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Afternoon Interview: Mark Oblow Episode 004

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A true artist reinvents himself often. And Mark Oblow, the subject in today’s Afternoon Interview, does this almost daily. He’s shot campaigns for the surf world’s biggest brands including Quiksilver and Analog. He’s since successfully made the leap into the world of mainstream sports and shot with the likes of David Beckham, Katy Perry and Snoop Dog for Adidas. And now he’s onto another venture, which sees him diving into the art world almost by default. But when you’re good you’re good.

Here we take a stroll through Oblow’s immaculate studio in Costa Mesa, which includes a magazine room, a drum room, photo studio and walls littered with priceless and iconic surf and skate culture mementos.

Mark has contributed to every issue of What Youth Quarterly — including the cover of Nathan Fletcher in Issue 3 — and continues to inspire all of us with his knowledge and genuine bad ass spirit. Hit play and meet him and and be sure to peruse his journals and photography work at his site

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