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What Youth Mixtapes Metal Neck II “The Bangover” Full Soundtrack

what youth metal neck 2 the bangover soundtrack

We decided to make a mixtape because the soundtrack is too damn good.

Watch the the full video below.

what youth mixtape halloween 2016

What Youth Mixtape: Halloween Misfits, The Cramps, Bauhaus, X, Ramones and many more dark entries

Of all the holidays we’ve made up, this one comes with the best music by far. Halloween playlists are usually dark, scary, fast, spooky and rad. And this one is no different. And seeing that it’s Friday, and you’ll no doubt be in costumed for the whole weekend very soon, we invite you to our…

what youth metal neck 2 the bangover soundtrack

What Youth Mixtapes Metal Neck II “The Bangover” Full Soundtrack

We decided to make a mixtape because the soundtrack is too damn good. Watch the the full video below.

what youth mixtape brixton broadcast chicago

Mixtape: Brixton Boadcast Chicago Live music to play really loud

We met a man named Greg in Chicago. He was the sound technician at The Empty Bottle in Chicago. He plugged our tools into his soundboard and resulted was some great sounding live music from Natural Child, The Half Rats, The Yolks and Aquarian Blood. If you need that live heat in your day, hit…

what youth mixtape san francisco

What Youth Mixtape: “Road Trip North” Eclectic, often ridiculous, but always necessary

During our recent road trip to San Francisco we rode a screwed up rollercoaster of emotion and turbulence inside our big white van. We learned it takes both patience and anxiety and excitement and some weird hip hop and pop songs to maintain the correct temperament inside the cozy confines of a van full of…

what youth halloween mixtape

What Youth Mixtape: Halloween Please take one

The air is finally crisp, combo swell is bouncing off the sand banks, the time change is this weekend and we’re all trying to find something ridiculous to wear Saturday night. That’s right, Halloween is finally here and we’ve got just the thing to fuel your weekend. Hit play on this hip-hop themed mix and…

what youth mixtape thom pringle

What Youth Mixtape: Thom Pringle Exactly what you want to hear

Thom Pringle has pretty much become our in-house DJ here. His playlists are consistently exactly what we want playing, and we hit him up almost weekly for some of that obscure, “why can’t I find this stuff” type of music. And this week he delivered another perfectly curated mix for you and yours.

craig anderson mixtape what youth music

What Youth Mixtape Craig Anderson’s “Dark Rituals” mix

“This mix is fucked. A hand full of post punk, into 3 songs that want to make me cry.” That’s what Craig Anderson told us when he submitted this batch of songs he themed around “Dark Rituals.” We think it’s the perfect way to enter the week. Coming in hot and then in tears by the…

what youth mixtape creed mctaggart

What Youth Mixtapes Creed McTaggart’s “Candy Mix”

Creed McTaggart’s been wandering NYC recently, and everyone knows there’s something cool in the water there. It makes your taste better. There’s history in every crack in the pavement there and Creed proves it today with his “Candy Mix” mixtape. We’re getting close to the weekend, and you’re going to need this to sprinkle through…

What Youth Mixtapes Dion Agius’ in-transit birthday mix

Liz. Sliz. Dinky. Dion. He’s been hustling and creating and flying around the globe for well over a decade now and he continues to deliver. And if there was any doubt on his surfing, it’s been silenced with his sick-as-fuck part in Cluster. And today is Dion’s 30th birthday, and we couldn’t think of a better…

What Youth Mixtapes Brendon Gibbens, AKA Bad Beeg’s Disco Mix

It’s becoming very well-known that Brendon Gibbens is a terrific dancer. And that he’s been known to vanish into the night alone, if necessary, for very focused, very intense dance floor takeovers. From Cape Town to Los Angeles. Brendon is a good time. He’s currently in Reunion Island with Dillon Perillo filming for their new…

What Youth Mixtapes Music from Modern Collective, Lost Atlas, Dear Suburbia and Cluster

Kai’s favorite’s from his last four videos.

Less is Less radio show on what youth starring creed mctaggart and blake myers

Less Is Less Radio Episode 005

Live from Jeffrey’s Bay it’s Andrew Doheny, Beau Foster, Creed McTaggart and Blake Myers.

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