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Today, we briefly list the recent movements of Dion Agius:

He was meant to go on the Kustom Airstrike trip to the Mentawais, but he pulled out due to a sore nagging knee that he tweaked in New Zealand going air for air with Craig, Dane and Conner.

Then he was meant to go somewhere new, somewhere he’d never been, to shoot a short film with What Youth. He’d be traveling with a model he met in Los Angeles and staying with her family.

But Dion couldn’t get his visa sorted in time and that trip also got pushed back. Worse — or, not worse, more amazing — thanks to the weird arcane laws of living abroad, Dion then had to travel outside continental North America to reset his work visa, so he went surfing in Panama with a knee brace.

This was after a cross-country road trip with Warren Smith for their project Proxy Noise.

Then he came to the Dear Suburbia world premiere on Thursday.

On Friday, he furnished a pop-up showroom for Epokhe, the new sunglass line he started with Mitch Coleborn and Kai Neville, and hosted a party there.

This morning I don’t know where he is exactly. He was trying to decide between Mexico and San Francisco.

There it is. And here he is, in Bright Grey, a What Youth original short. Enjoy.

Noa Deane in Californai at Rusty Headquarters What Youth

Noa California A What Youth Original

A lot has changed in a year for Noa Deane. Last summer, his visit to CA would have been a pretty off the radar affair. A few hellos and some shitty surfs in Newport shorebreak. But over the course of 2014, Noa has, umm, kinda been blowing up. With new sponsor deals, loads of hype,…

Dillon Perillo and Jack freestone in mexico what youth surfing video

Crack A What Youth original short featuring Jack Freestone and Dillon Perillo

This trip came together within 6 hours during a crowded California holiday weekend and the next thing we knew we were sweating and running across the world’s hottest sand in Mexico. Going right. All day.

Church of type jeremy ascher lynch two dollars please what youth

Church of Type A What Youth Original

Enter the beautiful world of Kevin Bradley, a Knoxville, Tennessee native and owner of Santa Monica print shop Church of Type.

jay Davies surfing at home in western australia what youth

Riding Bareback The house and home and surfing of Jay Davies

I went on a bit of a rant the other night over chips and salsa regards to how gnarly Jay Davies is at surfing. After watching enough slogging on the WQS webcasts to last me a few lifetimes, I needed to see something to get me psyched and remind me that we still have cowboys…

chippa wilson shaping a surfboard and surfing in hawaii what youth

Chippa Wilson #0005 From the Univ shaping bay to the Hawaiian Sea

This is the fifth surfboard Chippa has shaped in his life — and with a little coaching from Benji Weatherley — it came out…well, it looked good…and by the end of his first surf, Chippa managed to get the hang of it.

Creed in black and white surfing what youth

Creed in Black and White Let’s go surfing

Creed McTaggart is from Western Australia. But over the course of this year he probably hasn’t spent much time there. But somehow he managed to log this sick clip in between it all. A moody, thrashing little part that we’ve deemed the perfect prescription for today. Let the orchestra play! All in black and white….

Arto Saari, Ben Nordberg, Louie Lopez Curren Caples what youth skateboarding

4:45 At Arto’s An afternoon at Arto Saari’s backyard pool

It’s afternoons like this that make you happy to live and exist in this particular moment.

The devil's teeth by riley blakeway starring chippa wilson nate tyler brendon gibbens what youth surfing

The Devil’s Teeth A What Youth short by Riley Blakeway

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Sometimes the water turns brown and it rains all day and dead cows wash up onto the shark infested beach you’re surfing. And if you’re there to document this, and you’re Riley Blakeway, you’re stoked, because something unique has happened. You have a hook. It is usually your nightmare…

Nate tyler surfing filmed by victor pakpour what youth

End of the River Nate Tyler surfing at home

The End of the River is our first experiment in a new series called The Auteurs.The goal is to challenge filmmakers to experiment with the online short. The first is with our own Victor Pakpour. He was sent by us with specific instructions to Central California to shoot with Nate Tyler. He threw our intructions…

Craig Anderson final surf for slow dance chippa wilson what youth surfing

The Final surf for Slow Dance Craig Anderson let us come along on the final day of filming for Slow Dance

It’s pretty hard to find moments like this. The last day of school maybe? First day of a long vacation? Who knows, gotta feel good though. After a long year of filming and working on his new film, Craig Anderson finally made it to the last day of filming for Slow Dance, which comes out…

beauty pockets dion agius creed mctaggart mitch coleborn surfing what youth kai neville

Beauty Pockets The world is a fucked up place with pockets of beauty

You saw it in the mag. Now see it come to cinematic life. Beauty Pockets is a short film that was produced by the boys at Epokhe, who happen to be some of our best friends.

owen wright ozzie wright bali surfing what youth

Wright Brothers from Other Mothers Ozzie and Owen Wright tagging bards and lefts in Bali

We had a dream too. It was to bring together two of our favorite surfers — Ozzie Wright, the trippy gothic pirate hippie goon of doom who’s generally wandering the globe sliding across rocks and airing off anything he can find and Owen Wright, the ASP World Title contender, and freesurfing wizard with an artistic…