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what youth recommends pink luke davis

Luke Davis in “Pink” This will get you passed the sharks at Lowers

The color correction will remind you of a vintage Lost vid, which is rad, because Luke is riding a Mayhem “Quiver Killer” and it looks like the world’s funnest board. God damn Lowers is fun. Vintage now, but watch our Fairly Normal with Luke Davis below: 

what youth recommends caramello

Watch “Caramello” Skating in Italy with Remy Taveira & more

A video by James Cruickshank for a brief glance skateboardmag, in association with Converse Cons. Filmed on location in the region of Puglia, Italy and starring: Felipe Bartolomé, Remy Taveira, Pietro Bontà, Ollie Lock, Jonas Hess, Jerome Campbell and Mauro Caruso. Watch our Fairly Normal with Remy Taveira:

what youth recommends quartersnacks zered bassett all time remix

Watch “Zered Bassett All Time Remix” The Kylie Minogue remix

Holy shit, they remixed Kylie Minogue to this All Timers part of Zared Bassett and it worked! Filmed by Richard Quintero, Steve Marino & Ewan Bowman Watch our Afternoon Interview in a dark New York bar with Zared here:

what youth recommends illegal civilization 3 promo

Watch The Illegal Civ 3 Promo Video More antics from Na-kel Smith, Tyshawn Jones, Kevin White and more

Illegal Civ 3 is coming to Viceland. Antics and skating by all of our favorites is coming soon. Presented by Illegal Civ Cinema and featuring Kevin White, Zach Saracen, Ryder McLaughlin, Aramis Hudson, Olan Prenatt, Na-kel Smith, Tyshawn Jones, Nico Hiraga, and Gary Rogers. With Clips from the Cavi Club and Hardies Hardware. Directed by Mikey…

Jay Davies in “Native” The full-length trailer for Jay Davies’ new flick

 Jay Davies is easily one of the most underrated aerialists and chargers in the world. He’s finally getting his own vid, and it’s got cameos by all the West Oz boys. Taj included. Consider us all in on this one. Get the Emus cold! Get a free download link here the day it comes out…

what youth recommends magic carpet

Watch “Magic Carpet” This is straight up mesmerizing…and fun

I don’t really know my way around the longboard world, but thats’ not to say I don’t appreciate it, or any kind of good surfing. Clicking into this, hell, clicking into anything these days is usually a disappointing experience. But knowing this was from Jack Coleman, I knew it’d be fun. What it was was…

what youth afternoon interview louie lopez

Afternoon Interview: Louie Lopez Episode 054: A day out with Louie followed by a BBQ with Curren Caples, Jake Anderson and Mike Anderson

Louie Lopez is soft spoken. Especially when he’s surrounded by the antics of Jake Anderson and Curren Caples. But that doesn’t keep him down, his skating and his style speak volumes. He is a quiet hammer. We recently went for a day of skating while he filmed with Ryan Lee for an upcoming part. The…

what youth memorial day

Radical Class: On Memorial Day Celebrating and Remembering in Equal Parts

These days, Memorial Day is all about burgers and beers, beach days and maybe some deeply discounted retail shopping. But, of course, it isn’t. It’s about war and the people who fought in them — namely the Civil War, where 620,000 Americans died. Where today’s Memorial Day is little more than an excuse to party…

what youth recommends rust starring harry bryant

Watch Harry Bryant in “Rust” Shades of Noa Deane in a mirror? Maybe yes!

First thing I thought of — and maybe it’s the Rusty on the nose — was now somewhat vintage Cluster days...
what youth the murder city devils

Brixton Broadcast: Murder City Devils Live video and interview from the Troubadour in Hollywood, CA

It was a boozy, sweaty and romantic night of free drinks and wolf-snarling punk rock thanks to Brixton and a...
what youth nate lawrence collected thoughts

More of the Same Same Collected Thoughts 130: Year of the fucking drone.

“So here we are. 2017. Year of the fucking drone. We’re pretty far behind schedule, according to Marty McFly. But...
what youth the murder city devils los angeles music

What’d you do this weekend? We threw ourselves into the pit with The Murder City Devils

“A lot of our songs early on were about romanticizing places we weren’t. Other places, other towns, things we couldn’t...

Noa Deane and Cole Sandman Slip ‘n Slide Soft Rev and summer fun with Muffin Man and Noz

It was a hot time with fun waves this weekend. Well, fun waves if you had this approach, like Cole Sandman...

What Youth Eats: On a Trip Bridging the disconnect between great waves and crappy food on surf trips

I haven’t been lucky enough to be on a fancy boat trip with a private chef, but I have been...
what youth assman vol. 1 by ty segall

Ty Segall and Assman An interview with Ty Segall and his new comic strip featuring the character of Assman

Ty Segall is 10 minutes late to our interview at Footsies in Highland Park. I’m sipping on a whiskey in...
what youth dear suburbia absurdity

This is Absurd An old note comes back to haunt and hype us

Editor’s note: This was originally published in What Youth Issue 1 (which is now sold out) as an intro to...
what youth off beat yago dora surfing

How we met Yago Dora Yago’s success at the Rio Pro is validating something we’ve known for a long time. Let’s recall.

Long before the WSL started with the weird warrior techno hype video things, we were watching Yago Dora. His surfing caught...
what youth mitch coleborn nate lawrence surfing

Mitch Coleborn in Indonesia Collected Thoughts 129

“Surfing will always have those off-moments that make you pause and really appreciate the place we get to play.” —Nate...
what youth recommends broken social scene

Listen to Broken Social Scene Their new single “Hug of Thunder” will take you back a decade

I awoke into my high school daydreams this morning as I hungrily listened to Broken Social Scene’s new single that...
what youth collected thoughts Bali Nate Lawrence

The Inside Section Collected Thoughts 128: Nate Lawrence is at it again

Editor’s Note: Nate doesn’t realize how messed up this is, sending us these insane, casual lineups from the weekend when we’re...
what youth recommends jay davies native rvca

Watch Jay Davies in a new trailer Looks like we’ll be getting a vid called “Native” very soon

If we’ve learned anything the past few years, it’s that when Jay Davies puts out an edit, you click on it....
what youth recommends license to chill rocky point mason ho

Watch “License to Chill Rocky Point” Our favorite series is back with Mason Ho, Burger & Crew

It’s back. One of the best things in surfing this past year, that had us itching for the next clip to...
what youth tetsunori

Tetsunori Tawaraya’s Telescope A look at undiscovered creatures from the Japanese Illustrator

We recently caught up with the Japanese illustrator Tetsunori Tawaraya while he was out in Los Angeles on tour for...
what youth the shrine dog town skateboards

The Shrine x Dogtown Skateboards An epic collaboration between two epic things

The Shrine recently teemed up with Dogtown Skateboards to produce one hell of a deck. And I couldn’t help but...
what youth recommends lakai the flare

Watch Lakai’s “The Flare” Trailer New full-length film, first one since Fully Flared, coming in July

A new Lakai video is always something to talk about, and so here they are giving us something to talk...
what youth recommends jesse guglielmana

Watch Brixton’s Jesse Guglielmana Basically shred everything in this psyching edit

Jesse Guglielmana isn’t your prototypical Kauai guy, even though he spent a good portion of his childhood growing up on...
what youth surfing john john florence

A John John Florence Prediction Collected Thoughts 127: Nate Lawrence chimes in on the sporting side of things

“There’s been plenty to talk about with the WSL recently. Most of it about the horrible advertisements and even worse...
what youth recommends luis vid ow frog skateboards

Watch “Luis Vid Ow!” From Frog Skateboards with Luis Ouida, Ringo, & Jalba

Skateboarding continues to not take itself too seriously, and Frog Skateboards always reminds us of that. Rad vid, no pretense.
what youth recommends here i am ryan burch

Watch “Here I am” starring Ryan Burch There’s so many ways to do it

Ever since Ryan Burch torched that South American pointbreak, we’ve been adjusting our quivers to include something unique. Time to...
what youth recommends bobby martinez and friends

Watch “Bobby Martinez & Friends” Surfing around SB with Dane Reynolds, Conner Coffin, and Parker Coffin

There still aren’t many guys with a backhand like Bobby. Even in the bumpiest conditions, he can still put it...
what youth girl we adore isabella

Girl We Adore: Allie Isabella Sprague Kittens, Vans and the The Velvet Underground

What’s your full name? Allie Isabella Sprague Where are you from and where are you currently living? I was born...
what youth recommends calvin love

Listen to Calvin Love And catch his residency at the Bootleg Theater

“Every day I wake up and I try to be better than the days past.” Words to live by right...

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