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Straight Forward: Ian Crane A new part we made for San Clemente’s most enjoyable surfing export

Video: What Youth

He’s bashful, yet confident. Unsure but a hellion just the same. Ian Crane is a guy you wanna be friends with. Super spontaneous, alive and down. Down to wake up in the dark to hunt some wild wave in Mexico. And down to stay up until 5 a.m. chasing some girl down to Mexico. He’ll giggle through them both.

His surfing is the same: It’s powerful, fun and then out of nowhere he’s Mitch Coleborn in the USA. He flipped off the WQS judges well-deservedly and out of the San Clemente squad he runs with, Crane is the most-likely to be seen grinning barefoot on a beach cruiser checking the waves. Only to be re-spotted dancing downtown because it seemed like a good thing to do (always is).

We couldn’t think of anyone better to put a part together for. So here it is, with a great jam to boot.

[Cameo tuberide: Tanner Rozunko]

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