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Watch Froth’s “Postcard Radio” video Directed by Riley Blakeway

Here’s a really good video and song shot by one of our really good friends Riley Blakeway. Riley once filmed Chippa Wilson regularly and you can imagine what it’s like keeping up with Chippa, and he’s gone on to make some really rad skate films and now he’s making sick music videos. He’s clearly moving right…

A few days on The Farm Good RVCA boys and perfect Byron Bay

A few very good days at The Farm — the amazing spot that Beau Foster and Ellis Ericson call home in Byron Bay. This leads to good waves and very good times for Alex Knost, Davey Cathels, DMOTE, Imogen Caldwell, Jay Davies, Jimmy Jazz James, Ricardo Christie and hosts Beau and Ellis. Peaceful and pumping…

Big names and bad kids at Burgerama 4 The Black Lips, Ty Segall, Weezer and Bone Thugs N Harmony

Everyone looked great this past weekend in Southern California: young, dirty and loose kids ran wild in the business parks of Santa Ana at the Observatory — Orange County’s blooming music venue tucked between parking lots and sanitized cubicles. After this weekend, I think the area has a bit more color on the walls after…

what youth recommends drive dump

Eric Geiselman’s Hard Drive This is like getting a new …Lost video

You get a new sponsor, and all that work with different stickers is kind of old hat. But luckily Eric empties the trash and let’s us watch first. This is how old …Lost vids were: tons of raw footage with absolute gems intermittently dispersed. Now it’s a clean slate for Eric. And we want in.

cluster what youth europe

Cluster (in gothic) Presented by Monster Energy Peruse Barcelona with Kai Neville and Brendon Gibbens

Kai and Brendon just got back from a trip to Barcelona and all over Europe to premiere Cluster. From the looks of it, they got much more than just the inside of some theaters. Thanks to the crew at the Surf Film Festibal, the boys got a serious helping of authentic culture, modern culture, lots of…

back den mark oblow george clinton what youth

George Clinton, Circa 2000 Back Den 034

“i spent an evening with george clinton, and watched him paint, drink wine, and talk about music. stories about his many children, elvis, and being color blind. what a night! parliament, p funk! living legend. shot with a contax t-3, kodak nc 400 35mm circa 2000″ —Mark Oblow

Tom Carrol Mitch Coleborn What Youth

PPP: Tom Carroll and Mitch Coleborn Part 4: Progression presented by Rusty

It’s always nice when Ozzie Wright gets a cameo with Tom Carroll and Mitch Coleborn. That’s full circle. In the final episode of PPP: Tom Carroll and Mitch Coleborn, the two Australian goofyfoots  discuss the push and pull of progression and aerial surfing, from the Gerry house on the North Shore.  

The Brixton Broadcast at SXSW Featuring Iceage, The Spits, Sheer Mag and more

The amount of good music being played outdoors across the globe right now is down right overwhelming. But sometimes, with a little research, maybe some guidance and curation from a brand like Brixton you may find yourself whipped into some of the better stuff getting around. Last week SXSW wrapped up in Austin, Texas and Brixton…

what youth cluster prequell atlantic

Cluster: Behind the Scenes Short Film Part 2: Atlantic

Cluster is out. And by now you’re probably beginning to settle in on who has your favorite part. And hopefully...

Thomas Campbell art/photo show Friday At Mollusk San Francisco

Thomas Campbell has put together a photo show for the gallery within Mollusk, SF. And when he does that, you go....
Tom Carrol Mitch Coleborn Gerry Lopez What Youth

PPP: Tom Carroll and Mitch Coleborn Part 3: Gerry presented by Rusty

Tom Carroll and Mitch Coleborn on Pipeline's royal one: Gerry Lopez
Photo Credit Larsen Sotelo what youth girls

Photo Credit: Larsen Sotelo Portfolio 015

Being resourceful. And making the most of what you have. That’s been the ticket for a lot of successful photographers. And...

Jay Davies at P-Pass Come be mesmerized

If you know us, you’d definitely be familiar with our obsession for Jay Davies. He’s been featured in Dear Suburbia,...

New Order by Kevin Cummins A new book that documents the rise and fall of New Order

A new book containing a collection of photographs of the legendary and influential band New Order was just announced. It...
Tom Carrol Mitch Coleborn what youth

PPP: Tom Carroll and Mitch Coleborn Part 2: Power Surfing presented by Rusty

Powering surfing is a hotly debated topic along the bluffs and parking lots these days. Flicky airs and bad style being...
back den little dragon what youth

Little Dragon, Los Angeles, 2014 Back Den 033

“its so cool to be able to shoot photos of a band that you love. I’ve been listening to little...
dear youth what youth

Humming ((Sounder)) C.S. Louis and the economics of a hangover purchase

Last night I was JD Rockefeller but the Latino version. Endowing the arts, buying kalimotxos, schmoozing Argentine musicians, spinning women and hailing...

Propeller A Vans Skateboarding Video Coming in May

the newsstand what youth ed templeton deadbeat book club

Photographs by Spot A zine by Spot and Ed Templeton

Deadbeat Club is a compilation of artists and photographers that include Ed and Deana Templeton, Nolan Hall and Grant Hatfield. It’s an...
Deryl Flea Virostko what youth for the love

For The Love: Darryl “Flea” Virostko Episode 014 Presented by Vissla

Flea Virostko's sober living environment in Santa Cruz, CA
Nti Sheeto a surfing film from dion agius and what youth presented by globe

Nti Sheeto A film by Dion Agius and What Youth presented by Globe

A surf trip has never come together so organically. So poetically. So spiritually. So...perfectly.
what youth recommends

Chas Smith wants to put an end to hate-mongering Story via Beach Grit by Chas Smith

Editor’s Note: I once saw Dustin Brown, who is the captain of the hockey team in Los Angeles called the King’s...

What Youth Mixtapes Music from Modern Collective, Lost Atlas, Dear Suburbia and Cluster

Kai's favorite's from his last four videos.
Tom Carrol Mitch Coleborn What youth

PPP: Tom Carroll and Mitch Coleborn Part 1: Boards presented by Rusty

Two like-minded approaches. Two very different generations. In this episode of Past Present Perfect we talk with two Australian goofyfoots...
what youth recommends vissla panama

La Panama Field Trip Vissla Heads to the Humidity

By the end of this you can feel the mosquito bites, sunburn, trunk rash and sweaty end-of-the-day cervezas. This is...
what youth cluster prequell Europe

Cluster: Behind the Scenes Short Film Part 1: Europe

Europe with a band of gypsies: Noa, Dane, Craig, Mitch, Chippa and Dion
what youth back den mark oblow omar salazar

Omar Salazar, Europe, 2009 Back Den 032

“when omar salazar is on he’s on. that’s how he is in life that’s how he is on a skateboard....

Friendly advice from a tax man Is this the end of experience?

Information overload

Nix Nic Nooley A New Surf Film by Toby Cregan

Love this crew. Love this premise. Love this all over. A rad new surf film coming soon from Toby Cregan and...
Cluster zine europe what youth

The Cluster Photo Journals (1) Europe with Dane, Craig, Chippa, Dion, Mitch and Noa.

What Youth’s 10th issue is a Special Edition dedicated to Kai’s new surf video Cluster. You know that already though, right?...
conversation with reposar what youth

Conversation With: Photographer Jason Reposar “I guess I can say all this now that I’ve been convicted and deported.”

Former Transworld photog who vanished from the U.S. reappears...with Metallica.
what youth recommends curt cobain

Cobain Documentary: Montage of Heck In theaters May 4th

The trailer for this very intimate and telling documentary on Kurt Cobain was released today. It will be in theaters...

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