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Fairly Normal: Curren Caples Episode 017

A couple years ago Dane Reynolds tucked his left knee while doing an air in Mexico. We’d never seen a surfer do it like that. And I remember Curren Caples — who was probably 15 at the time — was one of the first people to say that it was one of the first airs in a long time that a skater would appreciate. Since then, surfing and skating have begun to intertwine here and there, with at least a layer of appreciation exposed. Curren Caples is one of this generations most stylish hybrids to emerge from this old romance.

More professionally known as a skateboarder, Curren has a distinctly poetic and tweaked style in transition and has developed his street skating in recent years as seen in his Flip 3 part.  He surfs extremely well and it’s fascinating to watch the different approaches he brings to each. An ode to Nathan Fletcher’s ability in surfing and skating, using them to influence the other.

We went to surf, skate and hang in Ventura with Curren while he finishes up filming for a new Vans video coming out soon in this all new Fairly Normal.

Fairly Normal Mitch Coleborn What Youth

Fairly Normal: Mitch Coleborn Episode 001

In this episode, Mitch Coleborn leads us through his routine on the North Shore, which includes tour of the iconic Gerry House where Volcom’s elite stay, grom hazing and some really fun wedges.

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