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Fairly Normal: Creed McTaggart Episode 014

Creed McTaggart is only 19 years old. But in the short time he’s been in the spotlight, he’s probably already managed (without really trying or meaning) to illicit some sort of reaction from you. He’s the gypsy. The wild man. The vagabond. The dude who smokes. Nti Sheeto. This is Us. Yeah Dude. Incredible talent. Free spirit. Kind-hearted. Lizard. Fun. Hessian. Human. Yes, he is many of these things and much more, but most of all he’s a really good person — who happens to shred.

He’s as genuine and cool as they come and we’re psyched to properly introduce you to him in this all new Fairly Normal.

*A big thanks to our homie Toby Cregan for filming this along with the man who swims with the sharks to get the shot, Tom Jennings. And as always,  Blake Myers on the edit. 

Fairly Normal Mitch Coleborn What Youth

Fairly Normal: Mitch Coleborn Episode 001

In this episode, Mitch Coleborn leads us through his routine on the North Shore, which includes tour of the iconic Gerry House where Volcom’s elite stay, grom hazing and some really fun wedges.

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