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What Youth Drinks: All Day! In it for the long haul? We’re here to help.

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There’s not a lot better than when the daytime festivities bleed right into some nighttime fun. Some sun, some drinks, some bros, some babes, some waves — it don’t get no better, except when all that rolls into dinner and drinks and beyond. But making that marathon till midnight doesn’t come easy. It takes stamina and experience and maybe some caffeine.

I’ve learned — I’ve found myself on both sides of the party coin, sometimes still rallying hard while friends get too drunk and fade away, and other times staring blankly into space while the party swirls around me. We’d all agree the former is better than the latter.

Yes, while day drinking takes stamina and experience and maybe some caffeine, it definitely respects some self-imposed rules. It’s science, trust these 10 rules:

DO Drink a lager: While we love all sorts of beer, a mid-day IPA and its similar dark friends are all energy zappers. Their high alcohol content and their heaviness will put you to sleep and make you fat. So make like a pro and stick to lagers like Sol, Tecate, or Pacifico. Or even Bud Lights, like the real Mexicans do.

DON’T drink anything served in a Martini glass. Especially martinis. Unless you make it till nightfall, then the cuffs are off and drink whatever you damn well please.

DON’T drink out of a bowl. Don’t drink out of a fish bowl or tiki bowl or party bowl unless you want to be gripping the toilet bowl.

DO Make Clean Cocktails: Add club soda, coconut water, or fresh juice to your rum, vodka, etc. You’re multitasking here, both by diluting your spirit so you can drink more, and by putting something hydrating in your body. Rum, club soda, and lime is a great go-to.

DO Call some friends. Drinking alone all day is highly worrisome.

DON’T Drink Sugary Drinks. Because you’re going to only be able to have like one of those before you feel like you’re going to die.

DO Always opt for the 30 rack. Never feels good to buy a 6 pack and always feels good to share. Plus, nothing kills a daytime party like running out of beer at 3 o’clock. Liquor store runs are a bummer.

DO Drink water. Is this obvious? I know beer is “like, 90% water dude,” but seriously. Drink water. Experts say one glass of water per drink. That’s good advice.

DO EAT. All that beer and fun will make you forget to eat. So try to stay on track and eat normal meals. Or at least a Cali Burrito. Put something solid in your stomach so you can keep going.

DON’T think being able to drink all day is a test of your manliness. While there’s some man-ing up and sacking up to be done to keep yourself afloat as the drinks keep flowing, you’re better off following these guidelines.

OK? I’ll see you in the sun. –Paul Brewer

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