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Fairly Normal: Cam Richards Episode 025: A trip into the deep south for a story that was far from ending @sealtooth


We shot guns. Caught a shark. Rode motorcycles. Drank light beer. Ate fried food. And immersed in deep southern culture with Cam Richards and his family. His family dynamic is as unique as it is hospitable. Cam, his dad Kelly and brother Cole are a tightly knit unit and uniquely bring surf culture into the deep south. We did not leave the country to make this, but it was easily one of the most foreign experiences we’ve been.

Whether he likes it or not, Cam Richards will always be tied to his social media duel with Dane Reynolds over the Hurley Pro Wildcard a few years ago (@sealtooth the handle was born out of necessity during this duel). At the time it would have been easy to write Cam off with that being his 5 minutes of fame and a fun social media experiment and a nice publicity bump for a surf kid from South Carolina. Since that day though, Cam has continued to show up. His surfing has evolved, he’s traveled all over the world and basically started fucking ripping.

We’ve noticed his constant evolution and full-rotation airs and fearless approach coupled with his unique story that we had to see to believe. So we did, we went to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and experienced a unique blend of southern hospitality and total culture shock with some of the most unique and interesting people we’ve come across. As you’ll see, Cam’s story was far from ending @sealtooth.

Thanks to Cam’s dad Kelly Richards, his brother Cole Richards, Village Surf Shop and Vissla for helping us make this. 

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