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Quinn matthews in portugal waves surfing what youth

Dear Youth Damp Jeans and the wave of your life

I’ve been in Portugal for about two weeks, and it’s been sunny all of two days. The rest of the time it’s been gale force winds and rain. All of my clothes are wet, cold and dirty from the rain and mud everywhere. I tried to do some laundry the other day, but we don’t…

what youth dead stance collaboratino socks skeletons

Limited Edition Stance X What Youth Dead Socks On sale now

Ok here’s the deal: We made 100 pairs of very limited edition What Youth Dead socks with our homies at Stance. They feature artwork by our very own Scott Chenoweth. They are very in season. Very limited. And very sick. You should see how rad they look on your feet. So, starting now and until…

Kelly slater 540 surfing air photographed by quinn matthews for what youth

Dear Youth: Kelly Slater’s 540 sequence Processing Kelly’s air at the Cluster House in France

Kai, Blake and myself went down to Bayonne to pick up some film from a French lab. We had moules and frites on the river (just like Chas suggested) and were enjoying a warm Fall day in France when Mitch Coleborn texted us and said the waves were firing and to hurry the fuck up…

Noa Deane guitar what youth surfing

Dear Youth France House

Every one knows now that the best camera in the world is the one in your pocket. And hell, we all have one in our pocket! The only difference with these photos and yours, is Blake tends to wander around France with the world’s best surfers. He’s with Kai filming Cluster. Eating baguettes, drinking latte’s…

Taj Burrow Afternoon Interview What Youth

Afternoon Interview: Taj Burrow Episode 019

We talk with the World’s Greatest Professional Surfer of All Time and drink a lot of coffee.

Josh Zucker shoots Geoff Rowley what youth photo credit

Photo Credit: Josh Zucker Portfolio 009

Josh Zucker hangs with a sick crew. At only 21 years old he’s already worked for Vans and Flip, is practically an honorary member of Odd Future, kicks it on Fairfax casually and has traveled the world with “it” crews as well as a solid batch of skateboarding legends. His demeanor is polite, friendly and…

Chas Smith writes about France Photographed by Kai Neville

How to Live in French With Chas Smith

“France, and the whole of Europe have a great culture and an amazing history…” Johnny Depp once wisely said. “…Most important thing, though, is that the people there know how to live! In America they’ve forgotten all about it. I’m afraid that the American culture is a disaster.” And how amazingly wrong he is about…

Refused Rather Be Dead

“Reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated.”

John John Florence in France Photographed by Quinn Matthews What Youth

Dear Youth Deep Frence sand and currents with Quinn Matthews

France has been fun. Like, really fun. But like I think I said earlier, it’s a lot colder than last...

Color Me In: Eye Symmetry Surfboards Episode 008 presented by Futures

Since we don't sit well in traditional meetings, we met Max and team rider and spiritual guru Hector Santa Maria...
what youth issue 9 deadlines dead lions what youth

Dear Youth Dead Lions Suck

Can we start planning the party yet? Holy shit. Issue 9 deadline nearly made us dead. And we need to...
Dane Reynolds, Craig Anderson, Dion Agius and Noa Deane surfboards in france surfing what youth

Dear Youth Scenes from Europe: Part 2

Today I drove past a little Russian gypsy stall and there were a bunch of old cameras on display. I...
Evan Geiselman in France photographed by Quinn Matthews What Youth

Dear Youth I thought Evan Geiselman was a ghost

This morning I was sitting here editing pages for What Youth Issue 9 (deadlines and shit) when photo rookie Quinn...
Dillon Perillo talking about filming for cluster afternoon interview what youth

Afternoon Interview: Dillon Perillo on Cluster Episode 018

"The scariest part of individual [part] based movies is that your part might be skipped most of the time."
Craig Anderson photographed by Nate Lawrence What Youth

Dear Youth Guy in the sky

Where is the wave? I’ve cut off the bottom of the wave! “Guy in the sky” is what I was...
Michel Bourez in France shot by Quinn Matthews What Youth

Morning conversation with Michel Bourez Collected Thoughts 070

I pulled into the Quiksilver Pro Athlete parking lot just behind Michel. As we got close to the front, me...
Jack Coleman For The Love on What Youth

For The Love: Jack Coleman Episode 007 Presented by Vissla

"I knew I wasn't going to be able to go out and eat sushi every night...but, you know...I could make...
Kai Neville in Italy

Dear Youth Scenes from Europe with Kai

Overcast and gloom as we hit the tarmac. It feels good to be out of Indonesia. The contrast is evident...
Noa Deane in Californai at Rusty Headquarters What Youth

Noa California A What Youth Original

A lot has changed in a year for Noa Deane. Last summer, his visit to CA would have been a...

Strange Rumblings In Shangri La A review of the new film by Joe G and Globe

This film evoked surf emotions I didn't know I had.

All This Mayhem A new film we’re pretty into

Vice doesn't fuck around.
Darren Ankerman on What Youth

Darren Ankenman Photographer

Bukowski behind the lens. Beautiful and real and perfect.

Lurk NYC Photographer

Right place, right time, all the time. And a lot of talent.
Lou Reed The Life by Mick Wall

Lou Reed: The Life By Mick Wall

Book club anyone?

And then we went to France Collected Thoughts 069

Editor’s note: We bought Quinn a ticket to France Sunday, right in the face of an Air France strike, making...
Off Beat chippa Wilson on what youth

Off Beat: Chippa Wilson Episode 019

Under the influence of a lot of jet lag and travel, and during a 12 hour boat journey into northern...
what youth scott chenoweth illustration

Every Wall A Door: The C.S. Louis Journals Part Two: Why I love Styx…In Mexico

C.S. Louis has spent the majority of his life serving the God's of core.
Nolan hall photo credit what youth

Photo Credit: Nolan Hall Portfolio 008

Working for Vans puts you in some pretty good company. And when your’e a cool cat like Nolan Hall, you’re...
Less is Less radio show on what youth starring creed mctaggart and blake myers

Less Is Less Radio Episode 005

Live from Jeffrey's Bay it's Andrew Doheny, Beau Foster, Creed McTaggart and Blake Myers.
Wayne Lynch photographed by Mark Oblow What Youth

Wayne Lynch, Hawaii Back Den 025

From a kid surfing in the late 70s wayne lynch was the man! His style, his attitude, his surfing was...
What Youth Girls

6823 Long Beach, CA

The end of summer in California is always the hottest.
Gabriel Medina 2014 Hurley Lowers Pro

Gabriel Medina in a Locker Room Collected Thoughts 068

Gabriel a locker room?

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