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what youth recommends blind matty getting stoned with my ol lady

WY Premiere: Watch Blind Matty’s Video For “Gettin’ Stoned with My Ol’ Lady”: A very NSFW vid for your Monday!

Editor’s Note: Maya said we might want to put a little disclaimer on this vid when she sent it, but...
what youth recommends antisocial

Watch “The Antisocial Video” Our favorite Canadian skate shop made a movie

Video by Jake Kuzyk Dustin Henry Ben Blundell Keegan Sauder Rick McCrank Colin Nogue Mitch Charron Brett Stobbart Wade Fyfe...
what youth recommends canada and nowness

Watch “Créme Caramel” Nowness and Canada collaborate to make Episode 3 of #definebeauty

We love Nowness, it’s one of the sites that prompted the creation of What Youth. And we also love the...
what youth surfing collected thoughts nate lawrence raph bruhwiler

Raph Bruhwiler, Canada 2011 Collected Thoughts 097

“Raph is amazing. Canada is amazing. This wave is amazing.  And drinking Iceburgs at Shelter is amazing” —Nate Lawrence
what youth recommends pet sun

Exclusive: Listen to Pet Sun Music to be turned up loud and smash things to

Pet Sun may sound like some fluffy indie band by their name, but this four-piece crew of shredders from Ontario...
dane reynolds jamie obrein what youth canada surfing

Dane Reynolds and Jamie O’Brien, Canada 2006 Collected Thoughts 074

It was most obvious when we were driving in the car. The drive was long from the ferry to our remote and...