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what youth recommends cory hanson garden of delight

Watch Cory Hanson’s New Video For wistful, hypnotic single “Garden of Delight”

Cory Hanson, best known for his skull crushing band Wand, released his debut album The Unborn Capitalist From Limbo late last year on Drag City. And boy what a debut. Its striking contrast to his propensity to thrash revealed a gentle, incredibly moving turn as a songwriter and lyricist completely comfortable with the softer side of sound. Which I…

Listen to the Regrettes In case you haven’t heard

The Regrettes will scare the shit out of you (in a good way). They’re already hitting the road at sixteen, signing with Warner Bros, and sharing songs that say exactly what they mean. Don’t let the sweet and cutesy melodies chase you off because it will come back and bite you in the ass, with tunes…

what youth recommends skateboarding huf japan tour

Huf City Japan Tour Austyn Gillette, Josh Matthews, Brad Cromer, Matt Gottwig, Dick Rizzo and Jake Anderson tear up Tokyo

It was fun watching the Huf team takeover Monster Children’s Instagram account while they were in Japan, (I’m sure a few of the insta stories probably weren’t meant to be posted), but it was enjoyable none the less. And it’s nice to see they actually got some work done while they were out there too….

what youth issue 17 magazine

Quotes From Issue 17 A small glimpse inside the new issue

“Waves are crashing over the boat. It’s a strong boat though. One of the strongest. It rocks and rolls but stays steady. Plates crash to the floor. Everyone runs up to the deck. There’s a fire downstairs! Wake up. Wake up. There’s a fire on the boat!” —Nate Lawrence, page 64. “I look at what looks good. People’s style….

Watch Fries Taillieu’s new Globe part Skating all around Europe

Introducing Fries’ new guest colorway of David Gonzalez Eagle SG. Globe’s Shogun cupsole adds greater support and flexibility with an added deep footbed for impact control.

what youth issue 17 release party costa mesa

What Youth Issue 17 Release Party This Thursday Night at The Wayfarer in Costa Mesa Presented by Brixton

What Youth Issue 17 is out and shipping now, and this Thursday you can join us at The Wayfarer in Costa Mesa as we bring the party back to the neighborhood. We’re screening our new short film Hello, Sea and a special musical guest is taking stage directly after. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. and…

what youth recommends jump

Watch “Jump” Featuring Ronnie Sandoval, Raven Tershy, Grant Taylor, Ishod Wair & more

Rye Beres compiled some of his recent footage and put out an edit with Grant Taylor, Rick Fabro, Ronnie Sandoval, Raven Tershy, Roman Pabich, Cedric Pabich, Daan Van Der Linden, Raney Beres, Ishod Wair & more. Watch our Afternoon Interview with Ronnie Sandoval:

what youth recommends fever island pat gudauskas

Pat Gudauskas in “Fever Island” Upbeat in the right way

An array of retro visuals to go along with fierce surfing. Pat puts it all together in this latest clip, and we are very fond of that last section.

what youth dion agius surfing book

Dion. by Respondek Photographer John Respondek released part one of a new photographic essay series featuring Dion Agius. You should grab one.

Spon and Dion travel the world together a lot. And they end up with a lot of material worthy of...
what youth recommends the black lips music

Black Lips Announce New Album Release killer track “Can’t Hold On”

Black Lips have a new album coming out, wonderfully titled Satan’s graffiti or God’s art?, their official eighth studio release....
what youth recommends bryce young the zone

Bryce Young’s Part in “The Zone” More of this please

Thanks to Vissla we are getting some of the best clips from Jack Coleman’s The Zone. Earlier this year it was Derrick...
what youth recommends bonny doon

Listen to Bonny Doon Some mellow jams to finish off this crazy week

Bonny Doon, the unassuming mellow cruisers from Detroit currently taking over my headphones, sounds like the kind of band you’d...
what youth eats

WHAT YOUTH EATS: WHAT YOU’RE GIVEN Make no substitutions, please.

Is your stomach closed-minded? Are you the picky one? Try to eat or drink what you’re given. And like it....
what youth recommends jordy smith just now

Jordy Smith’s short film “Just Now” The movie poster alone is worth clicking in to see

Thats’ a really big shark...and this surfing is crazy. I don’t really know how else to describe this video as...
what youth recommends kevin morby city music

Kevin Morby Announces New Album And leaks new video for “Come To Me Now”

Kevin Morby has a new album dropping June 16th on Dead Oceans, and today he’s released the very first taste...
what youth issue 17 on sale now magazine surfing skateboarding chippa wilson

What Youth Issue 17 is out! On Sale Now: Featuring: Craig Anderson, Andrew Allen, Chippa Wilson, Allah-Las, Yago Dora, Kelly Slater, Ty Segall and way more

The other day a friend of mine said to me that if shit hit the fan and he lost his...
what youth owen wright surfing snapper rocks

Owen Wright and the First day of spring And tomorrow we have a new issue for you

Over the weekend, lots of you probably watched Owen Wright win the Quiksilver Pro. A feel good hit for the...
what youth recommends northbound skateboarding on the beach

Watch Northbound Skateboarding on frozen sand in Norway

This video has been seen a half a million times, so we’re not new to show you this. But we...
wha youth recommends twenty waves and a couple more parker coffin

“Twenty Waves (and a Couple More)” Parker Coffin lost a sticker but got more powerful

We really like Parker Coffin. And while he’s been called “Porky” since he was a grom, his turns are now...
what youth radical class europe

Radical Class: Going to Amsterdam Eat, drink and wander through Europe (Pt. 3 of 3)

Stepping off the train at the Amsterdam Central for the first time is overwhelming. You emerge from this historic building...
what youth recommends kolohe andino free to roam

Watch Kolohe Andino in “Free to Roam” You can really tell Red Bull has to get all their music cleared :/

Brother is still one of our favorite surfers, and he especially puts on a show at home in CA. His style...
what youth recommends tanner rozunko surfing brixton

Watch Brixton’s Tanner Rozunko Rip As talented as they come, at everything

Tanner is really fucking talented. You almost forget that he’s good at surfing because he skates and plays music so well....
what youth recommends grant taylor

Grant Taylor in Montana and Idaho Nike SB ripping in a new commercial for the new Blazer

I don’t think Wieden + Kennedy put this together, but it’s still really sick. Less product shots and a lot...
the what youth top 34 surfers

The What Youth Top 34 This is who’s coming on the very unprofessional What Youth World Tour 2017

OK, so this is a few days late. Lots of rum-infused discussions around fire rings to sort the order. But...

Want to go to Nicaragua? Get your Youth on the run thanks to RVCA and AST

Promos aren’t exactly our favorite thing. But one that sees you and a friend go to Nicaragua is the kind...
what youth recommends andrew reynolds reserve collection

Andrew Reynolds: The Reserve Collection The Boss is back with some new shoes

The Boss and Emerica just released this new Reserve Collection. Minimalistic and based on Andrew’s theory of creating more and...
what youth recommends oliver kurtz in aftermath

Watch Oliver Kurtz in “Aftermath” A year spent in the right place at the right time

There’s definitely something special about this edit. Not sure if it’s Oliver Kurtz’s ability to be at the best waves...
what youth recommends destination isolation asher pacey

Watch “Destination Isolation” OK, it’s officially time to order a twin fin thanks to Asher Pacey

If you don’t have a twin fin in your quiver, you’re definitely missing out. Asher could be one of the...
what youth recommends conner coffin year one

Watch Conner Coffin’s “Year One” A recap doco style thing about Conner’s first year on tour

The good news is: There’s some great surfing. The bad news, this kind of feels like you’d see this as...
what youth cherry glazerr

Cherry Glazerr play private show in LA Crap Eyewear hosted us to launch their new collab shades

We ubered up to Elvi’s Dress shop in Los Angles last Friday night to check out a private performance by...
what youth radical class cologne germany

Radical Class: Wintering in Cologne Eat, drink and be blown away by the countries that like it cold. (Pt. 2 of 3)

You’ll remember we started this frozen journey through Europe in Berlin. Today, we’re taking a ride to Cologne. A quick hour...
what youth recommends eliminator

Go To Eliminator Night Tonight at the Monty in Los Angeles

Eliminator Night at the Monty Bar in Los Angeles is your new Friday night destination. So whatever you already had...