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Supreme video William Strobeck

Joyride A Short Film By William Strobeck

A Short Film By William Strobeck we can’t stop watching.

what youth radical class scott chenoweth

Every Wall A Door: The C.S. Louis Journals Part One: A hole in every port

Editor’s Note: C.S. Louis has spent the majority of his life serving the God’s of core. And now we’ve given him a chapel in the form of a new column he likes to call: Every Wall a Door to preach his gospel. You’re likely to find wisdom, surfboards, dusty backroads, a lot of frustration with…

Woody Gooch photo credit what youth

Photo Credit: Woody Gooch Portfolio 007

When we asked Woody Gooch about his name, all he said was: “Woodya mean?” Followed by: “I don’t really have a fucking clue how I got the name of two male private parts. I still haven’t asked my parents. No one ever believes me that my name is Woody Gooch.” But we’ll be damned if…

Kassia Meador photographed by Mark Oblow What Youth

Kassia Meador, Hawaii Back Den 024

I met Kassia about 10 years ago shooting for Roxy. The first time I saw her ride a surfboard i almost cried!

Noa Deane in Indonesia Filming For Cluster by Kai Neville

Dear Youth Noa Deane Filming for Cluster

Noa Deane’s dad is one of the finest competitive surfers Australia has ever known. Wayne Deane’s list of accolades is lengthy, he owns a successful surfboard business and he was inducted into the Australian Surfing Hall of Fame in 2003. But despite his incredible competitive success, he never forced that onto his son, and we’d…

What youth issue 8 prints

What Youth Issue 8 Prints Available now in the What Youth Shop

Scotch tape won’t do on these prints. 18″ x 24″ and sexy as you can handle. Taken from the pages of What Youth Issue 8. And from the lenses of Nate Lawrence, Hamish Humphreys and Quinn Matthews. 4 new prints on sale now in the What Youth store, which you can enter right here. Featured…

Noa Deane talking about Cluster afternoon interview what youth

Afternoon Interview: Noa Deane on Cluster Episode 017

We sat down with him in the back of a rented mini van in California recently to talk about filming with Kai for his part in Cluster.

kai neville how to hotels what youth

How To: Stay in a Hotel By the worlds finest connoissuer of accomodation: Chas Smith

The greatest gift an adult can give himself is a night in a hotel. Hotels, and more specifically, hotel rooms, are portals that exist somewhere between fantasy and reality. They are neither truly real nor truly extraterrestrial. The fine hotel room will exude a sort of “all things are possible, sir” je ne sais quoi….

Dane reynolds and Jay Davies what youth radical class

Dane Reynolds and Jay Davies On the surf parts you should be watching

During our recent journey with Jay Davies and Dane Reynolds we nearly ran over a mini horse in the van,...

Grimes “Go” featuring Blood Diamonds

Claire, you have our hearts.
Dane Reynolds surfing in indonesia on the set of cluster

Dear Youth Strange Desires: Dane Reynolds from the set of Cluster

I feel like I’m coming down with something. Last time I was here I projectile vomited across the room. A...
Jason Dill

Jason Donald Dill, New York Back Den 023

It was one of the raddest shoots for me only having Dill, and Nate, and we got to do what...

Frank Ockenfels Flipping through his journal

Frank Ockenfels told us to throw our camera lenses into the pool to see what happens to them.
Rewind me lost 5'5" 19 1/4 what youth surfing

Rewind Me: 5’5″ x 19 1/4″ With Matt Biolos and Mike Reola

The importance of the "little fish film."

Craig Anderson Joins Dylan Reider on the Huf Footwear Team Collected Thoughts 067

Surfers and skaters have had a pretty volatile relationship over the years. They’re too dirty and bloody. We’re too jocky...
Stay Tuned Dillon Perillo what youth music

Stay Tuned: Dillon Perillo Playlist 008 Presented by DBlanc

Dillon reveals the inner-workings of his soul through music with a '90s heavy distortion fest.
Sunny Garcia and Ezekiel Lau Hawaii surfing competition what youth past present perfect

Past Present Perfect: Sunny Garcia & Ezekiel Lau Part 3: Competition

The ups and downs of riding your surfboard as a profession.
Kolohe Andino what youth issue 2

Kolohe Andino: A flashback interview A glimpse into 2012 on our way to 2015

EDITOR’S NOTE: We spent a good portion of the 2012 summer with Kolohe. He was dealing with his first major...
Sunny Garcia Ezekiel Lau surfing Past present perfect what youth

Past Present Perfect: Sunny Garcia & Ezekiel Lau Part 2: Influences & Adverstity

Surf competition is fine if you're a champion. But that's only a feeling few have in surfing.
what youth nti sheeto framegrabs surfing

Frame grabs from the Nti Sheeto dungeon A new film experience presented by Glove and What Youth

Last night Dion Agius let us peek behind the curtain at some frame grabs of the upcoming film he’s working...
what youth nti sheeto surfing movie

Raw Files Film shot during shooting for Nti Sheeto

Less is Less radio show on what youth starring creed mctaggart and blake myers

Less Is Less Radio Episode 004

This episode features a recap of the US Open debacle, some travel tips for El Salvador and a lot of...
Sunny Garcia Ezekiel lau in past present perfect on What Youth surfing in hawaii

Past Present Perfect: Sunny Garcia & Ezekiel Lau Part 1: Surfing in Hawaii

Sunny Garcia and Ezekiel Lau and the the Hawaiian surf lineage.
Dillon Perillo and Jack freestone in mexico what youth surfing video

Crack A What Youth original short featuring Jack Freestone and Dillon Perillo

This trip came together within 6 hours during a crowded California holiday weekend and the next thing we knew we...
Jack Freestone Crack Salina Cruz Mexico Surfing Quinn Matthews Photography Dear Youth What Youth

Dear Youth Crack, A What Youth original short will premiere Friday, August 15

We asked Dillon Perillo, who traveled to Mexico with Jack Freestone, about the trip that will be playing here on...
Tom Carrol photographed by Mark Oblow What Youth

Tom Carrol, Hawaii Back Den 022

Tom is a pure inspiration, a fucking legend, and an epic human.
what youth nti sheeto

Nti Sheeto Trailer A film by Dion Agius and What Youth presented by Globe

This film epitomizes why we do this. It is why we create in a meaningless universe. It is why we...
What Youth Issue 8

What Youth Issue 8 Trailer A visual teaser of What Youth Issue 8

“If you’re purely after facts, please buy yourself the phone directory of Manhattan. It has four million times correct facts....
ryan allan what youth issue 7

Portfolio: Ryan Allan Sound Advice form a man bussy livin’

When people walk through the What Youth HQ they often notice a few skate photo zines we have in the...
Creed McTaggart Noa Deane dion agius on the cluster boat trip indonesia what youth surfing

Creed McTaggart, Dion Agius and Noa Deane, morning tea on the cluster boat trip Collected Thoughts 066

We were mostly looking for launch ramps, but sometimes the path to ramps leads you into empty pits and we’d...
Reese Forbes photographed by Mark Oblow What Youth

Reese Forbes, Costa Mesa Back Den 021

Reese Forbes drips of style just as he pushes down the street. His eastern exposures parts are life changing.
Rizal Tanjung bali what youth

Dear Youth Rizal Tanjung and his son Varun paddling out at Padang

Nate Lawrence: “There’s so much talk of the next generation. Kids are getting sponsored at a younger age every year....

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