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Fairly Normal: Leo Romero Episode 021 presented by Emerica

Video: Michael Cukr & Blake Myers

Leo Romero was Thrasher Magazine’s Skater of the Year in 2010. And he’s been one of our favorite skaters since Emerica’s 2003 vid This is Skateboarding. His view of the skate world is one of the more interesting one’s we’ve come across and it isn’t easy to pin him down. But we managed to spend a lot of time with Leo — his band Travesura played our Issue 12 release party and they killed it, we followed him to his original hometown of Fontana — a place he doesn’t have the fondest memories for aside from it being where he has some of his earliest skateboarding memories. We also checked out his new haunts in Long Beach, CA, and throughout the process we discovered a raw, unfiltered, but very thoughtful dude who’s skating does most of his talking.

Fairly Normal Mitch Coleborn What Youth

Fairly Normal: Mitch Coleborn Episode 001

In this episode, Mitch Coleborn leads us through his routine on the North Shore, which includes tour of the iconic Gerry House where Volcom’s elite stay, grom hazing and some really fun wedges.

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