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what youth recommends asher pacey in water over sand

Asher Pacey in “Water Over Sand” Asher Pacey used to make us want to do shuv-its, now he makes us want a twin

Asher Pacey used to be the guy out at Snapper who took an untraditional path. He was doing airs out...
what youth recommends snapt 3 trailer

Watch the trailer for Snapt 3 I hope it comes out on VHS!

I’m getting nostalgic. This is how ’90s surf art looked: a blown out Black Sabbath song, crazy surfing, lots of...
what youth recommends destination isolation asher pacey

Watch “Destination Isolation” OK, it’s officially time to order a twin fin thanks to Asher Pacey

If you don’t have a twin fin in your quiver, you’re definitely missing out. Asher could be one of the...
what youth recommends pices astray surfing

Watch Asher Pacey in “Pieces Astray” Asher Pacey just became our favorite…again

Wow, I just found myself mesmerized for 5:46 seconds. Today, that is a world record. And it was Asher Pacey...
what youth recommends the sound of change experience

Watch The Sound of Change Experience With Neal Purchase Jr, Asher Pacey, Ryan Lovelace and More

Sort of a modern Shelter vibe. Psychedelic and trippy, with tons of single, twin, and finless action throughout Australia, Indo, Africa,...

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