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Conversation With: Audacity Plus the World Premiere of their new video for “Not Like You”

Orange County’s staple garage-punk band Audacity is pounding on your door with another ruckus album, and you’re bound to fall in pop-punk-love with it. If you haven’t had the privilege of growing up with Audacity records through your punk rock teen years, or had the chance to get high off their endless energy at one of their shows, then try not to miss it this time around.

They started young as rowdy teens in high school over ten years ago, and they’ve only grown into themselves even more rather than “selling out” or changing direction completely, and miraculously managed to keep a devoted fan-base while picking up new ones along the way.

The new album, Hyper Vessels, was recorded by Ty Segall, an artist we know you all love. You’ll definitely hear Ty’s production value in the new music, but the heart of the album as a whole remains true to Audacity’s persona to the core.

So to all the old and new fans alike, check out their new music video posted here just for you. Read the mini interview we did with them. And then after you’re pulled into Audacity world, head over HERE to purchase the new album. Tour dates are also listed below. –Asal Shahindoust

What Youth: How does a band that’s been together for over a decade stick to their roots?

Audacity: It’s easy to stick to our roots! I think the roots of this band are us being old friends and making each other laugh. As long as we’re laughing and having a good time together, it’s like the decade has been ten minutes!

Tell us about Ty Segall recording the new album and other ways Audacity’s music has changed and/or grown since the last albums.

We recorded this album with Ty at his house. He has a garage that he’s converted into a studio. We’ve known him since we were 16, so it’s nice to work with someone who’s familiar with our music and also knows what he’s doing. Our newest album Hyper Vessels is a perfect amalgamation of everything great about our last albums, it’s wild but still anchored by good poppy songs with hooks and emotion and drama.

What can devoted Audacity fans look forward to in this new record and beyond?

I think devoted Audacity fans can look forward to more crushing disappointment, more confusion from their loved ones as to why they care about this band. But seriously, we’ll be touring more and putting out new good music real soon.

Tell us the story behind the artwork for Hyper Vessels.

The artwork for Hyper Vessels was done by Teryn Brown, a very talented artist and friend who now lives in the Bay Area. We went through all of the songs and lyrics and tried to pick out reoccurring images and symbols. Then we’d give this list to Teryn, and she would interpret them into visual form and that’s the cover.

After over ten years of touring, is there anything you still never get sick of?

I think the one thing you can never get sick of is the actual act of playing on stage. People applauding for you is nice. It’s also the release when you’re on tour, so it’s always the best part.

Let us in on the secrets of Audacity’s pre-show rituals

Pre show ritual from this last tour was to lift our shirts and touch all our bellies together, or as we call them our “gills.” Then we’d say some nonsense about filling gills, and drink tequila and feel very overweight.

What Audacity song would you suggest to someone who has never listened to Audacity before?

I would recommend the song “Umbrellas” from our new album Hyper Vessels because it’s new and people seem to like it.


Audacity Tour Dates:

08.19.16 – San Diego, CA @ Che Cafe w/ VHS
08.21.16 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Smell w/ VHS
08.22.16 – San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern w/ VHS
08.23.16 – Reno, NV @ Holland Project w/ VHS
08.24.16 – Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios w/ VHS
08.25.16 – Seattle, WA @ Neumos at the Suicide Squeeze 20th Anniversary
08.27.16 – Oakland, CA @ Mile High Club

10.14-16 – Joshua Tree, CA @ Desert Daze w/ Primus, Television, Suicide, The Coathangers and more

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