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Nathan Fletcher and Koby Abberton Back Den 121: North Shore, 2008

what youth nathan fletcher back den by mark oblow

“nathan fletcher and koby abberton on the north shore, oahu 2008. the conversations between these two are always priceless. shot on canon Eos-1ds mark ll, 28-105mm.” —Mark Oblow

what youth back den photographed by mark oblow stefan janoski and greg hunt

Stefan Janoski and Greg Hunt, 2007 Back Den 112: Underwater Fight in Greece

“2007  we went to greece for an analog trip. greg hunt and stefan janoski got into an underwater fight. luckily no one was hurt but man was it intense.” —Mark Oblow

what youth skatebparding back den mark oblow colin mckay

Kareem Campbell and Colin McKay Back Den 111

“kareem campbell & colin mckay. our distributor got us our rooms and gave us cash. some of us got drinks, some of got food, some of us got weed. amsterdam, circa 90’s. batter up.” —Mark Oblow

what youth back den mark oblow imogene barron japan

Imogene Barron, Japan 2014 Back Den 110

“in 2014 i took a trip with imogene barron to japan for stance. she blew my mind! such a talented and straight up ruling girl! she has become part of my family and i love her forever! check out her photos, check out her styling work and be prepared to be blown away.” —Mark Oblow

what youth ozzy osborne

Ozzy Osbourne in Los Angeles, 2010 Back Den 109

“some days of my life are happy, some days of my life are sad, some days of my life are boring some days of my life i’m shooting ozzy… ozzy osbourne photographed in his home, la, ca. 2010″ —Mark Oblow

what youth back den mark oblow photograph of Dylan Rieder

Dylan Rieder at Home in Hollywood Back Den 108

“dylan rieder shot in his home in la, ca. for gravis footwear on 05/18/11. as you can imagine shooting dylan was never a hard thing to do. he was always down to do his job, and down to let you do yours. shot on leica M9, summicron-M 50m” —Mark Oblow

what youth back den dylan rieder

Russell Houghten and Dylan Rieder Back Den 107: Spain for the first Gravis trip

“russell houghten and dylan rieder on the first gravis trip to spain. circa back den….. forever love forever dylan remember to smile…” —Mark Oblow

what youth back den dylan rieder skateboarding mark oblow

Dylan Rieder Back Den 105: The day Oblow met Dylan

“to think this day would be the start of our friendship, the start of our future, the start of our love. i’m so blessed i got to spend all the time i did with you and experience the things i did with you. you were the most beautiful, strong, loving human i knew. thank you…

what youth mark gonzales back den photography mark oblow

Mark Gonzales, Los Angeles, 2016 Back Den 104

“i got to spend the day with my long time friend and team mate mark gonzales, we went to some gallery’s and looked at art, we stopped by so he could sign a few posters. then we had some vegan food. it was amazing day talking about old times in hawaii, skateboarding, mark’s new…

what youth back den stefan janoski mark oblow

Stefan Janoski, Berlin Back Den 103

“the creative minds of skateboarders always seem to get me inspired. stefan is such an amazing skateboarder, and that is what he’s known for but his art is who he truly is. skateboarding is his paint that he adds to the worlds canvas. stefan janoski in berlin. shot on canon eos-1ds mark III with zeis…

what youth back den shota kubo mark oblow photography

Shota Kubo, North Shore, Hawaii, June 2016 Back Den 102

“shota kubo does one of the most beautiful backside smith grinds in cholo’s pool, north shore oahu. taking the torch from pops “shogo kubo” and making him very proud! shot june 2016″ —Mark Oblow

what youth back den the kills

Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince of The Kills, Los Angeles, CA Back Den 101

“some days my life doesn’t seem real. shooting the kills and calling it work? well, that’s one of them. i have been blessed to work with some of music’s best and am very thankful to add the kills to my list. seeing them interact with their fans was amazing. they are rad humans. i’ve had…

what youth back den mark oblow skateboarding hawaii

Scott Oblow, Kahala Hawaii, 1987 Back Den 100

Editor’s note: Today is the 100th Back Den we’ve done with photographer Mark Oblow. It’s really an honor to get to show you these every Monday, the depth and scope of his work, the variety, the legitimacy of his career, past and current blows our minds every week. Take a minute today and peruse the…

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