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christian fletcher what youth issue 6

What Youth Issue 6 Trailer Video tour of our months on the run

We’ve now revealed the cover shot — a three-year-old Christian Fletcher — now it’s time to take a moving stroll through the entire book. What begins with a raw and revealing interview with Christian Fletcher that takes place in between 80 MPH drag races through the streets of Bali, winds through revolutionary chats with skateboarding…

What Youth Issue 6 Christian fletcher photographed by Herbie Fletcher

What Youth Issue 6 On Sale Now

On the cover: A three-year-old Christian Fletcher photographed by his dad Herbie Fletcher in 1974. We bled for this issue. Rode on the back of Christian Fletcher’s motorcycle through crowded Bali streets to prove our worth. And because of that we were given the opportunity to speak at length with Christian to give you an…

Kai Neville Copenhagen Project Arto Saari Dear Youth surfing Skating What Youth

Dear Youth The Copenhagen project today at noon

This is a photo snapped by Blake Myers of Kai Neville shooting film of Arto Saari, who is shooting a photo of Kai, while a tourist takes a photo of all of them. Rad. The Copenhagen Project will begin streaming right here today at 12:00 noon PST.  Tonight we’ll be premiering the film, releasing What…

the copenhagen project what youth

The Copenhagen Project A film by What Youth in collaboration with Monster Energy

It’s only been within the last few years that we’ve noticed enough crossover in surfing and skating that the idea of a collaboration like this was real.

The copenhagen project what youth shane oneill

Park Peek with Shane O’Neill A Copenhagen Project Prequel

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Copenhagen and it’s skateboard culture it’s that there is nothing in the world quite like it. Here, quite possibly one of the world’s most technically perfect skaters, Shane O’Neill (check his new Nike part from SB Chronicles here via Thrasher Magazine to see what we mean) takes us…

Arto Saari the copenhagen project what youth

Meet Arto A Copenhagen Project Prequel

Arto Saari really needs no introduction. He’s put out some of the best skate parts in history and continues to push and influence the culture with his photography and passion for skateboarding. He is like a Viking myth in person. One of the immortal’s of our culture. It was an honor to go to Copenhagen…

Danny Fuller Byrne surfboards color me in what youth

Color Me In: Danny Fuller & Michael Barron of Byrne Surfboards Episode 003 Presented by Futures

Danny Fuller and Michael Barron go for a paddle in Huntington Beach and debate the art of shaping in it’s modern form.

the copenhagen project what youth arto saari peter ramondetta

The Copenhagen Project Trailer 2

This is the second trailer for our new film The Copenhagen Project. We’ll be releasing it December 13, 2013 right here at What Youth. Starring Shane O’Neill, Ishod Wair, Peter Ramondetta, Arto Saari and more.

Geoff Rowley Afternoon interview what youth

Afternoon Interview: Geoff Rowley Episode 011 (Part 2)

"Now's a good time to reinvigorate and get ready for the next wave of destruction — and I hope surf,...
Lizards of Summer what youth surfing

Lizards of Summer Episode 002

There's no explaining this. It's a celebration.
Pontas Al polar skateboard company what youth arto saari the copenhagen project

Deadline Update Collected Thoughts 059

OK, we’re not as fucked as before. But when you make a lot of rad shit, this sort of thing...
Geoff Rowley Afternoon Interview what youth

Afternoon Interview: Geoff Rowley Episode 011 (Part 1)

Geoff Rowley walked into What Youth with a skateboard under his arm, standing in the center of our warehouse and...
the copenhagen project what youth arto saari

The Copenhagen Project Trailer 1

It’s one of the last skate events for outlaws. It’s free-spirited, real skate culture. Shit will happen and it will...
Creed McTaggart surfing in panama what youth

Creed McTaggard in Panama Collected Thoughts 058

“I could picture myself just going there and hiding out for like 4 months and losing myself — just getting...
Noa Deane South Africa what youth

A dispatch on airwind from C.S. Louis in South Africa Collected Thoughts 057

Editor’s note: For those of you familiar with our printed books, you may recognize the name C.S. Louis from a...
indonesia surfing what youth

Photo Credit: Hamish Humphreys Portfolio 001

ALL PHOTOS AND CAPTIONS: Hamish Humphreys It’s no big secret that What Youth photographer Nate Lawrence is one of the...
Noa Deane and brendon gibbens in south africa what youth

South African corner pocket Collected Thoughts 056

Brendon Gibbens and Noa Deane are on the run. Bali to Oz to Indo again and now they’re hunting ramps...
Caffeine Nicotine Travel Surfing What Youth Dear Youth

Dear Youth From the terminal

These artifacts detail a long-winded sitting. With an interesting man. Who had a lot to say. The setting was perfect....
Lizards of Summer what youth surfing

Lizards of Summer Episode 001

Just a bunch of lizards sunning themselves all over this funny rock we live upon.
West Australia Creed McTaggart Jay Davies Taj Burrow Dear Youth Surfing What Youth

Dear Youth: Taj Burrow, Creed McTaggart and Jay Davies farewell session in the West

We made our beds at Taj’s house this morning. Packed up and toasted the forever legendary one himself for his...
What Youth Issue 5 ozzie wright

A Coffee with Ozzie Taken from the pages of What Youth Issue 5

Ozzie Wright loves Indonesia more than any other place on earth. He first came here as a fetus in his...
Dolan Stearns what youth skateboarding

Dolan Stearns tre flip, Lake Henshaw Dam Collected Thoughts 055

“I was nervous for sure — but more nervous-excited just to skate the spot.” Dolan Stearns recently stomped this tre...
Dolan Stearns failry normal what youth skateboarding

Fairly Normal: Dolan Stearns Episode 012

It's rad to meet someone like this. It's nice to know they still exist, beneath the surface of the mainstream,...
brett simpson mat biolos lost surfboards what youth color me in

Color Me In: Brett Simpson & Matt Biolos Episode 002 Presented by Futures

When was the last time you talked to your shaper about Ian Mackay, Fugazi and Minor Threat? Well, we sure...
Craig Anderson Hayden surfboards color me in what youth surfing

Color Me In: Craig Anderson & Hayden Cox Episode 001 Presented by Futures

"I feel like the more you know about surfboards, the more you just go crazy."—Craig Anderson
Jeremy Asher Lynch Remind me to forget Dear Youth What Youth

Dear Youth Be present

“A creator needs only one enthusiast to justify him.” The surrealist sexual painter/photographer Man Ray said this. And we think...
Ryan Callinan Fairly Normal What youth

Fairly Normal: Ryan Callinan Episode 011

Hit play, devour some of our bandwidth and meet the modest man who's making Merewether Beach so proud — and...
Brendon Gibbens off beat what youth

Off Beat: Brendon Gibbens Episode 014

His answers come with a polite charm that you only find from a surfer born in Germany who now hails...
Creed in black and white surfing what youth

Creed in Black and White Let’s go surfing

Creed McTaggart is from Western Australia. But over the course of this year he probably hasn’t spent much time there....
Jeremy Lynch Alex Knost Surfing Advice Dear Youth What Youth

Dear Youth More friendly advice for a lot of young men (and women and iPhone users)

“We spend our time searching for security and hate it when we get it.” John Steinbeck wrote that line in...
Noa Deane off beat what youth

Off Beat: Noa Deane Episode 013

There’s something cooking besides Noa Deane in this episode of Off Beat. It was captured while filming for an all-new...
notes from the underground what youth issue 5

Notes From the Underground Beautiful Distortion curated by Damon Way

Every three months, music guru and overall genius Damon Way sends us a block of music for his recurring What...

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