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Collected Thoughts 038 You don’t have a clue who Luke Davis really is. Neither did we.

Luke Davis and Kai Neville check out surfboards What Youth
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PHOTO: Ferré

“Can I just style the movie?” Luke Davis asks us as we review footage high above Coolangatta yesterday afternoon. “I’m thinking combat boots…” Luke is in Australia filming for Reef and What Youth’s rapidly approaching film, Anything Sing, but he’s more interested in talking to us about what’s going on behind the scenes. He’s put in the hard work and is now chipping away at some final clips after having just finished battling a severe case of pneumonia, which left him with a serious bag of antibiotics.

Luke sits around his computer tweaking with beats he’s been messing with between surfs. He has a huge tattoo on his thigh that I don’t remember him having. And several others. Who is the fuck is Luke Davis now? I thought he was an OC kid obsessed with Rihanna, but he’s turning out to be much more. Kai is thinking the same thing. Luke is reminiscing on a recent trip to Morocco with Nate Lawrence and Victor Pakpour when he launches into an assault on Moroccan breakfast:”One hunk of bread, one hardboiled egg…covered in bees. And you’ll go to prison if you drink a beer in public.”

By the end of our afternoon with Luke we had a completely different vision of a kid we thought we’d had a pretty good idea about since he was 12, but between his very candid and pointed theory about the surf world, surfboards, music, tattoos, the industry and women, we quickly realized we’ve had him all wrong. Combine that with his solid forehand arc and we’ve got a recipe for a fucking sick dude we’re psyched to introduce you to. Stay tuned for more as we build to the release of Anything Sing and the premiere tour all along the west coast next month. —Travis

what youth surfing indonesia

Collected Thoughts 100 The Indian Ocean Spotlight: beach parties, waves and Scandinavian women

The Indian Ocean is back in the spotlight. Swells are stacking up and surfers are busy paying excess baggage on flights. So what’s new? It’s still hot, dirty and full of Brazilians. There’s still corruption and crazy tourists. People are still getting crunched my motorbikes daily. But there are parties every night and Scandinavian women…

what youth chippa wilson surfing bali

Collected Thoughts 099 Chippa Wilson, Bali 2016

“Sometimes it feels so good to dig your back hand in the water and do a nice Larry layback. Chippa in Bali recently unveiling his new Brixton stickers.” —Nate Lawrence

what youth collected thoughts nate lawrence indonesia

Collected Thoughts 098 “Lucky Enough to be in the right place at the right time.”

If Nate Lawrence’s lens could talk…..Indonesia.   

what youth mason ho photography nate lawrence surfing bali

Collected Thoughts 097 Be Like Mason Ho

“Why can’t everyone just be a little bit more like Mason Ho?” —Nate Lawrence

what youth surfing collected thoughts nate lawrence raph bruhwiler

Collected Thoughts 096 Raph Bruhwiler, Canada 2011

“Raph is amazing. Canada is amazing. This wave is amazing.  And drinking Iceburgs at Shelter is amazing” —Nate Lawrence

what youth collected thoughts mikey wright surfing pipeline

Collected Thoughts 095 Mikey Wright, Pipeline 2014

“In 2014 I only knew Mikey Wright as Owen’s little brother. Even though he was doing stuff like you see in this photo pretty consistently. Now Mikey is his own brand. He’s not Owen’s little brother anymore. The surfing he is doing is unique. It’s fresh. And pretty soon we could be referring to Owen…

what youth jordy smith surfing in indonesia

Collected Thoughts 094 Jordy Smith, Indonesia, 2013

“Jordy Smith, Indonesia 2013. Everything about this photo makes me want to pack up a bag and get back to this wave. I just hope there’s still no one out.” —Nate Lawrence

what youth kai neville nate lawrence indonesia

Collected Thoughts 093 Kai Nevile, Indonesia

“Kai Neville, Indonesia. The winds are light. The swell is picking up. The tank is full. It’s looking like a good time to be in Indonesia.” —Nate Lawrence

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Collected Thoughts 092 Kelia Moniz, Laura Enever and Monyca Eleogram

“Kelia Moniz, Laura Enever and Monyca Eleogram. Sunset Elementary. I shot this photo on the basketball courts on the North Shore of Hawaii back in 2012. Each has a different style on land and in the water. But all of the them seem to have fun no matter what they are doing.” —Nate Lawrence

What Youth Craig Anderson

Collected Thoughts 092: Craig Anderson “Cameo Mod” in Uluwatu April 2010

“April, 2010. Craig had just debuted to the world for the first time in Modern Collective. He blew minds with his backside rotations in shark waters as the “Cameo Mod.” But we still had no idea who Craig was. Chas Smith and I hung with Craig for 2 weeks in Oz a few months after the…

what youth jordy smith surfing

Collected Thoughts 091 Earth to Jordy…We want more of this.

Jordy, where’d you go? We wanna see more of this this year. Find good waves. Book those last minute flights. Get back at it. With the boys. Love, What Youth

what youth santa cruz nate lawrence collected thoughts

Collected Thoughts 090 Santa Cruz, localism, kooks and me.

I recently made a mistake. I took a photo at a spot in Santa Cruz and posted it on our WY Instagram account. I didn’t name the spot, but I did say it was a wave that rarely breaks in Santa Cruz. And the photo tells exactly where the wave is. Then came the comments……