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Off Beat: Yago Dora Episode 038: Sushi, Crowds and the “Goat”

09.29.16 – TAGS: ,

A quick chat with Yago bobbing in the Indian Ocean. We hope you’re not watching this from behind a desk at your day job.

what youth off beat eric geiselman surfing

Off Beat: Eric Geiselman Raccoons, wine and we finally reveal who’s better him or his brother I Presented by Richer Poorer

We got stuck on a boat in an Indonesian rain storm recently and spent two whole days sitting in a brown and flooded harbor. This is one of those days. We passed the time by asking stupid questions to awesome people. This day we talked to one of our favorite Floridians Eric Geiselman.

what youth off beat ian crane surfing indonesia

Off Beat: Ian Crane Pogo sticks, ball rash and getting bopped I Presented by Richer Poorer

It’s pretty good gig sailing around the Indian Ocean surfing for a job, that is until your board bops you in the head and forces emergency stitching from the caption to the tune of 5 XL stitches. Since he couldn’t surf, we made Ian make some of the tough Off Beat decisions. And it’s presented…

what youth off beat yago dora surfing

Off Beat: Yago Dora Episode 038: Sushi, Crowds and the “Goat”

A quick chat with Yago bobbing in the Indian Ocean. We hope you’re not watching this from behind a desk at your day job.

what youth off beat eric koston and brad skateboarding

Off Beat: Eric Koston & Brad Staba Episode 037: Olympics, Buffet Restaurants & Favorite Cities

This time we paired up Eric Koston and Brad Staba in Copenhagen. We’ve clearly stated more than one time that Copenhagen may very well be the greatest city on earth, and the fact that listening to these two go back and forth with tins in their hands is a common thing really helps prove that…

what youth off beat stefan janowski

Off Beat: Stefan Janoski Episode 036: Living in Miami, skateboarding in the Olympics and reading material

Turns out everyone was in Copenhagen during the CPH Pro, even Stefan Janoski, the dude with a red hot Nike skate shoe and a house in just about every corner of the US was out there under the all day and night sun. We tossed some Off Beat questions at him. This is that.

what youth off beat raven tershy

Off Beat: Raven Tershy Episode 035: Politics, Copenhagen and Tinder in the Ghetto

Raven Tershy tells it exactly how it is. To him. Like it or not. And what a breath of smoke-filled air he is. We got an Off Beat and much more out of him when we hung with him in Copenhagen last week. Post-pinky break (which sounds painful as shit) he finished a few cocktails…

what youth off beat alex olson skateboarding copenhagen

Off Beat: Alex Olson Episode 034: On running over pork in Copenhagen, favorite surfers and skaters and Tinder

He was literally one of the first people we put a microphone on for What Youth, and that was four years ago. We put another one on him in Copenhagen the other day, and asked the questions quicker. He’s yet to do a bad interview. <3

wht youth off beat chris pfanner

Off Beat: Chris Pfanner Episode 032: On living in Europe, Donald Trump and his ideal day

We met up with Chris in Berlin a couple weeks back in Berlin. Volcom’s new skate film Holy Stokes had just come out and we picked his brain on this wild world we live in for this all new episode of Off Beat.

what youth off beat kai hing

Off Beat: Kai Hing Episode 031: Taylor Swift vs. Miley Cyrus, Oprah vs. Martha Stewart and his perfect woman

Australians have always been a little more, umm, ruthless than their American counterparts in regards to many things. They also know how to boat trip better than everyone. We recently boarded a boat with a bunch of them, and one of them was Kai Hing. A tow-headed grom with a wild backhand air game, great…

what youth off beat colin moran

Off Beat: Colin Moran Episode 030: On turning pro, the lack of women aboard a boat trip and Tinder strategy in an interview series often referred to as “Beat Off”

Saw Colin Moran at the donut shop once. Then at the smoothie shop. Then saw him ripping around town and loved his surf style. Which led us to inviting him to Indo on a boat. He was actually brave enough to travel with us for the whole journey. Before the trip we all went to Bali on…

what youth off beat stuart kirst

Off Beat: Stuart Kirst Episode 029: LA to NY transplant

Stuart Kirst hangs with a good crew in NY. After moving from LA he’s been skating and hanging and filming with John Wilson and skating with the crew that includes Alex Olson, Jesse Alba, Ben Kadow, Andrew Wilson and others in the LES. We annoyed him one day with Off Beat questions during a recent…

what youth off beat cole sandman

Off Beat: Cole Sandman Episode 028: During TIU: North we inherit Santa Cruz’s resident gremlin grom for a day

One morning we woke up as usual, got coffee and headed out to look for waves in Santa Cruz. Yago Dora was on the phone with someone who told us of a little wedge that might be fun. We follow his directions and upon arrival find Cole Sandman: mini-grom of doom. A hilarious, tow-headed ripping…