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what youth recommends tri color new balance

Watch New Balance’s film “Tricolor” Featuring PJ Ladd, Franky Villani, Flo Mirtain & introducing Brandon Westgate

Take time and watch this new flick from New Balance. Main parts from PJ Ladd, Franky Villani, Flo Mirtain and introducing Brandon...
what youth recommends what makes cph pro fun 2017

The World’s Best Skate Comp The CPH Pro understands skaters

We actually got to see this for ourselves one year when we filmed The Copenhagen Project. And it was clear...

How Nathan Fletcher Rolls Literally and figuratively.

There’s a pot narrative driving this. But I think we’re all to the point where that doesn’t have to be...
what youth back den arto saari photograph by mark oblow

Jake Johnson and Arto Saari, Australia, 2009 Back Den 116

“march 2009, gravis australia tour. jake johnson and arto saari on a spot check at the train station. hunting for...
what youth magazine dylan rieder issue coming soon

The Dylan Rieder Issue: On Sale 11-22-2016 We teamed up with Mark Oblow to create our 16th issue and devoted it entirely in loving memory of Dylan Rieder.

This one means a lot. And it’s off to print today. After learning that we lost Dylan to his fight...
what youth arto saari back den mark oblow

Arto Saari, San Pedro, Ca 2008 Back Den 079

“are you willing to bleed for what you love? arto is. arto saari, san pedro, ca for the filming of...
what youth anonymous zone japan ishod wair

Watch Anonymous Zone: The Raw Clips Part 2 featuring Arto, Ishod, Raven, Pete and Terp

Here’s part 2 of the gold left on the ground from filming of Anonymous Zone in Japan with Arto Saari,...
what youth back den arto saari dylan rieder mark oblow photography

Arto Saari and Dylan Rieder, Spain, Circa 2000 Back Den 076

“i love this photo, it was the first trip dylan and i were with arto. the beginning. the start of...
what youth anonymous zone japan skateboarding

Anonymous Zone A new film starring Ishod Wair, Raven Tershy, Peter Ramondetta and Kevin Terpening in Japan presented by Monster Energy

Well, we did it again. We made it to a new country to skateboard and we made a film about it....
what youth peter ramondetta anonymous zone japan skateboarding

Meet Peter Ramondetta Photos of the “TL’s” quiet metal Lord

Pete lives in San Francisco. He’s owns a place in the Tenderloin — or as he calls it “The TL.”...
what yotuh anonymous zone raven tershy skateboarding japan

Meet Raven Tershy He’s from Santa Cruz and he’s in our new film Anonymous Zone out February 2

His last name is often pronounced wrong. Let’s just say it rhymes with Hershey. That may help. A lot of...
what youth anonymous zone arto saari photography

Anonymous Zone Gallery Photography by Arto Saari from our trip to Japan with Ishod Wair, Raven Tershy, Peter Ramondetta and Kevin Terpening

Our new issue is filled with sick photography from our trip to Japan. It was all shot by Arto Saari...
what youth anonymous zone ishod wair

Behind the Scenes with Ishod Wair Photos by Arto Saari during filming for Anonymous Zone

Ishod Wair won Thrasher Magazine’s Skater of the Year in 2013. No small feat, and after this trip it’s pretty...
what youth mark oblow

Portraiture from “Stuck to Me” Ryan Allan and Kristina Patterson shoot the who’s who of Mark Oblow’s solo show

As we said before, the opening reception at Mark Oblow’s “Stuck to Me” show was incredible. From the art, to...
what youth mark oblow

Photos from Mark Oblow’s Solo Show Back Den on display for “Stuck to Me” in Los Angeles

We’ve been to our share of art shows. Generally they’re stuffy, deflating (art is expensive) and pretentious. But last week...
what youth issue 13 spreads print magazine

Look before you touch A peek at What Youth Issue 13

Our 13th issue of What Youth is currently infiltrating the world. You can buy it here always, but it’s also...
what youth david bowie arto saari mark oblow back den

Javi, Arto and Ziggy, Spain, Circa 2009 Back Den 071

“javi, arto and ziggy chillin in spain circa 2009. i used to do stencils for my guys, dylan always had...
what youth issue 13 bruce irons

What Youth Issue 13 On Sale Now

Every once in a while the flurry of dust and mud and granite and soot and ash that make up the...
the what youth 2015 top 5 photos

The What Youth 2015 The best photos of the year: action and lifestyle

The amount of imagery that comes through these doors is incredible. And in a world run mad by social media,...
what youth lizards of summer

Lizards of Summer Episode 14: San Francisco, Japan and the ridiculous in between

So there is Japan, there is San Francisco and there are all the lunatics in between. This is them and...
what youth one roll japan kevin terpening

One Roll 011: What Youth Japan Behind the scenes of our trip to Japan by Jordan Brown

We recently wrapped up a trip to Japan with Kevin Terpening, Peter Ramondetta, Ishod Wair and Raven Tershy. The trip...
what youth stay tund peter ramondetta

Stay Tuned: Peter Ramondetta Playlist 024: “15 Metal Songs in a Row” Playlist 024 Presented by D’Blanc

Last night we were sitting around trying to think how we describe Pete’s playlist properly. And then it hit us:...
what youth japan dear youth kai neville skateboarding

So Long Japan A wild seven days in the streets come to an end and the edit bay opens

We’re literally, somehow, rather deliriously checking in at the airport to leave Japan. 7 days, 3 major cities. DIY spots...
what youth dear youth arto saari in japan

And we’re in Japan With Arto Saari, Ishod Wair, Kevin Terpening, Raven Tershy and Peter Ramondetta

Somehow we’re here. In this wild, wild place and we are skateboarding. With some of the best dudes in the...
Back Den Arto Saari what youth mark oblow

Arto Saari, China, circa 2000 Back Den 038

“it was crazy when we first started to go to china, people had never seen skateboarding before. we would get...
pontus alv polar skateboards what youth issue 6

Conversation With: Pontus Alv & Arto Saari At Polar Skateboards, Malmo, Sweeden

Committed to creativity
what youth the copenhagen project

What Youth In Hollywood What Youth Issue 6, Arto Saari photo gallery and world premiere of The Copenhagen Project

On Friday night we had a party in Hollywood to celebrate the release of our new film The Copenhagen Project...
what youth copenhagen project

Photos from The Copenhagen Project Arto Saari’s photography

We brought inexperience. Green, naïve, unusually sunburnt faces to one of the most liberating skate event on the planet. In...
Ishod Wair copenhagen what youth arto saari skateboarding

Ishod Wair at Circus Circus in Copenhagen Collected Thoughts 073

Ishod Wair at Circus Circus in Copenhagen shot by Arto Saari
curren caples shot by arto saari in sweeden what youth skateboarding

Curren Caples kickflip in Sweeden Collected Thoughts 072

Arto Saari photographs Curren Caples in Sweden.
what youth

Symirroretry A Film WY Recommends

Arto Saari, Pontus Alv, Greg Hunt and other no bullshit legends capture the reason we all do these strange things...
Josh Zucker shoots Geoff Rowley what youth photo credit

Photo Credit: Josh Zucker Portfolio 009

Josh Zucker hangs with a sick crew. At only 21 years old he’s already worked for Vans and Flip, is...

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