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Mark Gonzales photographed by Mark Oblow Back Den what youth Wallows

Mark Gonzales, Wallows, 1986 Back Den 016

The Gonz, Wallows 1986 with Jesse Martinez and Gator in the background.

Greyson Fletcher riley blakeway team average waht youth

Greyson Fletcher and Riley Blakeway at the premiere of Team Average 2.0 Collected Thoughts 063

Last night we went out in LA to support our good friend Riley Blakeway and magazine buddies Monster Children for the premiere of their Team Average project: A trip featuring surfers and skaters shredding together across a foreign land. This time it was New Zealand with Chippa Wilson, Dylan Rieder, Greyson Fletcher, Alex Grey, Jack…

What youth reports freedom artists

What Youth Reports: Freedom Artists Episode 005

Freedom Artists are a group of surfers and skaters who have turned the artwork of their talented friends and artist’s work into rad, one of a kind shirts, done the old fashioned way, with a screen print.

What Youth issue 7 chas smith

How to go to war Friendly advice for dangerous places

WORDS AND PHOTOS: Chas Smith Editor’s note: Chas Smith is currently writing a terrifically entertaining series for our ultra rad friends at Oyster Magazine called War Dandy. He is traveling to dangerous places regularly. He leaves his surfboards at home, but he brings every bit of Chas Smith with him. You should read it today…

Brooks Sterling photography surfing and skateboarding photos what youth

Photo Credit: Brooks Sterling Portfolio 005

Brooks Sterling has found himself on the deck of some pretty prestigious empty pools. In the lineup with some of our favorite surfers. And designing some of our favorite brands’ websites. He’s a multi-talented art man, specializing in photography, design, typography and graphic design. We asked him to curate a small selection of images, themed…

Jole Tudor photographed by Mark Oblow what youth

Joel Tudor, San Diego Back Den 018

Joel Tudor at his home in S.D., CA. Style and grace just flows through his blood.

Damien Hobgood surfing what youth issue 7

Post Traumatic: Damien Hobgood Interview From the pages of What Youth Issue 7

Editor’s Note: Damien Hobgood, along with his brother CJ, have long been some of surfing’s greatest pros and greatest people simultaneously. Through films (Playground to Secret Machine and Year Zero) and their ability to travel the globe dripping in southern charm, they’ve managed to log all-time sessions at some of the world’s craziest spots, without…

dion Agius dane reynolds craig anderson what youth

Dear Youth Craig Anderson, Dion Agius, Dane Reynolds in New Zealand, filming for Dear Suburbia, 2012

Editor’s Note: Blake Myers is Kai Neville and What Youth’s mascot/employee/filmmaker/creative Kiwi. He’s been making Lego videos and films for years now, and he’s also pretty good at snapping interesting photos along the way. The moments that usually go unoticed — which we thrive on. He’ll be contributing to Photo Credit and unearthing his archive…

Less is less radio show on what youth starring creed mctaggart

Less Is Less Radio Episode 001

This first radio show features Blake and Creed with Thom Pringle and Brendon Gibbens. You might wanna get a coffee/beer.
Kai Neville Creed McTaggart Noa Deane Dear Youth What Youth Music

Dear Youth Click happy

“Popular is not the same as important, or often, not the same as good.” — Seth Godin Yesterday, sitting in...
Chippa Wilson getting barreled for cluster what youth

Dear Youth Chippa Wilson, Indonesia, Last week

Nate Lawrence: “Chippa Wilson is more known for his airs than his barrel riding skills, but damn can he ride...
Noa Deane Surfing Cluster What Youth Dear Youth

Dear Youth Noa Deane’s washed up traveler kit

A lot of people like to snap photos of their ultra-curated travel kits: vintage camera, neat bag, perfectly-folded shirt, passport,...
Alex Zhang Hungtai stay tuned what youth music

Stay Tuned: Alex Zhang Hungtai of Dirty Beaches Playlist 004 Presented by DBlanc

When you reach out to Alex Zhang Hungtai of Dirty Beaches for a curated playlist, there’s a pretty good chance...
Nick Lavecchia photo credit on what youth

Photo Credit: Nick Lavecchia Portfolio 004

Nick Lavecchia doesn’t exactly live in the hub of the surf world or industry. He doesn’t live near a big...
Tony Hawk photographed by Mark Oblow what youth

Tony Hawk, San Diego, 2000 Back Den 015

Tony Hawk shot at his home in San Diego by Mark Oblow.
Julian LUBE what youth for the love

For The Love: LUBE Episode 004 Presented by Vissla

They book their own tours, get their friends kicked out of apartments for playing too loud, play in bars they...

Macaronis: Part 2 Starring Noa Deane, Mitch Coleborn, Jack Freestone and Chippa Wilson

If you can believe it, there’s more. So much more. A week at Macaronis with good winds and cameras rolling...
chippa wilson what youth issue 7 surfing cluster

Macaronis: Part 2 Starring Noa Deane, Mitch Coleborn, Jack Freestone and Chippa Wilson

If you can believe it, there’s more. So much more. A week at Macaronis with good winds and cameras rolling...
Mitch Coleborn surfing what youth

Macaronis: Part 1 Starring Noa Deane, Mitch Coleborn, Jack Freestone and Chippa Wilson

Kai’s new film — which you’ll see is announced inside What Youth Issue 7 — began with a pretty lofty...
Mitch coleborn what youth issue 7

Behind The Cover There’s the photo, here’s the story

A lot of people have been asking about this month’s cover. Like, umm, “What the fuck?” So we thought it’d...
Kolohe Andino straight Forward what youth surfing

Straight Forward: Kolohe Andino & Friends Episode 008

This is why we do this shit. Fun, fun, fun. Sun, sun, sun.
Ryan callinan off beat what youth

Off Beat: Ryan Callinan Episode 016

Ryan Callinan makes us happy. That’s probably because he smiles a lot. He also pulls crazy shit on trips and...
Andrew Schoener surfing photography what youth

Photo Credit: Andrew Schoener Portfolio 003

Shooting film photography is probably the best way to go bankrupt in the current media climate. From processing fees, expensive...
Noa Deana Indonesia Cluster Kai Neville Surfing Dear Youth What Youth

Dear Youth Noa Deane’s Indo stitch up

The ramps were good and the crowd was super mellow with the stiff breeze. 30 minutes into the surf Noa...
Mike Piscitelli photographed by Mark Oblow what youth

Mike Piscitelli and Mini Anden, New York Back Den 014

Mini Anden & Mike Piscitelli NYC. 1999 spring street. Shot with Yashica 35mm kodak 160nc.
Shawn Briley afternoon interview what youth

Afternoon Interview: Shawn Briley Episode 015 (Part 2)

Shawn touches on what it was that pushed him to surf massive waves, go full throttle, who his influences were...
hawn Briley afternoon interview what youth

Afternoon Interview: Shawn Briley Episode 015 (Part 1)

At age 24, seemingly at the peak of a solid pro career, Shawn Briley vanished. From the water. The industry....
mitch crews color me in lee stacey what youth

Color Me In: Mitch Crews & Lee Stacey Episode 006 Presented by Futures

Our crusade of getting shapers out of their bays and into the water is continues.
mitch coleborn jack freestone noa deane what youth cluster

Dear Youth Nate on the Run

Editor’s note: Nate Lawrence is a good employee. Fills our hard drives with photographic gold all year long and is...
Stay Tuned what youth

Stay Tuned: Songs from Sections Playlist 003 Presented by DBlanc

We perused our rapidly blooming VHS collection here and selected some of our favorite surf video part songs.
Jason Dill and Kelly Osbourne photographed by Mark Oblow what youth

Kelly Osbourne and Jason Dill, Los Angeles, 2009 Back Den 013

Kelly Osbourne and Jason Dill in 2009 at the house the O.G. Osbourne's TV show was filmed at.
Lizards of Summer what youth surfing

Lizards of Summer Episode 007

Another 30 days of dancing on the road. Couple cheeseburgers in paradise. A few clips logged. Yadin Nicol sightings. Craig...

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