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what youth issue 8

What Youth Issue 8 On Sale Now

“Knowing you might not make it, in that knowledge courage is born.” —William S. Burroughs Well, we did it. Issue number 8: 2 years into this foray of surf travel fuck it and we printed another. And yes, there were times when it seemed as if it wouldn’t happen (5 days remaining to deadline and…

Less is Less Radion show on what youth with creed mctaggart and blake myers and brendon gibbens

Less Is Less Radio Episode 003

In this episode, Creed talks about crying on a plane because of Occy, scabies cures, floater 360s and Silverchair while the ever-adorable Brendon Gibbens drops the kinds of songs that gets him dancing solo (literally Brendon will go dancing alone if he has to) in his beloved Cape Town.

Nathan Fletcher photographed by Mark Oblow in Brooklyn What Youth

Nathan Fletcher, Brooklyn Back Den 020

Marks first shoot for Quicksilver of Nathan Fletcher, late 90’s in Brooklyn, NY.

Bol Adi Putra surfing in bali what youth

Dear Youth Bol Adi Putra, Padang Padang

Bol Adi Putra at Padang Padang There’s no lack of swell in Indo right now. Hasn’t been for months. Wherever you are over here, you’ve been scoring. Mentawais. G-Land. Bali. It’s all been nonstop. But what you haven’t scored is Bali’s most famous wave: Padang Padang. Sure you’ve gotten a few head dips here and…

stay tuned mitch coleborn what youth music

Stay Tuned: Mitch Coleborn Playlist 007 Presented by DBlanc

“All I wanted for my 9th birthday was a mohawk and a pair of Doc Martens.”

What youth issue 8 craig anderson surfing

What Youth Issue 8: Coming Soon Pep Rally

After you nearly lose your mind, you do your best to clear that shattered mind and forget all about what it was that sent it missing. In our case it was the What Youth Issue 8 deadline, but it’s too unforgettable to just erase it. Now though, it’s been a few days and we’re finally…

Cam Richards adolescents what youth surfing

Adolescents: Cam Richards Episode 007

Cam Richards’ name is familiar to you because he once used an insane social media prowess to nearly defeat Dane Reynolds to get a wildcard into a surf contest.

Magazine deadline Dear youth What Youth

Dear Youth Late nights, early mornings

Slept here last night…well, Scott did, if you call that sleep. And he looks good today! We just battled each demonic hurdle this latest deadline threw at us. Wielding swords of wine bottles and coffee, we are officially finished. We can throw away (and hide) all the Del Taco bags, beer cans, coffee cups and…

Tanner Rozunko off beat what youth

Off Beat: Tanner Rozunko Episode 018

Meet Tanner Rozunko. He rips. At life. As long as he doesn't get that tattoo.
what youth reports depactus what youth

What Youth Reports: Depactus Episode 006

It's called Depactus and we got our first glimpse of it during the Agenda Show last week.
Meatbodies afternoon interview what youth

Afternoon Interview: Meatbodies Episode 016

We talk with Chad Ubovich of Meatbodies before his set at Alex's Bar in Long Beach and ended up head...
What Youth Old Fashioned what youth drinks radical class

What Youth Drinks: The Old Fashioned The bottom turn of cocktails

Editor’s note: It’s no big secret we like to drink. We travel. Write. Film. Photograph. Surf. Skate. And work hard....
Kanoa Igarashi adolescents what youth surfing

Adolescents: Kanoa Igarashi Episode 006

Kanoa has been traveling the world surfing since he was in pre-school (at least he looked like he was).
beau foster and ellis ericson bali color me in what youth

Color Me In: Ellis Ericson Episode 007 Presented by Futures

We grabbed a couple Bintangs, Beau Foster and scootered over to Ellis' magic workshop and then surfed it off.
Luke Davis Indonesia Boat Trip Nate Lawrence Dear Youth Surfing What Youth

Dear Youth This is what it looks like to score

Taj Burrow claimed best trip to Indo…like ever. Luke Davis (pictured above) parked himself in hundreds of long-term tubes stations...
what youth the copenhagen project

Introducing: The Copenhagen Project We’re being sent to Copenhagen, Denmark for this…

Beers. Fire. Skating. Scandinavian girls. One of the world’s most well designed cities. Arto Saari as our guide. (Almost) every...
Stay Tuned brendon gibbens what youth music

Stay Tuned: Brendon Gibbens Playlist 006 Presented by DBlanc

Hit play and take a journey through the rather eclectic mind of South Africa's Brendon Gibbens.
Taj Burrow Mentawais Dear Youth What Youth Music

Dear Youth Taj Burrow hammering the pedals in the Mentawais

Kolohe Andino has been looking up to Taj Burrow since he was around 7 years old. Taj was his guy...
Beau Foster off beat what youth

Off Beat: Beau Foster Episode 017

Well, we tagged along with Beau for some food, surf checks and put him through the Off Beat interview ringer...
Indonesia Boat Trip Cluster Filming Yoyo Island Creed McTaggart Brendon Gibbens Craig Anderson Thom Pringle Surfing Dear Youth What Youth

Dear Youth Field notes from the outer islands

A five-day trip to get the fuck outta Bali and film for ClusterTM with Craig Anderson, Brendon Gibbens, Creed McTaggart...
Indonesia, mitch coleborn chippa wilson what youth

Dear Youth Noa Deane and Mitch Coleborn getting it done

This is just one of those photos that makes you want to drop everything and max out your credit card...
Danny fuller photographed by Mark Oblow what youth

Danny Fuller Back Den 019

Danny Fuller, circa 2000.
Arto Saari Copenhagen what youth

Denmark is on the Itinerary Collected Thoughts 065

We write to you sitting next to a document. It is confidential as of now, but it looks cool and...
Wave Tools For the love what youth

For The Love: Wave Tools Episode 006 Presented by Vissla

With an emphasis on learning from and giving back to the youth, they maintain the authenticity that every board builders...
Matt Archbold Mason Ho past presnt perfect what youth surfing

Past Present Perfect: Matt Archbold & Mason Ho Part 4: Respect

Mason and Archy.
Conner Coffin Stay Tuned what youth music

Stay Tuned: Conner Coffin Playlist 005 Presented by DBlanc

It's pretty easy to see what inspires his ridiculously sick arcs: classic rock and roll.
Mason Ho Matt Archbold Past present perfect what youth surfing

Past Present Perfect: Matt Archbold & Mason Ho Part 3: Progression

Interpreting our influences with Mason and Archy.
Church of type jeremy ascher lynch two dollars please what youth

Church of Type A What Youth Original by Jeremy Asher Lynch

Enter the beautiful world of Kevin Bradley, a Knoxville, Tennessee native and owner of Santa Monica print shop Church of...
Less is Less radio show starring blake myers creed mctaggart what youth

Less Is Less Radio Episode 002

This time the boys get it done on a cool, wine-drinking night on the south coast of Australia.
Matt Archbold Mason Ho waht youth surfing past present perfect

Past Present Perfect: Matt Archbold & Mason Ho Part 2: Surfboards

Mason and Archy on soft rails, forgiveness and channel bottoms.
Kolohe Andino Luke Davis Indonesia boat trip what youth

Kolohe Andino and Luke Davis, LAX Collected Thoughts 064

It was pretty funny to watch these two — along with Ian Crane and Tanner Rozunko — all realize that...
Matt Archbold, Mason Ho past present perfect what youth surfing

Past Present Perfect: Matt Archbold & Mason Ho Part 1: Heroes

Mason Ho and Archy talk about their influences.

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