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Collected Thoughts 038 You don’t have a clue who Luke Davis really is. Neither did we.

Luke Davis and Kai Neville check out surfboards What Youth
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PHOTO: Ferré

“Can I just style the movie?” Luke Davis asks us as we review footage high above Coolangatta yesterday afternoon. “I’m thinking combat boots…” Luke is in Australia filming for Reef and What Youth’s rapidly approaching film, Anything Sing, but he’s more interested in talking to us about what’s going on behind the scenes. He’s put in the hard work and is now chipping away at some final clips after having just finished battling a severe case of pneumonia, which left him with a serious bag of antibiotics.

Luke sits around his computer tweaking with beats he’s been messing with between surfs. He has a huge tattoo on his thigh that I don’t remember him having. And several others. Who is the fuck is Luke Davis now? I thought he was an OC kid obsessed with Rihanna, but he’s turning out to be much more. Kai is thinking the same thing. Luke is reminiscing on a recent trip to Morocco with Nate Lawrence and Victor Pakpour when he launches into an assault on Moroccan breakfast:”One hunk of bread, one hardboiled egg…covered in bees. And you’ll go to prison if you drink a beer in public.”

By the end of our afternoon with Luke we had a completely different vision of a kid we thought we’d had a pretty good idea about since he was 12, but between his very candid and pointed theory about the surf world, surfboards, music, tattoos, the industry and women, we quickly realized we’ve had him all wrong. Combine that with his solid forehand arc and we’ve got a recipe for a fucking sick dude we’re psyched to introduce you to. Stay tuned for more as we build to the release of Anything Sing and the premiere tour all along the west coast next month. —Travis

what youth taj burrow surfing nate lawrence

Collected Thoughts 089 Taj Burrow always rules

Taj just released a rad little video online. It has waves in it that remind me of why I fell in love with Taj’s surfing. I can remember being a teenager and watching Sabotaj on VHS with my buddies. None of us had ever been to Australia. We had never even left Santa Cruz really….

what youth collected thoughts nate tyler santa cruz nate lawrence

Collected Thoughts 088 Flash with Nate Tyler in Santa Cruz

With all the gimmicks and stunts that have gone down this year it makes me think back to the early 2000’s in Santa Cruz. It was the epicenter of smoke and mirror surfing. We’d either go pull into closeout barrels or use jet skis to whip into 2 foot waves with many of the guys…

what youth collected thoughts bali boys in hawaii

Collected Thoughts 087 Bali Boys in Hawaii

“This is a photo of the Bali Boys in Hawaii almost a decade ago. They always had a good connection with the Hawaiians because in the summer all the Hawaiians would come get barreled in Indo. This photo was shot at Kahea Hart’s house where a lot of them stayed. I think most of the…

Collected Thoughts what youth luke steadman taj burrow surfing indonesia

Collected Thoughts 086 Luke Stedman, Fa Empel, Taj Burrow and Sam Macintosh in Indonesia

“Luke Stedmen, Fa Empel, Taj Burrow and Sam Macintosh [Founder of Stab]. We were on our way back from the Mentawai Islands on a charter boat and we weren’t going make our flight in time. So the five of us had to get up at 4 a.m., load all our stuff on the dinghy and drive on…

what youth collected thoughts kolohe andino nat young alana blanchard

Collected Thoughts 085 Go way back with Nat Young, Alana Blanchard and Kolohe Andino

“This photo brings so much joy to my face. It was shot in the middle of the Indian Ocean during a perfect week of waves. I was shooting some portraits of the 3 Americans and then all of a sudden Kolohe went for this pose and created one of the best photos from the entire…

what youth collected thoughts peter mel

Collected Thoughts 084 Pete Mel in Santa Cruz

“Pete Mel is a fucking boss. He’s one of my favorite humans ever. I shot this photo of him in front of his house when he lived in Santa Cruz. This was one of his favorite boards to surf Maverick’s on. And Pete was one of the original guys from Santa Cruz to really tackle…

what youth collected thoughts

Collected Thoughts 083 How in the hell did we surf in baggy trunks?

“The only reason you are looking at this photo is to see the length of the boardshorts that we all used to surf in. How in the hell did we do it?” —Nate Lawrence

what youth collected thoughts dane reynolds

Collected Thoughts 082 Dane Reynolds in Santa Cruz

“I think Dane was in Santa Cruz for the Cold Water Classic this year. The weather was warm and the waves were nonstop that year. I remember being so excited because Dane Reynolds was coming to my home town. I got to show him a few spots around town and a few times my friends…

what youth mark healey jesse merle jones

Collected Thoughts 081 Mark Healey and Jesse Merle Jones

Healey and Merle. How good are these two humans! This photo was taken during my first real season spending time on the North Shore for Surfing Magazine. I wanted to photograph people in their homes and not the “team houses”. I liked each adventure of finding the house or room or tent that guys were…

what youth collected thoughts surfing gavin beschen

Collected Thoughts 080 Gavin Beschen backside

Yep that’s a DVS sticker on Gavin’s board. This photo was shot almost 9 years ago, and not much has changed. Gavin is still shredding just about as hard as anyone and with the smoothest style.—Nate Lawrence

chris ward what youth

Collected Thoughts 079 Chris Ward, Padang

Editor’s note: Scotty Hammonds is from Encinitas, CA and probably surfs better than a lot of the people he shoots photos of. I like when that happens. Nate Lawrence does the same to people. Anyway, Scotty’s been floating around and living in Bali the past few years, shooting and surfing and he recently linked up…

what youth collected thoughts tom curren

Collected Thoughts 078 Tom Curren in France

Tom Curren in France during a warm September day surfing La Graviere. What else could you ask for? The sandbar this year was so perfect. It was 10 years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. I drove up the coast from Biarritz with Luke Stedman and it was perfect offshore and barreling…