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what youth recommends music

Premiere: Wanderwild Listen to glistening dreamy single “Control”

Wanderwild, the solo project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Matt Martin, is at once familiar and fresh, dreampoppy and bedroomy and glistening with feeling. On their forthcoming album In Due Time, out November 17th, Martin presents a collection of nine tracks that seamlessly blend acoustic and electronic production together to create a swirling, reverb-washed wall of…

what youth recommends guantanamo baywatch

GUANTANAMO BAYWATCH ARE ON TOUR And we’ve got an incredible prize package to give away

Guantanamo Baywatch are hitting the road, and what better way to spread their lizard loving tour than with a super special Suicide Squeeze giveaway package, including tickets to a show of your choice. All you gotta do is check our instagram, repost and tag the band, tag Suicide Squeeze, and tag us, and we’ll choose…

what youth recommends music

WY Premiere: Moniker Listen to “Fallouts” and stream their new album

Moniker, the project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jordan Scott, began as most bands do, with home recordings and David Bowie crushes and the insatiable thirst to create conceptual, story-driven albums. After the death of a close friend, Scott spent 2016 writing what would become the band’s sophomore album, Good Bye Waste Land, while teaching abroad…

what youth recomemnds luke davis glitter

Watch Luke Davis in “Glitter” Tubes everywhere

We are no strangers to Luke getting barreled. He did a ton of that in Brother. But is has been a while since we’ve seen Luke surf. Enjoy and watch until the end because that Panama section is fucked. Watch our Fairly Normal with Luke:

what youth recommends by the books vol 1 killing time noah schweizer

Watch “BY THE BOOKS ~ VOL. 1: KILLING TIME” Part 1 of a new 4 part series featuring Noah Schweizer

Summer is over, but Noah seemed to grab a couple good ones towards the end of the season. This is the first section of a 4 part series with Noah. And it begins in California and Central America. Watch our Off Beat with Noah:

what youth recommends slow caves music

WY Premiere: Slow Caves Watch their new video for “2Hrs!”

Colorado-based surf-inspired band Slow Caves wish they were closer to waves. Waves mean sand and surf and the comfort of constant sun, and when you’re in the dead of winter in Colorado recording an album, it’s hard not to dream about warmer weather. “At that time,” says the band, “we were also listening to a…

what youth recommends turn to rage bleached

New Bleached Music Video Starring Ronnie Sandoval, Noah Wilson, Rick Fabro, & Robbie Russo

A new skate edit from our favorites from San Pedro – Rye Beres, Ronnie Sandoval, Rick Fabro, Noah Wilson and Robbie Russo, and Raney Beres…And it just so happens to be a new music video for Bleached! Watch our Afternoon Interview with Ronnie:

what youth recommends brenda children

WY Premiere: Brenda Watch their new creepy video for “Children”

Toronto four-piece Brenda have been involved in the local punk scene since 2015. And even though their sound isn’t quite “punk” – we hate genres – their vibe is lawless, unruly, with thumping drums and bursting riffs drizzled in haunting vocals that remind me of Cherry Glazerr funneled through a vacuum cleaner. Watch their new video…

what youth recommends aloha country

Watch “Aloha Country” New vid from Jack Coleman featuring Jack Johnson, Bryce Young & Harrison Roach

Warm water antics through the lens of our friend Jack Coleman, featuring a top-notch crew of stylists including Harrison Roach,...
what youth cluster surfing movie

We have Cluster Nostalgia Mitch Coleborn came over and fired us up for more of this

It’s no big secret that there’s still a scythe-toting grim reaper hovering over the formerly fun and care-free surfing industry. And...
what youth steve caballero back den with mark oblow

Steve Caballero, Oahu, 1986 Back Den 125

“steve caballero at grants ramp oahu, circa ’86. shot on canon AE1 with a wideangle adapter.” —Mark Oblow
what youth recommends LKFFCT anesthesia

WY Premiere: LKFFCT Listen to new single “Anesthesia”

New Jersey slacker-rock group LKFFCT – we’ll get to that later – have made a name for themselves playing basement...
what youth george lois nowness

My Place: George Lois A show from Nowness worth binging

There’s always something interesting about getting a peek inside an artist’s home or studio. Nowness has a show dedicated to...
Taylor Steele, Joe Curren, Tim Curran

I’ll never surf the wave pool Even if Kelly Slater invites me, no strings attached, I will very politely decline. Here’s why:

I have the worst taste in music because of surfing. And yeah, I suppose music is entirely subjective, but I...
what youth recommends wand plum

Wand Release New Album “Plum” Out today on Drag City. Check this interview with the band about the new record from Issue 19

Today is the first day of fall, which sometimes doesn’t mean anything in Southern California. But we’re hoping for a...
what youth recommends snapt 3 preloaded mason ho

Watch Mason Ho in Snapt 3 Preloaded I wanna come back in my next life as a Ho

I mean, I just want to have this much fun surfing. I try in small doses, and I do think...
what youth recommends maston

WY Premiere: Maston Listen to new instrumental track “Rain Dance”

Maston, the project of musician Frank Maston, makes landscapes of sound that’ll transport you to another dimension. After spending five...
what youth offline collection clothing apparel grace piehl

Offline With: Grace Piehl Part 001: A new series, Girls, boys and lovers

what youth recommends omni

Listen to Omni Their new album Multi-task drops tomorrow

Atlanta trio Omni make experimental post-punk licks that will either make you dance frenetically or give you a mild spout...
what youth offline collection clothing apparel grace piehl

Offline With: Grace Piehl Part 1 of a new series: Girls, boys and lovers

what youth richer poorer some kind of vacation evan mock

Some Kind of Vacation Prequil 2 of our road trip presented by Richer Poorer with Evan Mock, Ian Crane, Dylan Goodale and friends along the California coast

This teaser for Some Kind of Vacation features Evan Mock. A Hawaiian. A skateboarder…who surfs too. Evan is one of...
what youth recommends joy again

Listen to Joy Again The Philly 5-piece drop two new singles

Philadelphia five-piece Joy Again formed in 2015 on Facebook, but that’s not important. They spent their formative years thrashing through...
what youth recommends everyone is dirty lady liberty

WY Premiere: Everyone Is Dirty Listen to new track “Lady Liberty”

Everyone Is Dirty, the self-proclaimed art-rockers from Oakland, have been blowing audiences’ minds since their debut in 2013. Their raw...
what youth recommends globe in seattle mark appleyard sammy montano

Mark Appleyard and Sammy Montano Cinematic skating in Seattle

Joe G is at it again. This time he channeled Martin Scorsese to set the mood for this new Globe...
what youth off beat noa schwizer surfing

Off Beat: Noah Schweizer Episode 042: “Nine dogs, four chickens, three bunnies and a snake.”

Noah Schweizer is from Florida, but he’s lived in LA for a year and is already followed by Miley Cyrus....
what youth recommends music pink mexico

WY Premiere: Pink Mexico Watch the new video for “Dumbfuck”

New York-based thrashers Pink Mexico, the reverb-coated annihilation of a band fronted by Robert Preston, know how to cause a...
what youth kelly slater wave pool caddyshack

Country Club Surf Culture Why I want nothing to do with the WSL and Kelly Slater Wave Co.

All day today there’s been a lot of hype, speculation and excitement around the WSL’s specialty event at Kelly Slater’s wave pool....
what youth recommends dion agius surfing

Watch Dion Agius in “New Blood” Dion gets a new board sponsor, we get a new vid

Dion has peeled the Super Surfboards sticker off and is now riding Hayden Shapes foam and he’s already out making...
what youth dear youth discontent travis ferre

Fan the flames of Discontent The Dream Tour is changing and it’s starting at a wave pool

I’ve made it more than apparent that I hate the word content. I hate all of it’s definitions. Content. Content....
what youth afternoon interview matt salacuse the negative project new york photography

Afternoon Interview: Matt Salacuse Episode 059: The Negative Collection: Saving photos from the world’s dust bin

While I was on my recent trip to New York I was hanging out with photographer friend Cole Barash and...
what youth recommends kid bloom she only stays on the weekend

WY Premiere: Kid Bloom Listen to “She Only Stays On The Weekend”

Kid Bloom, a five-piece from Los Angeles, somehow mix elements of disco, psych, and pop into their own swirl of...
what youth recommends leo romero inversion control 001

“Leo Romero Inversion Control 001” There’s a new Toy Machine video in the works

Leo Romero for Toy Machine. And just an FYI: we’ll probably post Leo Romero for anything because he’s fucking sick....

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