, Noah Wilson, Rick Fabro, & Robbie Russo

A new skate edit from our favorites from San Pedro – Rye Beres, Ronnie Sandoval, Rick Fabro, Noah Wilson and...
what youth recommends brenda children

WY Premiere: Brenda Watch their new creepy video for “Children”

Toronto four-piece Brenda have been involved in the local punk scene since 2015. And even though their sound isn’t quite...

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